NY: Teen girl clinging to life after face smashed with brick by Muslim

via Brick attack victim targeted after foiling assailant’s car break-ins in Queens: prosecutors – NY Daily News. h/t halalporkshop


A 16-year-old girl clinging to life at a Queens Hospital was attacked with a brick because she interrupted a boy who was trying to break into cars, court records show.

Michelle Rodriguez screamed out when she saw Omer Khogali, 17, pulling on the door handles of parked vehicles in Astoria on Tuesday, officials said.

The enraged 6-foot would-be thief caught up with Michelle later that night on 43rd St. Then he bashed her with the brick to shut her up, prosecutors said. The suspect ran off, and police later found the bloodied brick.

Michelle was still in critical condition Sunday at Elmhurst Hospital.

Khogali was busted Friday and arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on Sunday. He’s charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.

As noted here, Astoria, Queens has one of the largest Muslim populations in New York. They even forced Pacino movie crew to remove sign referring to Koran.

20 thoughts on “NY: Teen girl clinging to life after face smashed with brick by Muslim

  1. I’m sorry because I know that Islam is our biggest threat but what does his being a Muslim have to do with the more salient fact that he is a criminal? Christians commit crimes too but we don’t indict all Christianity for the acts of one thug. This creep was not advancing or spreading Islam; he was committing crimes.

    • Sorry. In Christian society women, gays, and infidels may not be attacked with impunity. According to the Koran, women, gays and all non-muslims are indeed fair game for brutality. That is the societal norm laid out in Islamic religious texts. I recommend you read them thoroughly in an accurate and complete translation from the Arabic. I guess you could say all criminals are the smae, but brutality has never been condoned or protected in the West. There lies the difference.

    • Christians do no behead, stone, kill their own children in the name of Honor, molest children, commit pedophilia, have sex with animals
      or do anything like this. The only good Muslims are dead Muslims.
      and I suspect you are a Muslim from your wording so Taqquia wont work here.

    • This is a 16 year old girl that got “hit” in the face by a “Mudslime” that has NO respect for ANY female as HE considers them as being “less-than-a-DOG!”

    • To ‘Sivispace’ – Clearly you need to be enlightened! CHRISTIANS ARE NOT THUGS!!!! CHRISTIANS ARE CHRISTIANS! THUGS ARE THUGS! muslims seem to think that they should have the right to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY anyone and anything that they so choose! IT’S WRITTEN IN THEIR “HOLY” BOOK AND PROCLAIMED LOUD AND CLEAR BY THEIR prophet!!!!!

      If you truly believe that “islam is our biggest threat” then stop sticking up for it!!!!! Christians who are “Christians in name only” such as BHO are NOT CHRISTIANS BY ANY MEANS OR STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION!!!! THEIR CALLED HYPOCRITS AND LIARS!!!!!

      • All I am saying is it takes all kinds and if you read a history book, you will see that the Catholic church had plenty of thugs in South America and other places they sent missionaries and Conquistadores. P.S. I will not defend Islam as I believe it to be Satanic in nature.

  2. Ban pressure cookers too. Now that America is under attack, its even more important to disarm them so they can be safe. — President Zero Value.

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    • Yes, they contribute so much, just ask any Swede, Norwegian, Belgian, Dane………oh what the heck, just ask any normal person in the Western World, eh?

    • Thank God I live in a “SHALL ISSUE” state. Krab Maga, Glock and Spyderco await any foe and my M-4 rifle is never far away. If you want jihad; you got it!

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