FBI doles out awards to Muslims

via FBI — FBI Presents Director’s Community Leadership Awards.

The Best and Brightest

FBI Presents Director’s Community Leadership Awards


Throughout the year, dedicated and selfless individuals and organizations make extraordinary contributions to their communities across the United States. And every year, the FBI honors the very best among them with its Director’s Community Leadership Award.

Each FBI field office selects one individual or organization for the award, and each award recipient is publicly recognized at the local level. At a later date, all winners are brought to FBI Headquarters to be presented with their award by the FBI Director. And that’s just what happened today, when the nearly 60 Director’s Community Leadership Award recipients from 2012 were presented with their award by Director Robert Mueller during a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Here are just a few examples of how one individual or organization can make a difference within their community:

  • In Atlanta, Soumaya Khalifa founded the Islamic Speakers Bureau to educate those unfamiliar with the Islamic faith and provide insight into how Muslim Americans live their daily lives. She often presents training to students, business executives, and military and law enforcement personnel.
  • In Washington, D.C., Humera Khan, a dedicated advocate for American Muslims, is the founder of Mueflehun, a research organization that promotes service-minded communities and justice. Khan’s organization offers recommendations to multiple government agencies about countering homegrown terrorism and violent extremism.

So of all the potential candidates in the United States the FBI presented seven examples and of those two were Muslims who promote Islam and sharia law. Muslims only make up 1% of the U.S. population.

There’s likely many others too like this one just a few months ago, Somali Group ‘Ka Joog’ Earns FBI Honor. Just watch the video – it’s much more about protecting Islam than preventing anything else.

Muslims got more than 10% of the awards handed out based on a quick perusal of the winners here. We didn’t check every state so it could be even higher.

Albany-500 Atlanta-500 Minneapolis-500 New-York-500 Sacramento-500 Washington Field-500

UpdateMuslim DHS Adviser Elibiary: “On Thursday, September 8th FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III personally handed me the Louis E. Peters Memorial Service Award for 2011”

On Thursday, September 8th FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III personally handed me the Louis E. Peters Memorial Service Award for 2011 in front of an audience of over five hundred retired Directors (ie. Judge William Webster who was Director of not just the FBI but also the CIA), a couple of dozen national security and law enforcement VIPs and several hundred retired FBI officials.

The Peters Award is the highest honor awarded annually to a civilian by the FBI whose assistance was invaluable in a major investigation. This year signified the first time it was given to someone working in the Homegrown Violent Extremism sphere that the American Muslim community has been struggling with post 9/11.

It was a closed-door ceremony in a banquet hall without media, a bit like the scene in the movie Charlie Wilson’s War where the CIA gives him their highest civilian award for all he did to help remove the Soviets from Afghanistan. Two of the cases, in which I played the unique role of having one hand stretched out to the FBI and the other hand stretched out to local Muslim community leadership across multiple cities, were shared.

Why was no media present? Was Mueller aware of how bad it would look to give an award to a man who had addressed a pro-Khomeini conference and threatened to blow up a columnist’s car for writing things he didn’t like?

14 thoughts on “FBI doles out awards to Muslims

  1. EVERY Muslim in America is a MOLE! If they give Zakat, they are funding terrorism as Zakat mandates a portion of “charitable” giving MUST go to jihad!

    DEPORT ALL OF THESE SCUMBAGS NOW! It’s all in the Qur’an.

    • See the You Tube Video showing Obama speaking about how difficult it is under U.S. Charity Laws for Muslims to exercise their duty of Zakat.

      “I support Zakat”-Barack Obama

  2. I have concluded that the government and its agencies panders to Muslims for only one reason: FEAR! I believe that their position is, if we let them do whatever they want, they won’t commit jahad on the streets of America. So basically, they get away with unreported crimes, bullying by CAIR and their sister groups into all sorts of governments agencies, schools which now allow classroom prayer, ads on buses encouraging jihad, mosques in residential neighborhoods, etc, etc.
    The great fear is having to address the real issues, which is that Muslims intend to cause havoc sooner or later.

    • Google: “What Islam is NOT”, “Fitna” and “Dar-el-Salam” (Total conquest of the Earth for Allah). BTW, Obama IS a Muslim supremacist.

  3. dhimmitude is alive and well in our government; we keep kissing their asses while they continue to tear down the fabric of our country; time to grow some balls???

  4. best and brightest would NEVER be used in the same sentence with muslim, islam, etc. they just do not go together. it is just more pc stuff which shows how stupid our government is and that they , islam, is taking over little at a time. what happened to the word NO???

    • “Stupid” is not the appropriate word to describe Obama and his faux administration. Treasonous is the word.

  5. Obama is a Muslim supremacist who supports Zakat, The Pentagon is infested with Muslims,Jihad is called “Workplace violence”,Obama is nominated to be “Caliph” by a Pakistani legislator,FBI training manuals downplay Islamiic threat,our troops are ordered NOT to shoot back at the Taliban,Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga,known enemy of the US who was complicit with Embassy Bombings in Kenya and there is more.

    How much MORE evidence that Obama is a traitor is needed?

  6. England doesn’t just reward them with citations, but with titles: SIR iqbal sacranie, and BARONESS warsi to name a couple.

    Re obama is a traitor; I’ve been saying he was an imposter “the man from nowhere” from before he was even fraudulently voted in as prez. The famous ‘birth certificate’ is a poor forgery, the man is from Kenya.

    obama has committed so many treasonous acts now he should have been impeached half a dozen times! But the democrats and their ‘muslim in chief’ keep blaming the republicans for everything; funny thing though–for the past 4 1/2 years the republicans have not been in power. Strange.

  7. 2013….Lets see…Crime, unsolved crime, gangs, nut cases, treacherous gov. and cultures who want to kill us…ARM YOURSELVES! ORGANIZE! STAY ALERT! FIGHT BACK!

  8. This is how extremist Atheists in the Socialist Democratic Party let Muslims that don’t trust them know that they are on their side and share in their evil hatred towards the State of Israel, Jews and Christians, as part of their plan lure them into becoming part of their voter base and join their anti-Christian/Semitic agenda. These pictures are just like those that Hitler had taken of himself with the Muslims when he conspired with Muslim terrorists against the Jews.

  9. Your comments & your IP address are your legal problem, not ours.

    LOL THATS GOOD! and I agree james D with your comments about how extremist atheists act and the pics of hitler doing same crap..
    all the rediculous crap obummer is getting away with is sick. He is involved in so many usurputous (is that a word) actions that its hard to keep count.
    He has a pile of lawyers on his side trying to create legislation to back up his actions.. picking apart ANY way he can “go around” the constitution to accomplish his REAL AGENDA (21 if you ask me)..
    I do not know HOW we can POSSIBLY survive three more years till another election.. and he will have so many “government dependants voting to keep their “government paid support leader” in office.. if we even HAVE a country left to protect .. plus the SHEEPLE that can not see the big picture and get caught up in the lamestream media drama (like he wants them to, so as to brainwash them properly for his next plans for us to work with THEIR support all along the way..
    WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTRY.. the younger generation does not SEE and they are not old enough to remember what EARNING a living with no government sponsorship is all about.. and they do not realize the protections the constitution and amendments provide.. as they blindly get caught up in the drama crap to make KNEE JERK decisions to GO ALONG WITH (i would say vote in.. but we no longer get OUR voice heard anyway..) so to GO ALONG WITH what ever flavor of EXECUTIVE order obummer wants to use to make new usurputous (that word again .. you know what I mean) decisions like starting wars and using military in everyday city environments to get us USED to what a TOTALITARIAN TAKE OVER will look like .. SO WHEN IT HAPPENS.. we will all just think its ANOTHER DRILL…
    I am truely sad for our future.. we are in the SH*T so deep now that even if we ALL had giant machine guns to protect our homes.. we cannot fight off a HUGE PILE of MILITARILY ARMED personell (guard, cops with new gifts they have received recently, dept homeland crapsecurity/enforcers of marshall law) WHEN they decide its time to just get rid of all the worthless EATERS that are eating up the gov money and try to suck us up into the NWO under the new world government they are CREATING NOW by following UN and NATO rather than listening to our OWN CONGRESS and using the guidelines in our constitution. HE (obummer) does NOT want We the People to make any decisions.. he talks in circles saying NOTHING to act as if he is working on or moving in the direction of of “some action” (he decided was the answer) to some given problem/horrible action (he and his are not working to keep from happening by not doing a whole lot of things he should be doing to keep our country safer.. remove military from other countries and let them protect our own country.. quit brainwashing all the young people and immigrants into going along with your dictator decisions..

    someone PLEASE IMPEACH or at least REALLY START THE PROCESS.. lets get him and his crap legislation.. all of it .. like obama care and the zillion other things he writes behind the scenes that NO regular media will talk about that does NOTHING MORE THAN HARM our LIBERTY and our REGULAR PLANNED WAY OF GOVERNMENT (THAT PESKY CONSTITUTION he hates to follow obviously by his actions)..

    we are all just going to watch it happen apparently.. like a bad accident in slow motion.. just watch our own demise.

    the 2nd amendment sounds good.. but when ANYONE who tries to protect themself or even talk ABOUT WHAT IS REALLLLY HAPPENING gets LABELED a domestic terrorist… then he can use a whole different set of “war like rules” against that person or that group of persons (attempting to be a well regulated malitia or how ever its worded in the 2nd amendment.).. those persons would be treated like the brother (BOMBING STILL ALIVE) SHOULD BE GETTING TREATED.. and they would get their door kicked in and shot to death.. but THIS brother gets free lawyers.. stay at prison that is like a vacation retreat.. paid for medical and food and all kinds of bullshit rights.. ONCE YOU DO SOMETHING THAT DASTARDLY your citizenship rights go down drain and you get treated like a terrorist.. but NOT WITH OBUMMER.. instead BOMBER GETS ALL THE CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS TREATMENTS and anyone supporting their constitution and wanting their 1st and 2nd amendment rights protected gets TREATED LIKE THE TERRORIST..

    HOW BACKWARDS CAN IT GET? anyone who does not play ball close to him gets kicked down the road some way I am sure… and there are all those perks.. big gov paycheck and all.. to look the other way and deliver the crap to the regular media for the sheeple…


    I am sure they will read this and come drag me to a FEMA camp.. the low paying job and cost of living I have makes the FEMA camp look pretty good if there is shelter and food(LOL). when the dollar finishes crashing.. that will be the selling point to the sheeple… come live at the “residential government housing to be safe” (so damn safe you have RAZOR WIRE to keep you from GETTING OUT).. thats pretty damn safe… and the blind sheeple will go.. and the ones who see this crap and try to not be a part of it will be LABELED dissidents (spelling) and AGAIN those citizens will be treated like terrorists and dragged away or shot on site..

    I fully think when the money finishes crashing and there is no food or water or any functioning commerce left in society and we are ALL in streets hungry and scared and panicking.. then OBAMA will be happy to START THE MARTIAL LAW and fill up all these FEMA residential camps (slave camps or worse) and he can rule his new taken over empire like he wants without having to waste time telling us all the tiresome lies he has to tell to keep the sheeple going for his crap.
    I myself am only a few paychecks from homeless.. just like he likes us to be..


  10. Pingback: SEAL Hero’s Mother: “Hearts and Mind of Our Enemy Is More Valuable to This Government Than My Son’s Blood” — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

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