White House tours open for Muslim Brotherhood front groups & families

via White House Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front.

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group with Muslim Brotherhood origins and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial, recently toured the White House and met with multiple officials. According to the group, Paul Monteiro, Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement, “cited ISNA as his primary means of outreach to the American Muslim community.”

The Obama administration’s close relationship with ISNA is about more than photo ops and press releases. It is about policy formulation. The input of ISNA is so treasured that the officials coached the organization on how to engage the White House.

On March 8, ISNA President Mohamed Magid joined 10 other religious leaders in a 90-minute conversation with President Obama about immigration reform. Also present was senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, who spoke at ISNA’s 2009 convention. Three days later, Magid took part in a meeting with President Obama where he got “recommendations” in preparation for his Middle East trip, including some from groups with a history of defending Hezbollah.

“Over the past two years, I-along with my White House colleagues-have benefited from the advice of many of your [Magid’s] organizations through our Office of Public Engagement,” said Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough on March 6, 2011 during a speech at the mosque that Magid leads.

ISNA’s White House tour included spending time with George Selim, the White House Director for Community Partnerships, who is an annual speaker at ISNA’s conventions. Selim previously admitted that “hundreds” of meetings have taken place between government officials and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, another group with Brotherhood origins that was designated an unindicted co-conspirator.

The U.S. government stated that ISNA is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity when it designated it as an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation. A federal judge upheld  the designation in 2009 because of “ample” evidence linking ISNA to Hamas. A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo lists ISNA and several of its components among “our organizations and the organizations of our friends,” and a 1988 document says it is part of the Brotherhood “apparatus.”

The FBI had sources inside the U.S. Brotherhood network reporting that ISNA was a front as early as 1987. The source traveled on behalf of ISNA and allied groups and he told the FBI that he is “convinced that this organization has a secret agenda which includes the spread of the Islamic Revolution to all non-Islamic governments in the world which does include the United States.”

The source provided a secret ISNA document in 1988 that “clearly states that ISNA has a political goal to exert influence on political decision making and legislation in North America that is contrary to their certification in their not-for-profit tax returns,” says a declassified FBI memo.

ISNA’s White House tour was part of its Founders Committee meeting.

Read it all & ask your elected officials wtf they are doing to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic.

34 thoughts on “White House tours open for Muslim Brotherhood front groups & families

  1. Why of course! The Muslims are casing the joint because they plan to have it as their next home. How do we know the Saudi’s haven’t put down a downpayment on the WH?

  2. This is the living end of TREASON. The MUSLIM CRUD gets the run of the WHITE HOUSE and our school children can DROP DEAD!!!! This occupant and associates of the WHITE HOUSE have to be stopped. How it is done I could care less. Bring them out in HANDCUFFS or DRAGGINNG BY THERE HEELS makes no difference as long as they are EVICTED!!! Kennedy was removed, ILLEGALY, for a lot less than these TWITTS are doing now.

  3. I hope ISNA does not push its luck. This is only a visit. They need to remember Morsi when he swore that when he is elected hw will teach every Egyptian to hate israel and when he was elected, he opened an office for Hamas. But, this is the only he could do. On the other hands, he shut off tens of tunnels and is cooperating with Israel. Muslim Brotherhood dream a lot but they accomplish nothing because no one will allow them to do any of their stupid ideas. They better assimilate to live with harmony with others. Visiting the WH will not add anything.

    • They have no intent to assimilate just like at least 80% of all mooslems in this country, their intent is to rule America as a mooslem country. My intent is to make sure that doesn’t happen. The best way is to ban islam from America completely and it is going to happen, sooner or later.

      • Please rest assured that they will not be able to convert anyone. They may cause some ugly trouble but they cannot do any conversion.One should just watch Muslim Brotherhood especially in Egypt. King Abdullah of Jordan attacked them as stirring trouble in his kingdom. May be he will do as his father did with the Palestinians in the 70’s. No, no conversion even is 5% can be done.

        • No you need to understand it is fast coming that the people of America have about had it with the joke in the WH and the mooslem brotherhood. We’re gearing up for a future game of Cowboys and ragheads. And most of your pablum you spew here is just that, mooslem soft talk that means nothing. So have fun but, the joke will be on you in the end.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Egypt under “Sharia Law” now? Secondly, given the MB, it’s sworn oath, and it’s history, could they ever evolve into a group that will treat “other” religious ideologies as a human right? Would there be a “true” equality to non-muslims? Depending on how you “personally” answered this question, you have your truthful answer…

      • No, Egypt is not now under Sharia Law. Muslim Brotherhood are trying but they have many predicaments especially from those Muslims who value the relationship to be between citizens rather than religions.

        The attitude toward Israel changed from the 60’s and they are putting the Palestinians in the back seat.

  4. I HAVE written to my legislators and never get a reply on this topic. These visitations are no secret as Steven Emerson and his news organization have repeatedly reported. But the audacity to treat these Islamists better than Americans by opening up the WH to them is an affront to all citizens. All of government ave closed their eyes and ears to the enemy within because they are part of the conspiracy. I am convinced we are alone. Very alone.

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  6. Someone needs to form a new group titled FTMCUSA. (Fuck the Muslims, courtesy of the United States of America. Let those diaper headed camel jockeys starve and dry up in the dessert.

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  8. Oh well now the muslim brotherhood knows the layout of the White House inside and out! Our Government is so stupid not to see why they agreed to meet in the White House! Oh well when the little hot heads get ticked off and wipe the White House off the map they will be doing us a favor! Maybe the newly built one will come with a whole new crew of people who will actually care about us, and work for us the way they are supposed to! I won’t be crying if it happens I assure you of that! The ones in there now are selling us out, and leaving us to rot!! All for their filthy oil and greed! Thank God there is a judgement day for each and everyone of them that robbed people blind, took from the poor, sold our lands, highways, gave our food and money away! Gave it to people who hate us and love to see us suffer, and go without. They would rather see us dead than to help us, but yet our own Government enables them to do it ! Shame on them! Eventually our suffering will be over with but theirs will be eternal! AMEN TO THAT!

    • Good point about them seeing the layout of the WH. Have you seen Olympus Has Fallen, or read Transfer Of Power by Vince Flynn?
      Both are about exactly that. Steven Emerson who has been warning us about the Brotherhood’s inside visits to the WH, was with the CIA. I can assure you something dark and dangerous this way comes.

  9. Yeah read how they just tortured Christians for going against the muslim brotherhood . This just happened they tortured them! But yet they are welcome in the White house with open arms! I think instead of face booking all this stuff we need to take these issues to the streets and let our voices be heard! Getting tired of all this! then we have that North Korean Idiot threatening to use Nukes, and attack our US interests. We sit here and say……..Oh they can’t hit our soil they are not capable. Yet the desert rats were able to hijack planes and ram them into our buildings. I guess we just and wait till the not possible happens again and then look stupid!

  10. Wow…I am just…stunned to read this. NOT.
    Who has their head stuffed so far up their own ass as to not know EXACTLY where this person who currently and unfortunately is referred to by some as “president” and his administrations’ allegiances lie???
    This is a Muslim blow boy, and he doesn’t really even try to hide it. He knows that most Americans have become useless, spineless pussies, and he will do whatever he wants.
    No? Don’t believe me? Or, is it that you just don’t like hearing the truth…look around you; liberalism, socialism, and political correctness is rife no matter where you look. Our beloved Constitution is a piece of ass wipe to these people, and what are we doing about it? Why, we TALK ABOUT IT, that’s what we do…whoa, Dems and libs! We conservatives have a real head of steam worked up, and by God, we are talking about it! You’d better LOOK OUT! We’re pissed, and were are probably going to talk about it some more!

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