Army rejects Purple Hearts for Fort Hood jihad victims

via Army formally declines Purple Hearts for Fort Hood shooting victims | Reuters.

(Reuters) – The U.S. Army on Friday formally declined to award Purple Heart medals to the victims of Major Nidal Hasan’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood, saying the move would damage his ability to receive a fair trial.

Young Americans and those considering re-enlistment should take note of what is happening to the U.S. military.

The Army in a position paper said that awarding the medal to those wounded and posthumously to those killed in the November 2009 attack would ‘set the stage for a formal declaration that Major Hasan is a terrorist’ because the medal is presented to military members who are ‘wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States.’

Hasan, 42, an Army psychiatrist, opened fire on a group of soldiers who were preparing for deployment to Afghanistan, killing 13 and wounding 32 before he was shot and permanently paralyzed by two civilian Fort Hood police officers.

He faces the death penalty if he convicted by a military jury on 13 specifications of premeditated murder. His court martial is set to begin in July.

Hasan also killed an unborn child.

The Army formalized its ongoing opposition to awarding the Purple Hearts in a position paper responding to language inserted in the Defense Authorization Bill, which would require the Secretary of the Army to award the medal.

Some of Hasan’s wounded victims and families of the deceased have filed a federal lawsuit and among the demands is that each of the victims be awarded financial compensation and a Purple Heart.

U.S. military personnel are organized, trained and equipped to combat foreign, not domestic, forces or threats,” the Army wrote. “To expand the Purple Heart award criteria to include domestic criminal acts or domestic terror attacks would be a dramatic departure from the traditional Purple Heart award criteria.”

The enlistment oath states “against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” 

A spokesman for the Secretary of the Army did not return a phone call seeking further comment.

Neal Sher, the New York-based lawyer for the Fort Hood victims, called the Army’s claims ‘rubbish.’

“This is a cynical travesty,” Sher said. “The only thing the government has done is guarantee that anything done to help the victims will effectively impair and prevent Hasan’s prosecution. These victims have been given the back of the hand by their government.”

The Army says it has the interest of the victims in mind, saying any government declaration that Hasan is a terrorist could mean a delay of another ‘year or more’ in a trial which has already been pushed back several times by lengthy debates over Hasan’s beard and other side issues.

“Such an unprecedented action would thwart the real and lasting measure that will bring closure to the grieving and harmed victims, the trial itself,” the Army concluded.

So after Hasan is found guilty and put to death they will award Purple Hearts?


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14 thoughts on “Army rejects Purple Hearts for Fort Hood jihad victims

  1. WOULD HURT THE PROSICUTION OF THIS MILITARY MUSLIM KILLER!!!! It ought to as he delibertly ATTACKED OUR COUNTRY WHICH IS AN ACT OF WAR. He should have been tried 3 years ago, convicted, sent to FT LEVENWORTH AND HANGED. End of discussion.

    • Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the place where Obama’s Mother was born should be the place where Obama DIES,by military firing squad,if convicted of the treason charges that he now stands accused of.

  2. Thank you, Neal Sher, for speaking the truth!!!! This case is going exactly the way the 9/11 terrorists’ cases will go if they are ever tried in civilian courts!!!! Obama loves it! His boys (MB) are at the wheel of the bus! Far be it from him to treat our soldiers with respect when he can drive over them, while they are firmly kicked underneath!

    • Obama should have been Arrested years ago. He is a Muslim Supremacist and he does NOT have a shred of Loyalty to America. Obama is NOT the bona-fides POTUS. Obama is a terrorist himself. Arrest the bastard. He IS a Traitor and a Fraud.

  3. He is an Islamic hero. Send this to the liberals in the media. They must love it when Americans get hurt and killed because they won’t report the truth, which is the new hate speak. We should suggest putting mosques in THEIR neighborhoods. They are the ones screaming WE should be more tolerant! I suggest 10 for John Kerrys’ neighborhood. See how long that idea lasts.

    • One nation’s “Hero” is another’s enemy. Hassan being charged as the treasonous,murderous,enemy terrorist that he is would NOT detract from the fairness of his trial. Denying the Purple Heart to those whose defended America,with their very lives on the line,has most likely caused George Washington,from his view from above, to frown upon what our enemies are doing to our Nation from the highest level of Government. Obama is a usurper. Obama is a Traitor.

  4. The problem here is that Barack Obama is a Muslim Supremacist and Traitor to America. The Pentagon is infiltrated with Muslims. OF COURSE Hassan IS a Terrorist,enemy of the U.S.A. Any “Naturaal-Born Citizen” would agree. Obama however,is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of America. Obama has usurped the Presidency. What would the Army say if all the sleeper cells of Islamists that Obama has imported and otherwise allowed to enter the USA through fraud and subterfuge,called themselves to arms. That our Army was trained to fight only foreign Armies? Did anyone know that the Army can only fight foreign Armies but knows no techniques or defenses for fighting a domestic attack? If that were true,and it isn’t, there is a BIG Target on the backs of our fighting men and women.

    Give them their Purple Hearts.

    They are entitled to them and MORE. Hassan is the enemy and SO,is Obama.

  5. The Socialists in the Democratic Party in the military are conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and it’s affiliate terrorist organizations against Jews, the State of Israel and Christians. The Socialist’s decision not to award the Purple Heart is part of their scheme to hide that they are bringing Muslim terrorists and their supporters to the USA to build a voter base among them and to include their open anti-Christian/Semitic rantings on college campuses in the face of Christians and Jews in their anti-Christian agenda in the USA, knowing full well that in the countries that they come from they are calling for killing American soldiers.

    • Don’t exclude the Republican Party’s involvement in this. There are those in BOTH parties preaching “New World Order” which strongly resembles the Islamic “Dar-el-Salam”. Both Bushes,Obama the Muslim Supremacist,the Clintons and now Biden have all espoused the “New World Order”. Since that is also what Muslims want,Obama is working with them,as Hitler did, to overthrow the USA.

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