Obama sends more U.S. troops to Jordan

Nobel Peace winner prepping one of his next wars, the biggest being waged against the American people. via U.S. military to step up presence in Jordan in light of Syria strife – CNN.com.

Washington (CNN) — In a critical indication of growing U.S. military involvement in the civil war in Syria, CNN has learned Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering the deployment of up to 200 troops to Jordan, according to two Defense Department officials.

The troops, which will come from the headquarters of the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas, “creates an additional capability” beyond what has been there, one official said.

The group will give the United States the ability to “potentially form a joint task force for military operations, if ordered,” he said.

The new deployment will include communications and intelligence specialists who will assist the Jordanians and “be ready for military action” if President Barack Obama were to order it, the official said.

This comes as the Pentagon has recently reviewed military options for Syria although Obama has not ordered any to be put into action.

There have been several dozen American troops, mainly special forces, in Jordan for the past year assisting the Jordanians.

But that group has been very ad hoc, the official said. This new deployment makes the U.S. military presence more official and is the first formalized ongoing presence of an American military unit in the Kingdom in recent years.

We noted previously Obama sent US forces to protect Jordan where the Saudi’s were shipping their arms purchases, CIA airlifts too, to distribute to Syrian jihadis, trained by U.S. forces.

Obama also recently pledged $200m of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Jordan for the Syrian refugees he is creating by arming jihadists and Obama is using U.S. taxpayer dollars to secretly feed Syrians.

The United States is already providing a significant component of the humanitarian aid reaching Syria. It has contributed an overall total of $385 million, according to USAID officials.

Coincidentally, Jordan has agreed to spearhead a Saudi Arabia-led push to arm rebel groups through its borders into southern Syria, in a move that coincides with the transfer from Riyadh to Amman of more than $1 billion (Dh3.67 million).


3 thoughts on “Obama sends more U.S. troops to Jordan

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  2. That would be because the new state of Palestine is getting ready to be created, and all the refugees are being driven down into those areas of Israel that are going to be Palestine. Including a lot of Jordan, which is originally Israel, and is now full of Arabs calling themselves “Palestinians”. So Jordan’s usefullness is at an end, the Muslim Brotherhood will now come in and take over what’s left of it after the Arabs calling themselves “Palestinians” are made refugees.

    Same thing happening in Syria, creating hundreds of thousands of Arab refugees who are now moving down into Israel’s West Bank and the Golan Heights. Judea and Samaria too..

    The other scenario is that Jordan will be taken down and no longer exist as Jordan, but will instead become a part of the new state of Palestine. Jordan is actually a fairly new country created pretty much when Israel was.

    If Jordan is to be dismantled it seems that it will be along the same lines are the rest of the Middle Eastern “Arab Spring” with the Muslim Brotherhood coming in under the guise of “democracy”.

    As well, it will probably be the Muslim Brotherhood who will be ruling the new state of Palestine too, same way.

    • Yes has been the plan by OBummer’s advisor from DAY ONE-

      Samantha Power advised it way before OBummer got elected- when it became public he pretended to throw her under the bus to get the Jewish vote- then magically she was resurrected to a power position—–
      here is the perfect crisis not to waste- she wanted USA lives on the borders of Jordan to protect ARABS from Israel-

      she is married to OBumbler’s advisor Cass Sunstein- a power couple from the bowels of hell-

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