Toronto: Sharia swim times prevent dad from watching own daughter’s swim class

Creeping along in Toronto where at least 9 public pools are subject to Islamic sharia law. via Sun News : Toronto dad not allowed to watch daughter’s swim class for religious reasons.

TORONTO – When a single dad signed his nine-year-old daughter up for female-only swim lessons, he didn’t realize he — as a man — was going to be banned from watching her practice.

Chris (who didn’t want his last name published) was shocked when he had the blinds to the viewing area of the Dennis R. Timbrell Recreation Centre pool in Flemingdon Park shut on him and then was told by staffers it was for “religious reasons.”

“I spoke to a staff member and she told me that it’s because of Muslim women, that we’re not allowed to look at them or whatever,” Chris, 38, told the Toronto Sun Friday. “I don’t think religion has a role to play in a public pool.”

Chris said he enrolled his daughter online through the city’s website and registered her for the Ultra Swim 1: Female class – a nine-week course offered for free at the community centre.

Nowhere on the form did it mention that males could not watch the lessons.

So, when he showed up with his child at the pool on March 28 and again on Thursday night, he was confused when told he wasn’t allowed to watch.

“She doesn’t have a lot of friends and I wanted her to swim with girls,” Chris explained. “I don’t know what parent wouldn’t want to watch their child participate. There were other fathers there who weren’t too happy.”

Local Councillor John Parker hadn’t heard of the particular case until the Sun contacted him Friday, but said the dad’s point is a “legitimate one” and raises a “fair issue.”

“If we have a young child and there is a desire for the parent to provide supervision I would hope that we would not be so inflexible,” he said.

The Ward 26-Don Valley West councillor said there are only so many hours available in the pool.

“So we have to decide and we have to determine just what are the options that are available to us and how many hours are there in the day to allow the different options that communities want,” Parker said. “So far the pressure has been to provide hours for women only, this gives rise to the legitimate question: ought we to find time for mixed groups precisely to accommodate the concern that this parent has raised.”

File this under “How the West was Lost.”

The hijra then the sharia:

19 thoughts on “Toronto: Sharia swim times prevent dad from watching own daughter’s swim class

  1. Amazing Mumford! Canadian non-Muslims subjugating themselves to the rules of Islam. Shame on Canada, the country I love. This is only the camel’s nose in Canada’s tent. What will Canadians do when their churches are burned and their non-Muslim inhabitants beaten and killed? Welcome to Canadastan!

  2. It is getting more ridiculous by the minute.Slowly we are forced into sharia law inour own country, How long can we tolerate it, the time is ticking !

  3. How insane! The only way this would make sense is if the pool were owned and operated by a private Muslim organization. Otherwise this is a straight forward case of racial discrimination whereby one group, Muslims, have more rights than the rest of us. Where will this end? What if my religion poses a law that prohibits females from watching boys swimming? Does that mean that no parents would be allowed to watch their own kids taking classes?


    Msg to Chris (who didn’t want his last name published): GET YOUR KID OUT OF THAT HELL HOLE NOW W/O FURTHER ADIEU!!!!!

    P.S. All non-muslims who participate, either willfully or otherwise, in this kind of SUBJUGATION AND ENFORCED SHARIA COMPLIANCE are only adding to the problem!!!!! The people of Toronto need to stand up to this insanity!!!!! BOYCOTT all businesses who force sharia compliance!!!!! STAND UP TO THESE BASTARDS–NOW!!!!!

    • Toronto; Canada’s Dearborn. Need I say more? The Toronto District School Board is full of idiots, the police are no better–and not to be relied upon, (they will take the word of a muslim over you) and the media are more than a shade to the left.

      Yes, we have troubles here in Canada too, unfortunately.

      • But everyone can readily see how extravagant and beautiful the emperor’s new clothes really are! Who could dare challenge this lovely, peaceful event by screaming, “THE EMPEROR ISN’T WEARING ANY CLOTHES”????

        BTW here’s a hideous thought that I have pondered from time to time–what do you make of the correllation betw. the violent death of Princess Diana and her romantic involvement with a powerful muslim mogul. Suddenly, methinks I smell a rat!!!!! Paparazzi? Sure sounds fishy to me!!!!! But who wanted her dead, the muslims or the Crown?????

        • You’re not alone in that–I’ve wondered that long and hard; and come to the awful conclusion: the latter. The whole thing was a set-up, and a French cover-up.

          If you remember, the Queen initially refused to lower the flag, until the British public, aghast, shamed her into it. Most of the royals hated Diana, who was far more popular than any of them. Yes, she went off the rails at the end, but the blame for that lies squarely at the feet of the royal idiot, Charles.

          • Cover-up??? Yeah, I definitely believe it!!! And Charles (nor the Queen) sure didn’t come out smellin’ like roses!!!! Oddly enough, it still doesn’t lend itself to a ‘done deal’ politically, unless the Crown was afraid of some kind of a forthcoming power struggle betw. Britain and the middle-east. If so, then maybe the Brits were more islam-savvy then, than we are currently willing to give them credit for! Either way, Diana sure stuck her nose in where she was not exactly welcome!!!!!

  5. I have said this before but I have no problem with a women only time at a public pool. A gym that I used to attend regularly had a women only time block, a family time block and a 55 and older time block. My problem comes in with a situation where a public pool has a “Muslim only” time slot and the Muslims (or whomever for that matter) haven’t paid for a private usage. If a group wants to restrict attendance at a public venue like a pool then they need to pay for a private rental but even then that doesn’t guarantee them exclusive rights to the facility, our local pool has this disclaimer on its website. I would immediately remove my daughter from a swim class where her dad wasn’t allowed to be present.

    • Of course, restrictive time limits are admissible in any public athletic facility. But, as you say, the issue here is the restricting of this father from attending his own daughter’s athletic events!!! THAT’S BEYOND THE PALE!!!!!


  6. ” I wanted her to swim with girls,” Chris explained. “

    This articles makes it sound as though there is no mixed-group option and I doubt that because the father made a point to clarify that he signed her up for “Ultra Swim Female class 1” so she could swim with the girls. I’m pretty confident there is a male/female option but Pops just didn’t do his homework. Sorry, but your own ignorance is not proof of discrimination. I wonder why he didn’t want her to swim with the boys? Possibly because some boys may be creeps? Yeah, that is what a lot of women know, which is why female-only groups are important to many women, not just muslims.

    • “If any parents wish to watch their child who is enrolled in a female or male-only swim class, they would have to move them to a mixed boys/girls class that runs three days a week.”

      Failing to see the problem here. Dad was uninformed and has a 3x a week option of a mixed group. Or does dad only want to watch little girls? Disgusting, and unfortunately, entirely possible.

      There are plenty of non-muslim women of varying religious or personal values who would choose this group for their daughter, myself included, but you guys want to restrict women’s choices and still loudly bemoan sharia and its abuses of women. You really don’t see what a bunch of hypocrites you are, do you?

      • Oh, I see now- this is the same article, you just cut out the information about how their are mixed groups 3x a week- got it, buddy! Nice journalism!

    • Pops has a right to watch his daughter so people like you don’t get near her…except when Muslims are swimming…and that is sharia law.

  7. i am starting to get fed up with this and will do what i can to stop this happening in this country. i will bug the heck out of the counselor and the pool about this issue.

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