Another burqa robbery in the U.S., this time Maryland

burka identifiable

Burqa clad bank robber

No better disguise than that of a protected class who can not be questioned without fear of legal jihadists. via Female impersonator robs liquor store wearing burqa.

BEL AIR, Md. – A burqa-wearing man pretending to be a woman is in police custody after an armed robbery and dramatic police chase Friday afternoon.

Police say around 3 p.m. Harford County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Third Base Liquors on South Fountain Green Road in Bel Air for a report of a robbery. When officers arrived witnesses told them a man wearing a burqa covering his entire face except for his eyes entered the store and asked the clerk about beer.

Police say the man altered his voice to sound like a woman and chose a case of beer. As the clerk leaned over to pick up the beer the fake lady flashed a gun and announced a hold up.

The clerk gave the burqa-wearing female impersonator an undisclosed amount of cash and the robber left the store and jumped into a white SUV.

Police say an alert passerby noticed something strange, copied down the tag number and reported it to authorities.

A short time later police saw the SUV on Rt. 40 at Rt. 755 in Edgewood and attempted to stop it. As the Divine wannabe fled west on Rt. 40, he clipped a car and lost control. The man was critically injured and taken to Shock Trauma for treatment.

The driver has not yet been identified and detectives are investigating if this robbery was connected to an armed robbery that had occurred earlier today in the 2400 block of Churchville Road in Bel Air. Witnesses in that case also reported a white SUV as a suspect vehicle.

The investigation is continuing.

Update: We should have titled this another burqa robbery in Maryland as it is not the first time:

Elsewhere on the Muslim crime blotter, another Muslim lottery scam, this time in Long Island where Riverside convenience store clerks scammed $74,000 from lotto winner last month.


43 thoughts on “Another burqa robbery in the U.S., this time Maryland

  1. get rid of those burqas. Fine them when they wear them. And why? Because what they are doing is trying to make themselves separate from the rest of our non-moslem citizens. It is a mark of treason – they are following sharia laws and not the laws of our country. duh – stealing from non-moslems is not a sin, or a bad deed, in islam – in fact, their sharia oks it and murder of non-moslems.

    • Really? Ban optional attire? It is not a mark of treason, it is following the 1st amendment. We do not persecute based on religion in America.

        • The Fatwas and edicts are nothing other than the diaries of evil aristocratic Imams who are using Islam to persuade those subject to them to carry out their evil deeds. Their Fatwas should be used in the International Criminal Courts to prosecute them for inciting their members to violate the Balfore Declaration, the San Remo Resolution and the Treaty of Versailles and to commit terrorist acts against the State of Israel, Jews and Christians.

      • You’d bloody well better start, you pious twit, or you’re going to be slaves–with the muslims running the show. muslims are NOT like any other religious sect! They are different, and must be treated differently. Kindly wake up.

      • IN OUR COUNTRY and OUR CULTURE- only Thieves and bad guys cover their to prevent being ID’d by camera and witnesses- they can wear the tent for modesty but no the face cover- In many Muslims countries even IRAN and SYRIA face cover is prohibited by LAW b/c it is an expression of EXTREMIST views- subversive and advertising their rebellion, CAN YOU go into a bank or store with a balaclava? If these Muslimas are so damned religious then follow ALL of thier own stupid laws- they have the freedom to give up driving and stay at home reading a KORAN- there are a million ways to dress modestly that do not mean wearing a tent- many Muslims, Christians, orthodox Jews do it all the time without making a spectacle of themselves- in fact making yourself that noticeable and showing off your Muslim-correctness is not modest at all in our country- it is showing defiance and disrespect to US

        In my OWN bank NO HATS, NO HOODS for a damn good reason,2933,324197,00.html

        these people need to FOLLOW OUR RULES and LAWS or GTFO
        Fearing an ever-secular Syria might turn to radical Islam, authorities has quietly banned the niqab, a face-covering veil worn by some Muslim women, in public universities — a move welcomed by most Syrians.

        The government, which has always kept a tight lid on Islamic movements, has also possibly forced 1,200 women teachers wearing burqa (the head-to-toe Muslim veil) out of their jobs, or reassigned them to government offices where they would not come into contact with student

          • In the Muslim countries the evil Muslim men were directed through evil Fatwas to cover their faces in order to hide their identity while they commit crimes against those that are non-Muslims in their countries. The Muslim countries socially engineer their children to hate Jews, the State of Israel, Christians and Americans and this has caused the increase in rape and I believe it was for this reason that the evil Imams behind engineering the hate and that are raping their woman began requiring their woman to cover their entire body including their faces. Their idea didn’t work because the problem is that they are socially engineering violence and rape corresponds with violence.

      • Christian, you are being sarcastic, aren’t you? If not, I suggest a 180 degree attitude adjustment. If you’re Islam pandering, you’re insuring the end of Christianity. Robbing banks disguised as a Muslims is not an expression of freedom of religion. Wake up now.

        • Fatwas are nothing more than the diaries of evil aristocratic Imams directing their evil activities through Islam and their Fatwas should be used by the International Courts to prosecute them and put them to death for the deaths they have caused. Because the Extremist Atheists in the Democratic Party share a common hatred for Christians, Jews and the State of Israel with the Muslim terrorists and their supporters they are playing all kinds of games with freedom of religion in order to protect their evil Muslim cohorts in the USA.

      • Precisely. OPTIONAL!!! Meaning NOT required by the Islam religion. Therefore there can be no falling back on “it’s my religion’ crap when told ‘YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR THIS WHILE DRIVING, WHILE WALKING INTO A BANK, WHILE WALKING INTO ANY PUBLIC BUILDING, WHILE GETTING AN I.D.’ etc.

        • The law requires that all of their practices that are inciting their members to want to violate the Balfore Declaration, the San Remo Resolution and the Treaty of Versailles and cause harm to Jews, Christians and the State of Israel should be outlawed in the USA and in the world.

        • It has been shown that the Muslim wear coverings to conceal suicide belts and that from the time that they are born they are socially engineered through their schools, colleges, museums, parks and Muslim media outlets to hate Jews, the State of Israel and Christians. The video below reveals that the Muslims are socially engineered and that the Extremist Atheists in the UN are helping them. .

  2. I believe that the Fatwas are nothing other than the aristocratic Muslim’s criminal diary, which ought to be used against them. I also believe that the same Imams that wrote the fatwas also wrote that the men should wear the scarfs to hide their identity as opposed to any religious observance. Violence breeds all kinds of things including rape and I believe that extremely corrupt Muslim aristocrats wrote this in response to the aftermath they caused in their societies by socially engineering their people to hate the state of Israel, Jews and Christians.

  3. Its a good way for young people to buy alcohol as well.

    This protected class will become a bigger problem each day until the head of it is deposed, and all of the mosque attending shills placed in homeland security from the head down as well. We have a lot of muslims making anti American decisions from their new offices of power of zero.

  4. America a heaven on earth will soon be converted into hell by these converts muslims and immigrant from pakistan and islamic nation. ISlam means death to infidel and we will see death and destruction as saudi have trained the mind of converts as they feel no fear and remorse in killing. Shame our leaders in free world are appeasing these killers .

  5. So how come nobody picked up on the fact that muslims are absolutely forbidden to drink alcohol?! THAT’S A DEAD GIVEAWAY!

    It would be just like seeing a woman in a burqa ordering a ham sandwich at a JEWISH deli! (Some Jewish deli’s actually do serve ham.)

  6. Why is everyone assuming the person was actually Muslim? It’s called a DISGUISE. This is how to commit a crime and create hate for other sects all in one easy step. Probably some dude from the local hood..

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  8. A burqa in a liquor store? Shoot her on the spot. Alcohol is not halal so you would be doing her a favor. Be sure to yell “Allahu Akbar” when you do it.

  9. “Police say an alert passerby noticed something strange, copied down the tag number and reported it to authorities.”

    I do hope this “passerby”, who’s probably a Tea Party type, is arrested and jailed for his prejudice. I’m sorry, but people have NO RIGHT to record the license plate number of someone who dresses a bit different. That is a HATE CRIME and hopefully this person will be PROSECUTED.

      • The idea that the Extremist Atheists are conveying is to leave their fellow Christian, Jew and State of Israel hating cohorts alone, because they feel the same way as they do and they want them to feel welcomed in the new America. This is why the person you responded to made one the most ludicrous remarks that have been spoken by mankind since just before the flood. This person is as socially misfit as the average German was that participated in the holocaust.

        • Yes, I agree his/her remark was unbelievably stupid. BTW, I’m glad you wrote ‘extreme’ atheists; I’m certainly not extreme but have been a non believer for over 70 yrs.

          • I started using this term to distinguish between those who simply don’t believe there is a God from those that hate Christians and are actively pursuing marginalizing, outlawing and ultimately seeking to remove Christianity and Christians and Jews from the face of the earth.

    • How do you know how the person was acting, where you there you LIBERAL you probable feel bad for the douce bag in the Boston Boming.

    • Your comment reveals that you are a socially engineered social misfit. Your IDing this person’s actions as a hate crime is part of a crime that the Extremist Atheists in the Democratic Party are committing in the USA, because the propaganda you repeated is designed to protect the anti-Semitic/Christian Muslim terrorists and their supporters that the Extremist Atheists in the Democratic Party are bringing to the USA to build a voter base among and to include their anti-Christian/Semitic presence in their anti-Christian agenda in the USA, knowing that in the countries that they are bringing them here from they are being indoctrinated from the time they are children to hate and want to kill, Jews, Christians and Americans. The Extremists Atheists in the Democratic Party are breaking the law because the law requires the government to intervene in any religion that is inciting to cause harm to American citizens and their property and they in fact are behind causing this to happen in the USA. Their activities are part of the fulfillment of Rev 18:2, which foretold that Babylon the great, which Jesus revealed to me and sent me out to tell His people is the USA, would become a prison for every hateful bird, which includes the socially engineered Extremist Atheists and the Muslims.

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  12. Seriously, if they were Muslims they would NOT be in a liquor store. that was the first what’s wrong with this picture, the second was they ordered a case of beer….any woman in that outfit would have someone to carry it for her….

  13. None of you even know if the man is muslim, Hes simply got on a burqa. What if hes a christian wearing one to hide his identity?

    You people are simply lunatics.

    • None of us even care if he or she is a Muslim…that is the entire point. Why is it that criminals can figure it out but people like you and those tasked with protecting Americans can’t? Talk about lunacy.

    • La la la la la la – I wish I was ‘Anonymous’, Hippo’tomus, Dicotymus….
      La la la la la la – I are a lu-na-tick!
      DUMB ASS!!!
      P.S. To ‘Anonymous’ – Ain’t no bout-a-doubt it! Ya’ll is the muslim!

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