Are Boston Marathon Bombings Linked To Case Of Tarek Mehanna?

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April 15th 2013 – San Francisco, CA – – At 2:50 today [EST] two bombs were detonated along the route near the end of the Boston Marathon. The explosions occurred several minutes apart.

As of this writing 2 people are dead and over 86 injured.

Unconfirmed reports stated that a “foreign national” is being guarded at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Police have surveillance video of a man with a backpack placing bombs in trash cans.

Today is also a local holiday in Boston known as “Patriots Day.”

On April 12th 2012 the Muslim pharmacist from Boston, Tarek Mehanna,was sentenced by a federal court in Boston to 17 and one half years in prison for conspiring to provide aid to al-Qaeda. Mehanna is thought to have conspired with Ahmad Abousamra who is believed to have received military training during several trips to Pakistan. He has since, gone to ground, and is among the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted individuals [see,


Perhaps not, as a huge campaign by Muslims and leftists demanding his release has been ongoing since his arrest. At this point in time it is pure speculation, but if the bombings turn out to be the result of Islamist terrorism there is a great likelihood that they are linked to the efforts to free Tarek Mehanna .

His supporters have set up websites and awarded him via his parents the Sacco-Vanzetti award for social justice calling him a champion of free speech.

At his sentencing a defiant Mehanna stated that, “I mentioned Paul Revere – when he went on his midnight ride, it was for the purpose of warning the people that the British were marching to Lexington to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock, then on to Concord to confiscate the weapons stored there by the Minuteman. By the time they got to Concord, they found the Minuteman waiting for them, weapons in hand. They fired at the British, fought them, and beat them. From that battle came the American Revolution. There’s an Arabic word to describe what those Minutemen did that day. That word is: JIHAD, and this is what my trial was about.”


9 thoughts on “Are Boston Marathon Bombings Linked To Case Of Tarek Mehanna?

  1. These dumb politician are granting residence-ship for people with an ideology soaked up with hate, aggression and destruction!! What are you expecting???

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  3. These smart enemies who have an ideology of Hatred and Intolerance are using our freedom and even our history to justify their virulent attacks against our innocent citizens.
    The problem is with those gullible Americans who still do not understand the dangers of Islamic extremism and cannot distinguish between a Faith dealing with spiritual matters and a social-political ideology that suppresses human rights and personal freedoms.
    It is not our fault if they hate us, they hated and conquered all those who did not agree with them long before America existed , and they still do.

    • you sound like you may have first hand experience with ISLAM’s “peace”
      are you Lebanese? Arab Christian?

      This is why cries of RACIST fall off our backs- so many former Muslims and people of Middle East (of all color skin) came here to escape from their “justice” and “mercy”- we accept anyone who wishes to live FREE- we do not accept those who try to turn HERE into THERE

  4. Have we all forgotten that Major Nidal Malik Husan, a 39 year old Reserve Army Major, psychiatrist killed 13 people and injured 30 on November 5, 2009. President Obama and his administration refuse to call this horrific, pre-planned killing spree an act of terrorism. Therefore the victims will not receive compensation like those killed or injured in 911. Furthermore, it has been over THREE YEARS since this terrorist attack occurred at Fort Hood. Where is the right to speedy trial and justice for the victims? Obama could quickly speak out on behalf of a gangster wannabe Treyvon Martin, but said nothing when African-American De’Marquise Kareem Elkins, age 17 shot a thirteen month infant named Antonio Angel Santiago between the eyes at close range on March 21, 2013. Where is the teachable moment? Aunt Debra Obley contacted police after giving a ride to Elkins and her nephew Dominique Lang shortly after the killing. She thought both boys were skipping school. When she started to ask questions, Elkins cut the ride short and Obley saw a gun in his pants as he exited her car. She had a strong, moral compass and should have been given a good citizen’s award. Elkins mother and sister were also arrested for giving false statements to the Brunswick Georgia police.

    In short, President Obama is reluctant to demand full prosecution for terrorists and black thugs. Trayvon Martin was no angel. The media used old pictures of him to stir emotions. Ones showing him flash gang signs and sport a gold grill in his mouth were suppressed. And school officials testimony about seeing Martin with a backpack containing women’s jewelry were available in only a few articles as circumstantial evidence. However, it does point to past behaviors. Zimmerman’s housing development had numerous home robberies. Martin was a guest at a townhouse owned by his father’s girlfriend. He probably became enraged when a middle age Latino man was following him or stopped to ask questions. Evidence shows that Zimmerman sustained head injuries and was attacked or jumped. Yet to this day, Martin is still being idolized in the press as a teenage victim. Antonio Santiago received one tenth the coverage of a troubled black teenager.

  5. Don’t worry, the leftards have it covered: It’s well-deserved blowback, because Muslim terrorists demand the allies stop attacking them in foreign countries.

    Good thing they have the leftards to push their jihadist agenda for them. The jihadis have been milking this “revenge” (blowback) angle ever since it worked for them after they exterminated the Jews of Medina.

    Oh, but even though the blowback is deserved and jihadis themselves are happily taking credit for the violence, if YOU, a non-Muslim, attribute this attack to Islamists, you are a racist and Islamophobe.

  6. That is very interesting because last night as I was writing my musings on the Boston bombings and delving into the possible significance of the date, I wondered if someone was trying to be the new Paul Revere. Hmm.

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