Federal foster care bill could prevent Muslims being placed with non-Muslim families

One step from the Islamic Adoption Laws recently adopted in Spain. via Societal Health: H.R. 102 the Rehab and Ahmed Amer Foster Care Improvement Act – Miami healthy living | Examiner.com.


In a facebook post dated yesterday, Mrs. Rehab Amer wrote, “Be the voice for the voicelss by informing your representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 102 to protect all innocence nationwide.”

Mrs. Amer and her husband, Ahmed, struggled for two decades after losing three children to a state foster care system in the United States. The Ahmer’s were estranged from their children after they were put in foster care by the state of Michigan’s Child Protective Services, following the accidental death of their two-year-old son Samier in 1985. Samier suffered from a brittle bone disease and died from injuries that he suffered in a fall.


One of the Ahmer’s estranged children, Mohammed Ali, now goes by the name Adam Stamper after being raised by a Christian family in a foster home apart from his original Muslim heritage. He was one of three children taken away by the state after they accused Mrs. Amer of killing her son Samier. Mrs. Amer was unable to get her kids back and was also pregnant with her fouth child, Zinabe, who was taken away by the state only one day after she was born and after Rehab was already aquitted. The family says that years of neglect, estrangement, and abuse by foster care parents and state officials resulted in the children completely losing touch with their family, as well as their culture and religious background.

Mrs. Amer was able to turn her tragedy into a positive for families across Michigan, however, as she and her family saw the “Amer Act” signed into law in December 2010. The law allows children to be placed with relatives in circumstances such as theirs and for special consideration to be given in regards to religion and culture. Nabih Ayad, a lawyer who filed a civil suit on behalf of the Amers against a Michigan foster home in their case, and many others have spoke about the injustices of the situation, as has the Congress of Arab American Organizations Spokesman Osama Siblani, who originally helped raise funds to aid the Amer’s in their struggle to fight for justice.

The Federal Amer Act Bill was introduced nationwide in June 2012. The bill, if passed, will allow children who are taken away by Child Protective Services the right to live with other family members, instead of being exposed to different environments that could differ from their upbringing. Another highlight of the bill includes keeping the children within the same religious environment that their parents had practiced as well.

This doesn’t bode well for young children born into Muslim families, particularly in honor beating cases.

Update: Yes, this is a bill for Muslims, supported by Muslims:

Undoubtedly, leaving our Muslim children at the mercy of non-Muslims will have a serious effect on their belief.

We must create solutions for taking care of children whose parents cannot take care of them instead of deterring Muslims from taking in foster children and leaving them at the mercy of non-Muslims foster parents or on the street. It is high time we have an Islamic system of foster care whereby the children can be separated into girls and boys facility, the same way we separate among our ‘biological’ children – who are mahrams to one another, as we are commanded by Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam). Muslims should also support the proposed federal legislation known as the ‘Amer Act’ which allows children taken by Child Protective Services the right to live with other family members, instead of being exposed to environments that differ with their upbringing.

Imam Firdaws Ladan is the Imam of the Ibn Taymiyyah masjid in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

25 thoughts on “Federal foster care bill could prevent Muslims being placed with non-Muslim families

  1. The foster care system is a disgrace as it stands now. Not to seem argumentative, but wouldn’t this bill also protect Christian children from being placed with Muslims? Can you imagine how terrible that would be, especially for the girls?

    • Foster care is not the best & is lacking good judgment, however, in the USA, legal citizens have had kids placed in foster care & if luck be w/ them sometimes they get them back. However, mulims w/ their Sharia Law came to the USA of their own free will, we did not invite them, and they should live by our laws, the same as we do. They place black children w/ white families, russians w/ white families, so just who do these muslims they they are that when you live in the USA, our rules they don’t have to follow.

  2. WHY, OH WHY do I suddenly have the uncontrollable compelling impulse to SMEAR EXCREMENT all over this woman’s FACE?????

    “Mrs. Rehab Amer”????? WHAT????? As in “LOOK AT ME, MY NAME IS ‘Mrs. Rehab-ilitate Amer-ica’. Of course we all know that she would NEVER have done anything to change her original name from ‘Jihada Nijab Burka Buns’ to Mrs. “Rehab Amer”!!!!! WHAT A CROCK!!!!! What a useless piece of human WASTE!!!!! HEY, CALL ME A BIGOT! I’LL CALL YOU AN IDIOT!!!!!

    This woman lost her original family because CLEARLY someone in the system thought she was abusive and had killed her son, Samier. God, where would anyone ever get such a far-out idea as that????? This woman (and all who covered for her) should be thrown in a pit full of venomous snakes and wild pigs!

    HEY, GO AHEAD AND DEFEND HER! But you’ll have to admit that any muslim who changes their name to “REHAB AMER” clearly has an agenda!!!!! TALK ABOUT OVERKILL (Over-KILL, Hmmmmm! Now there’s a concept!)–THIS WOMAN CLEARLY DESERVES THE EMMY!!!!!

    • Hi Dapreach, I usually agree with you, and this time I definitely agree with you! “Rehabilitate America” indeed!

      “The Federal Amer Act bill?” I wonder if this is some kind of kinky scam? What thinkest thou?

      • Yeah! Hi Peter! This is such a crock! It’s all geared at assuaging this woman’s guilty conscience, in my humble opinion! There’s just too many things that don’t wash. #1 What was her name when the alleged “ACCIDENT” took place that caused her son’s death???? I mean, clearly this woman was not given the name ‘REHAB AMER’ by her birth parents!!!!

        I’ve tried doing all diligence to research this case in the Michigan news agency archives–ALL TO NO AVAIL!!! I keep running into articles on “rehabilitation” and/ or “American” this or that. How slick of this woman (and whoever advised her) to change her name so that the archives would be virtually eradicated into oblivion!

        Here’s what I did find when I clicked on the ‘Examiner.com’ link at the top of this article. It brings you to a video (produced by some muslim outfit) of this woman boo-hooing how the American family who raised her other son–who lived–were abusive to the point of “bloodying” the child’s face till it was UNRECOGNIZABLE. HMMMM!!! Unrecognizable! That’s a good way of producing evidence! I mean, they show a picture of HALF a child’s face with welts all over it! There’s no way anyone could possibly identify the child from the picture that they show! It’s clearly a completely false charge against the American family. What’s more, as the video is showing the picture of the abused child’s face, this woman is faking it (no tears on her face) saying, “I was accused of killing my son, Samier, WHO DIDN’T HAVE A SCRATCH ON HIM”. She goes on to say that, “There was no evidence that I killed my son other than the MEDICAL EXAMINER CLASSIFIED IT AS A HOMICIDE”! BINGO!!!!!! MEDICAL EXAMINER! OH shee-it, those damned medical examiners! Who invited them to this party?????

        As to her explanation pertaining to the murder charges of her son she glibly passes it off by saying, “I had to turn my back FOR ONE SECOND for an accidental death that could happen to anybody”!

        LONG STORY SHORT–what do I think of the Federal Amer Act Bill???? BULLSHEET! and SHIT too! It’s just one more diabolical tool in the hands of these abominable JIHADISTS who are hell-bent on annihilating all recognizable established laws which exist under our US Constitution!!! HEY! WE CAN’T HAVE A POTENTIAL SUICIDE BOMBER SLIP AWAY FROM OUR SLIMEY CLUTCHES, NOW CAN WE?????

        • The Bill is meant to bring more anti-American Muslim terrorists and their supporters in the USA into the voter base of the Socialists in the Democratic Party and to further villainize Christians.

  3. It seems that we are reaching a point where just hearing the words Islam, Muslim or jihad now makes most real Americans want to vomit. Even just seeing an evil-doer in a headscarf or a walking coffin also is rumored to make Americans now want to vomit. Most probably, knowing that any form of Islamic sickness is even in America at all is making real Americans happy to hear of a coming civil war.

    One has to wonder how long mosques will be allowed to stand in the West as all churches are being burned to the ground daily by Muslims everywhere around the world.

    According to game theory, the ONLY strategy that wins in the end is TIT-FOR-TAT. That would be the opposite of appeasement.

    What does the future really hold in America for the most vile totalitarian ideology the world has ever know?

    Most don’t know it, but the U.S. Navy was created just to fight against Islam in the 1700’s..

    Sir Winston Churchill said:

    The influence of the religion (Islam) paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.

    His words have never been more true than today.

    Bottom Line: The world has known of the sickness of Islam for centuries. It is high time it be eradicated from the planet.

    • To ‘Americans Hate Islam’ – Yes, Winston Churchill had some awesome things to say pertaining to islam. I believe he was ahead of his time in recogizing the diabolical threat that it poses to the cause of freedom as we know it.

      Is that a ‘direct quote’ from Churchill? And, if so, can you direct us to a source? I’d like to read more!!!

      • Dapreach–yer ol atheist buddy Pete. The quote from Churchill is a speech from “The River War” first edition, vol.ll pages 248-50. Noted your comments above about that nice muslim “lady” who lost her brat, thanks for delving into it, not that you’ll get any joy—nothing good will/can happen until you get rid of obama.

        • To ‘Peter35’ – Thanks for the info about Churchill!
          Ya know, it really scares me that this country may not be able to survive this current admin! Every time you blink, this guy is appointing some new seditionist as a member of our government. Now we find out that Kerry has an Iranian son-in-law who has family members in Iran! Oh JOY!!!! As if Kerry wasn’t already enough of a traitor from his anti-american activities during the Viet Nam era!

          He, BHO, clearly has an agenda to CHANGE this country! People call him a Socialist but he’s far worse than that! He clearly wants to DESTROY US! Imagine him closing down the White House tours for our school children rather than cancelling one of his extravagant vacation expeditions! Why can’t Americans wake up??? I’m really afraid it will be too late when they finally do!!! I’ve never seen anyone who can twist the truth to suit his agenda more than this guy!!!

  4. Blacks tried this years ago and it was a no go.

    If yoy want your kid raised in a particular way then you better not do anything wrong to have them taken from you.

    We are short foster families and adoptive families. The system is over worked. Kids need to be placed in loving homes.

    I know many multiracial families via marriage, adoption, and fostercare that are just as healthy as non mixed raced families.

    So if you loose your kids shut up and work on improving yourself & getting your kids back. None of this is their fault.

  5. They do this for Native Americans… I had a foster kid who had Blackfoot Indian in her background but because her family waaaaay back when did NOT register with the federal government, she had no paperwork proving she was Indian (but it is obvious – and not in an Elizabeth Warren way) so I was able to adopt her. Had she been in possession of papers that showed her tribe, I would not have been able to foster her or adopt her and she would have had to go to a Blackfoot tribe probably in Montana.

    Glad to see that the kid converted!! YAY!!

    • Converted? Yes, of course! And one less kid lost to the “religion” of pieces–AS IN “PIECES” OF SEVERED BODY PARTS! THANK GOD!!!!! But that’s the whole point here. muslims aren’t stupid! They may be ignorant but they ain’t stupid! They know that Christians will raise their adoptive and foster children as CHRISTIANS! This woman and her husband could care less about the welfare of these children “as well as their culture and religious background”. She’s a JIHADI, FIRST CLASS! Her only agenda is to keep orphaned and othewise unwanted kids from becoming CONVERTED CHRISTIANS which is exactly what happened to THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY from her! SHE WISHES SHE COULD HAVE KILLED HIM TOO, RATHER THAN HAVE HIM RAISED AS A CHRISTIAN BY CHRISTIANS!!!!!

      The whole reason that that American pastor is currently being tortured in an Iranian jail right now is because he and his family have built a Christian orphanage in Iran and they’re attempting to salvage as many kids as they can from the clutches of this ghoulish system. It’s worse than sickening! Yes, I’m about to lose it too!!!!!

    • So true. Any child can be adopted but not Indian children as they are wards of the government. The indian children in the extreme North, had their feet amputated many years ago because the government did not supply them w/ shoes/socks, or appropriate clothing. Nor did they supply them enough food. They lived in shacks w/o heat. Its hard to believe that this was their country before the take over.

  6. These kinds of Muslim support laws clearly point out that the relationship between the Muslims and the Socialists in the Democratic Party is based on their common hatred of Jews, the state of Israel and Christians.

  7. #1. adoption is not acceptable in islam, per sharia – so those who follow moe moe the pedo’s example can enjoy incest or adultry if he so wishes. This is why it was banned in islam.
    #2. all this does is ensure, for them, that they go and get fully brainwashed in crapslam, oh er I mean islam. I know a Jewish doctor who adopted a moslem, does nothing to change his moslem background, and the moslem boy is doing fine. I probably suspect the moslem isn’t a hateful little creep either.

  8. I like the answer of this German Scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam: He said:• Who started the First World War, which killed 37 million and injured 22, 379, 053 that includes 7 million civilians? Muslims?• Who started the Second World War, which killed over 60 million, which was over 2.5% of the world population? Muslims? • Who killed about 20 million of Aborigines in Australia? Muslims? • Who drop the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which killed 166,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki? Muslims?• Who killed more than 100 million Red Indians in North America? Muslims? • Who killed more than 50 million Indian in South America? Muslims? • Who took about 180 million African people as slaves and when 88% of them died, threw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Muslims? NOThey weren’t Muslims! First of all, you have to define terrorism properly…. If a non-Muslim does something bad… it is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same, he is a terrorist. So first remove the double standard… then come to the point.*** Just for your information ***

    • No, Muslims wage jihad as commanded by Allah and as Mohamed did.

      Islam has conquered 57 countries and additional territories and continues on its goal of conquering the world until only Allah is worshiped. More being conquered annually.

      You can try to deflect reality and change the subject but you cannot change history or the truth.

    • 2013 JIHAD by oppression of any other faiths- adoption of shitria laws and then using same to persecute Christians there- trying to secede and have Islamic govt in Banda Aceh- more than creeping – an invasion of totalitarian supremacist Islam

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