Jordan’s King Warns Obama on Backing Muslim Brotherhood

via Jordan’s King Warns Obama; America Backs Muslim Brotherhood Agent as Syria’s Next Ruler.

It really isn’t hard to understand what is happening in the Middle East if you gather the facts:

1. Jordan’s King Abdullah — whom President Barack Obama just visited — is clearly telling us what’s going wrong: the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous, and the United States is supporting it. Presumably, this is what Abdullah told Obama.

2. U.S. policy is now escalating support for a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Syria, and the Syrian rebels increasingly have open Brotherhood leadership.

3. Repression is gradually escalating in Egypt, with arrests of moderates, Islamists being sent to the military academy, and many other measures.

Regarding Jordan, Jeffrey Goldberg has written an extremely valuable profile of Abdullah. The Jordanian monarch is telling Western visitors that their countries are making a huge mistake by supporting the Islamists. He complains that the U.S. State Department is ignoring him, and further, that U.S. officials are telling him: “The only way you can have democracy is through the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Abdullah responds: the Brotherhood wants to impose anti-American reactionary governments, and his “major fight” is to stop them. No margin may be left for relative moderate and pro-American states between a Sunni Islamist alliance led by Egypt and including Turkey versus a Shia Islamist alliance led by Iran, says Abdullah. And he’s right. The only differences, Abdullah explains, between the Turkish and Egyptian regimes are their timetables for installing dictatorships.

Meanwhile, while President Barack Obama was love-bombing Israel during his visit, U.S. policy was helping to install a Muslim Brotherhood supporter as the putative next leader of Syria. Obama’s strategy — with appropriate adjustments to the national scene — is the same as his disastrous policy in Egypt.

The new leader of the Syrian opposition coalition is Ghassan Hitto, an obscure figure who has long been a resident of the United States. His actual election contained two hints:

– He only received 35 votes from 63 members of the Syrian National Coalition. That show of support matches the number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters there.

– Only 48 out of the 63 even cast a ballot at all, showing lack of enthusiasm and possible U.S. pressure on groups to abstain rather than oppose Hitto.

During the Cold War, American policy toward Third World countries frequently looked for a “third way” democratic alternative — leaders who were neither Communists nor right-wing authoritarians. Today, however, the Obama administration doesn’t do the equivalent at all, despite pretenses to the contrary. Rather, it seeks leadership from the most seemingly moderate people … who represent Islamist groups. Of course, this moderation is largely deceptive.

That was the pattern in Egypt; now it is the same failed strategy in Syria.

Hitto is a typical example of such a person.

Read it all and our previous posts on CAIR exec Ghassan Hitto here.

FYI: It was Jordan’s King Hussein who battled the PLO in 1970 killing an estimated 25,000 (many more than any infidel forces have…combined).

14 thoughts on “Jordan’s King Warns Obama on Backing Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Obamanation is an impostor for the Muslim Brotherhood. He needs to be tried for treason,impeached then punished for his crimes.

  2. Next, aspiring Caliph Obama will likely push to depose King Abdullah so the Christian minority in that country can be wiped out as well.
    The empowering of islamic jihadis all over the world are not accidents, Obama is doing this on purpose. He is an islamic supremacist, raised in Indonesia as a muslim, he was taught in madrassa that islam is superior and infidels must be made subservient or be destroyed. I don’t care what anybody says, research his history and prove me wrong if you doubt it. He can say he’s “Christian” till he is blue in the face, muslims are allowed to lie if it furthers the cause of islam, but if he really were a Christian he would not behave as he does, and he’d also be an islamic apostate with an islamic death penalty fatwa on his head since his father was muslim and he was raised as a muslim and it is against islamic law to leave islam and it is punishable by death to do so.

    • To ‘Zilla of the Resistance’ – TRUE, SO TRUE!!!!! COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!!!!



    • I also agree. Look at how stupid he would have to be to back the Brotherhood if he had America’s best interests in mind. Here on Creeping and on other sites, we can’t possibly know more than Obama’s intelligence reports, yet we see his “mistakes” and shake our heads. Yes, he’s an Islamist through and through. Yet, no one in Congress feels strongly enough to stop him. They are busy putting out all the little fires while the takeover of America is going on right in front of their faces.
      As far as him being Christian, did you read what kind of Easter sermon his new pastor was preaching? He could be Rev. Wright’s brother. Another black theology church. That’s not Christian. It’s hate whitey speak.

  3. “The only way you can have democracy is through the muslim brotherhood”—utter nonsense and a straight out lie. Democracy is not possible in islam. Americans, your government is lying to you! (Now there’s a surprise!)

    I’ve been saying since the trouble began in Syria, that while Assad is far from perfect, the west is backing the wrong side; just as they did in Libya, Egypt, and let’s not forget Kosovo–a dreadful mistake.

      • I didn’t say you were, if you read the article we’re talking about the Jordanian King being told by American officials that (Syria) couldn’t have democracy without the muslim brotherhood, which is jaw-dropping nonsense since you cannot have democracy in islam. And for the American govt. to back the ‘rebels’ (muslim brotherhood is just one more example of the obama gang’s plan for installing the ‘brotherhood’ throughout the middle east—and eventually in America.

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