NYC: Another Muslim convicted, wanted to die waging jihad

via Jury: NYC man lied to FBI about terrorism training – Yahoo! News.

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York man has been convicted of lying to the FBI about plans to team up with the Taliban or al-Qaida.

A jury on Monday found Abdel Hameed Shehadeh (shuh-HAH’-deh) guilty in federal court in Brooklyn.

Friends of Shehadeh testified that he spoke of wanting to die while waging violent jihad, or holy war, abroad against the U.S. military. They said the former Staten Island resident had hoped to attend a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

The defendant first drew the attention of the FBI in 2008 when he bought a one-way plane ticket to Islamabad. Prosecutors say he later lied by saying he was going to get religious training.

He faces up to 21 years in prison at sentencing. No date has been set.

Previously we told you about Shehadeh because he and his lawyer tried to ban Jews from the jury.

9 thoughts on “NYC: Another Muslim convicted, wanted to die waging jihad

  1. I don’t know why anyone comes to America seeking better life, I assume, and later on this man pay for a ticket to learn how to kill Americans and calling this “religious training”. If he follows Islam, did he know that killing innocent people is a sin in Islam? He actually came to America to live better seeking better environment and later on, he goes to train on how to destroy this same environment to which he came by his own free will. This will was respected by U.S. officials and gave him a visa to enjoy. If our legal system judge this man in reciprocation, the system should execute him not just trayin him.

    I am sure that the terrorists know by now that 9/11 did not destroy America, it destroyed Apghanistan and, as a result, Pakistan is affected and Iraq had regime change (sunni to Shittee) leaving the sunnies punch of losers. This man is an insult to every Muslim and evey living human being.

    • Killing innocent people is a sin in islam ???? Don’t you follow the coran? It says in it : kill the Jews, kill the infidels, kill the apostates, kill­… kill… kill ! I wonder who is left in the whole world that can stay alive, except muslims !

      • The KEY here, of course is, ‘how does islam define the word, INNOCENT’???? Between all the double-talking imams and the taqiyya out there, it’s impossible to clearly define anything in islam. THAT’S THE DISGUSTING TRUTH that the pedophile “prophet” has to offer to the UNSUSPECTING GULLIBLE PEOPLE of allah!!!!! Ya know, kill doesn’t always mean KILL except when you’re referring to actual KILLING!!! Ya know what I mean???? Hmmmm!!!!

        SORRY, ‘Mohamed’! There’s NO DEFENSE for islam and you surely didn’t learn your open-minded and tolerant attitude toward Americans by hanging out with other muslims!!!!!

      • sin’ is only as sharia describes it. Take note of this law, there is no retaliation if a moslem kills an insane person, an apostate, a non-moslem, or even their own children. And jihad is described as ‘to war against non-moslems’. And there are other disgusting things in sharia – so when moslems say ‘sin’ they are trying to pretend it is up to our standards when in fact, it is a sociopath’s wet dream.

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  3. I am curious why in Islam death what they desire, death for the pleasure of Allah? Their life must be so miserable, that death is preferred. Not recognizing the beauty and miracle of life itself. To Jews and Christians life is sacred, only to be taken by God, a God of mercy and forgives, not a God for vengeance. All life, plant animal and human is to be respected and treated well. La Chaim , for life!
    Allah if you are a God take notice, I believe yo are the Moon god of ancient times, elevated by some radicals, by the way Moon God always was a female, is that why you hate and mistreat your females?
    Self hatred? See a psychiatrist or…..

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