More than half the Koran despises, incites against non-Muslims

A friendly reminder via The violent Quran | Dispatch International. By Peter Nilsson

The Quran does not have a single verse encouraging love towards those outside of Islam. But there are 493 passages that either endorse violence or talk about the hatred of Allah for the infidels, meaning all non-Muslims. The Quran is a book mainly concerned with how Muslims are to think and act towards those outside of Islam; that is, either kill them or force them to live as second-class citizens and pay taxes (Jizya). More than half the contents of the Quran are texts despising or inciting against non-Muslims. This is what turns Islam into a religion of hate and violence, for which history carries much evidence.

Those criticizing Islam are branded with epithets such as “Islamophobe”, “racist” or “right-wing extremist”. A phobia is an unjustified fear of something. Criticizing Islam does not constitute a phobia, but rather a very much justified activity, bearing in mind the content of the above-mentioned scripture, as well as current events in Muslim countries as well as in the Western world. Islam is not merely a religion, it is also a totalitarian theological and political ideology, according to which everything has to be subject to the Quran and the Shariah. It denies fundamental human rights such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression and equal rights for women. The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam is a United Nations “Regional instrument” that may be applied as alternative to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration, signed by all 57 members of the OIC, clearly stipulates that human rights are subject to Shariah and interpreted according to it.

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15 thoughts on “More than half the Koran despises, incites against non-Muslims

  1. I vouch for your perception of the koran. I’ve read half the koran in an english translation for the sake of reading it. All the language is about subjugation or forcing submission on people both in and outside of Islam. It’s why it appeals to african americans in general and prison inmates. It’s a religion they can funnel hate and anger then feel justified.

  2. What is the definition of a reformed Muslim? I have heard and read that recently.

    Based on Sharia & the Koran…what does one do with this when “reformed” or moderate?

    I am not buying it. Are you?

    • I’m not buying it. You either believe in Islam or you don’t. If you don’t, you are an infidel, if you do, you are an Islamist. If you believe in only some of it and not the rest, you are an infidel.

    • It’s honestly much like the two other major religions in the west. In Judeism and Christianity there are certain verses that are considered pseudepigrapha or falsely attributed. The Tanakh of the Jews carries the same books as the Old Testament of the Christians, but not everything in them is the same because each group holds that there are certain writings that are false from either group or that the interpretation of some writings should be different. We even see splits in the different sects of Christianity today. The Old Testament, in either religion, still holds very violent stories and God calls the Jews to kill, many times, to kill those who do not accept him. We do not see this happening today though because we have fought hard to end biggoted violence based on religion. We still fight in America radicals such as th Klan and other Aryan brotherhood type orginizations. The point I’m making is that, there are moderate Muslims, just as there are differences in the sects of Christianity and the split between Judeism and Christiaity, as I have spent much time with these people and spent much time on this subject. I’m not here to defend an unjust war based on religious purposes, just to say that not all are the same.

    • What is the definition of a reformed Muslim? DEADMAN- apostasy is punishable by death- in many countries not showing up for mosque- they come and get you- OR these people have to FAKE it- lie everyday to stay alive- look up BIDAH- ANY innovation (change) is ILLEGAL under ISLAMIC law

    • Many in the media call Islam a religion of peace and they look to them as moderates. The truth is, the first half of the Koran is superseded by the second half. The goal and duty of Islamists is to help make the world a Caliphate where all countries live under Shariah law. Infidels who refuse to become followers of Islam are to be killed. By the way, the Koran allows those who follow Islam to lie to infidels to achieve their goals. This is a very common tactic and therefore one has to look at what they say with somewhat of a jaundiced eye!

  3. This is one reason why all non-Muslims should own and read the Quran from cover to cover. And if possible, learn Arabic and read the Quran in its original language. Knowledge is power. The sooner we recognize the enemy, the sooner we can mobilize against it.

    • If people haven’t identified the enemy by now (and millions haven’t) then we’re in big trouble. As for learning Arabic and reading the Koran; you may as well just read an English translation, since the Koran was written in ‘classical’ Arabic which is as different from modern Arabic as the English of Chaucer is to present day English, in other words, almost unreadable except to experts.

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  5. One should give lot of credit to saudis how smart they are . They have converted local in each nation to work for them to destroy their own nation. No local leaders yet has figured it out how to reverse this. Only way is all convert to islam should be treated as traitors or anti national and take away the rights to vote and govt benefits. .

  6. I would not be surprised when we die and learn the full truth , that those wicked pharisees and saducees made islam . I DO NOT condone violence against any . The jews like is arabs have been subverted .

    All I got to say is this

    Jesus/Yeshua Christ/Messiah says this , I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father, but by me

  7. We have to look further than, the Extremist Atheists are mislabeling those that speak out against Muslims, if we are going to rid our society of the problems they are causing. They are bringing Muslim terrorists and their supporters to the USA to build a voter base among them so that they can take control of the US government and complete the implementation of a anti-Christian Socialist government in the USA. The Extremist Atheists are calling those that speak out against the Muslims Islamaphobes in order to subdue them and demonstrate to the Muslims that they want to make part of their voter base that they are on their side. The Extremist Atheists share a common hatred for Jews, the State of Israel and Christians and they are conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to over throw the State of Israel and kill Christians and Jews through out the world.

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