Video: NYC street closed every Friday for Muslims to pray…in the street

That, according to this 2011 europenews report.

Why isn’t such an oddity covered by any major U.S. media outlet as part of their non-stop coverage and protection of Islam? h/t halal

17 thoughts on “Video: NYC street closed every Friday for Muslims to pray…in the street

  1. These inbred asslifters have to be sent back to Barbaria where they
    belong. There is no place in a civil society for this 7th century demonic evil filth.

    Since Friday is now NYC Asslifter day I would suggest it is also
    a good time to rent Bulldozers :-))) The only good Muslim is a dead one :-) :-)

  2. I wish I lived there. Somebody needs to take a loudspeaker and tell others what moslems pray. They curse and condemn us and call for doing allah’s cause which is jihad. Then explain what jihad is and part of that is deception and funding it with their zakat. THEN REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL PEOPLE GET IT!

  3. I wonder if they get permits to block the city like that. Their hadith tells them that moe moe the pedo gave them permission to ‘pray’ wherever they want. And that is a bunch of bull crap.

  4. If Mayor Giuliani was still mayor this fraud of Islime of praying in the street would not be happening in the streets of New York. The usage of public streets to practice your religion is definitely unconstitutional. Using tax payer dollars that go towards funding the streets of New York are not to be used for religious purposes.

    Bloomberg & New Yorkers are total idiots !!!!

    Their have got to be some New Yorkers who are not far left that believe this is wrong. The ones who are not far left and want this to change should contact Freedom From Religion Foundation to sue the city or state of New York for not following the establishment clause of the constitution. They would win if they did !!!

    P.S. I am not suggesting by my comment that I do not believe in people having the freedom to practice their religion. I very much believe in peoples rights of religion just so long as they do not force it on the public by using government and taxes as a tool to do so.

    Peace :)

  5. I thought NYC was hard for cash? I guess not. For if any other group did this, they would be towed in an instant. It is a shame that the NYPD will not tow their cars into the pound. Do this every week and see how much money you can make.

    Or everyone start slashing their tires. Make them pay that way too. Do it once, twice and when the cops come out laugh at them. After a while the cops won’t be there and you can slash the tires again.

  6. The street-paying mosque is the same one featured recently as “needing” the City to “give them” parking spaces. The previous article did not mention street prayer, although some commenters wondered if that was an issue.

    Across that little side street is a billboard-sized wall ad featuring Beyonce, who wears a lovely gown that’s a bit low-cut (thank you, google Street View!). Right in front of it parks a halal food truck, which coincindentally (?) blocks the view of that ad from those who are standing at the front door of the mosque.

    You can see this same truck in the news video posted here – the pray-ers don’t seem to need enough space to move that truck….!

  7. looks like there is PLENTY of room left INSIDE the mosque, so as usual this is BS by Muz – they are mad about not getting the one next to trade towers and so make a street theatre- SORRY Islamis but YOUR RIGHTS END WHEN you step onthe rightsof others to run their businesses get tot ehir homes and block the streets- ANY OTHER BUNCH OF UNLAWFUL DEMONSTRATORS WOULD BE REMOVED BY BLOOMBUTT (well maybe not OWS)

    what needs to be done- make a huge similar gathering of Christians in the street, using it as a church- make sure to block a Major street on a weekend night- use the arrests to get publicity- b/c you KNOW the same considerations, the same flauntingof LAWS will not be extended to YOU

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