Obama giving Syrian rebels $123 million more U.S. taxpayer dollars

While much of the U.S. was fixated on Boston and less so Texas this week, the corruptocrats in DC continued apace funding jihadists and readying mass amnesty for illegal aliens. via US providing Syrian rebels $123 million in new nonlethal aid, may include armor – The Washington Post.

The United States is providing Syrian rebels with $123 million in new nonlethal aid that may include body armor and other types of supplies that haven’t been part of the assistance package in the past.

The additional money will double the nonlethal assistance to the Syrian opposition as well as increase humanitarian aid. The nonlethal aid could include armored vehicles, night vision goggles and advanced communications equipment.

Mounting a defensive to overthrow the Syrian government and using nonlethal aid to do so is Orwellian newspeak at its finest.

European nations were considering changes to an arms embargo that would allow arms transfers to the Syrian opposition. But European Union action seemed unlikely before May, and the fresh U.S. help fell short of the strongest demands from the Syrian National Coalition: drone strikes to disable Assad’s chemical weapon and missile capability; a no-fly zone requiring significant military operations; and a U.N. resolution that condemns Assad for attacks on Syrians.

Since February, the U.S. has shipped food and medical supplies directly to the Free Syrian Army, but Obama recently expanded that include defensive military equipment.

Kerry’s announcement on Saturday was the first under that new authorization. So far, the U.S. has provided an estimated $117 million in nonlethal aid to the Syrian opposition, according to the White House.

If the U.S. hasn’t provided any lethal aid, why do they distinguish the figure by calling it “nonlethal aid”? Odd. Either way, that adds up to $240 million. But does anyone really know how much U.S. taxpayers have been plundered by Obama and a corrupt Congress? Just one problem of not having a budget for five years.

Earlier this week WAPO reported different figures of how much taxpayers were looted for Syria. Again, how does Syria help protect Americans?

U.S. feeds Syrians, but secretly

The United States is already providing a significant component of the humanitarian aid reaching Syria. It has contributed an overall total of $385 million, according to USAID officials.

Yet a graphic attached to that same story showed $214 million:


So they’ve given the sheeple at least three different figures this week.

When you hear the administrations spiteful retribution against the American people due to the sequestor – releasing criminals from jails, shutting down White House tours (but not for Muslims), cancelling Blue Angels air shows, furloughing air traffic controllers, and more – rest assured that Muslims around the world are being armed, trained, protected, and fed by your taxpayer dollars. While their co-religionists drop bombs at the feet of American children and chant death to America.

2 thoughts on “Obama giving Syrian rebels $123 million more U.S. taxpayer dollars

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  2. “AID” to Syrian rebels? Remember in 2002-2003 Saddam Hussein sent “aid” to Syria after the Zeyzoun dam collapse—-and when U.S. invaded Iraq, what do you know? They didn’t find and WMD’s! Curious! obama, friend of the brotherhood–enemy of the west.

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