Salafi group building mosques in Philly and Jersey (video)

Three in Philly, at least one in Camden, one in Asbury Park, and others in New Jersey, North Carolina, Baltimore, Maryland and more.

Start listening at 5:15 via The Salafi Marakiz in the United Kingdom & America – YouTube.

Germany has banned three Salafi movements who want to implement sharia law. What Muslim group doesn’t want that?

As Robert Spencer posted recently, Mosques are the battleground of the war between Islam and the West. We haven’t had a chance to watch the video but if you have time check it out.

If you live in one of the affected areas, contact your elected officials.

10 thoughts on “Salafi group building mosques in Philly and Jersey (video)

      • the Salafi site _ goals and mission staementis so careful to put the wored MODERATE TWICE!!! however even a cursory look exposes their lies to justify JIHAD- go to the ZIONIST OPPRESSION page and read– “It is a religion that aims to bring about tranquillity and
        sanctity, alongside the working of beneficial and praiseworthy
        deeds, such as aiding the Muslims and supplicating for them, and
        providing them with wealth and weapons.”

        really the boast of “peace” again linked to arming up- it’s truly wondrous their heads do no explode from the cognitive dissonance- they abide in a doublethink world

        • I SPENT and HOUR and read more than i ever want to know about how they believe. it is GROTESQUELY opposite of how we treat women and they are very clear that they are all about following rules with no other explanation except some prophets said to do so.. so if they said to jump off a cliff… yes they WOULD do it.. there is NO room for tolerance of any other religion choices for other people to have.. only join us or you are our enemy.. i see no reason to try to be tolerant of such a potentially volatile belief system and be worried that we might offend THEM by not allowing them to spread their dimented way of thinking all over our country.. THERE IS a line you do not cross .. letting groups that only believe in strong takeovers and for ALL people to come around to their way of thinking or else… what kind of PEACE does this begin to express or show or teach.. inner peace of a bunch of men who made these rules up drunk one nite while mad at their wives and someone else found the books they wrote in drunken jest and mistakenly interpreted it as written religious law… lol… the rules are only favorable to sick dimented far off the deep end male cheauvanist pigs.. so no wonder the women are treated like they have no ability to think and get no respect as any form of leader in family or society… all the way down to personal choices they make in their beds.. there were questions and answers as to things acceptable by the religions rules.. i swear it said she was NEVER allowed to masturbate with her own hand even with him even if he asks her to due to some inability they had for him to satisfy her.. married for three years.. big problem in their marriage.. and the rule was HE could use his hand to do it before and after intercourse.. but she should not use her own hand.. and the reasoning was what was the difference whos hand but decidedly it should be the mans.. well, A she can feel what she is doing not him.. B.. what does the rule books business have in their bed anyway.. .. again.. all from a cheauvanistic viewpoint.. so would we expect anything different.. lol… this was a serious answer for a couple listing a question about their personal bed activity choices and wanting to know what activities were tolerated or acceptable.. really… lemme guess.. does he have to wipe her butt too or is she allowed to do that.. does he chew her food too.. what a crock of shit.
          This is a sick form of torcherous slavery.. for if rules are not followed then SEVERE punishment is given.. husband to wife.. society to all of em.. really.. they can never after many many generations of this thinking ever understand our freedom idea … freedom to think and speak and be smart and be a leader and get respect even if we are a female.. and never will they understand not having religion mixed into every aspect of their lives all the time.. mandatorily or else.. punishment punishment punishment.. or tolerate others having other beliefs.. not acceptable.. you must convert or you are the enemy.. I think they might be part BORG.. lol.. at least the borg tried to reason out why their thinking asimilating all helped them to learn more and broaden their base of wisdom… these closed minded morons wont allow themselves to learn from others.. they want to erase other beliefs and only their way of believing is acceptable… sick sick sick.. i see no peace plan no matter what.. the end result is same crap no matter how nice you start with it. I LEARNED from an hour of reading their page they are CANCER to our society and should NOT be allowed to “share” their religion on U.S. soil… its worse than a cult.. they have no respect for our values or our safety as anyone different is enemy… not okay… not same as respecting other religions.. this is cult like domination or nothing attitude……..wake up United States… like cock roaches they will continue to infest… if they were not so barbaric in their beliefs and just kept to themselves instead of ONLY believing they must recruit whole planet.. then it would be different. not safe and not okay… where will we be in 5 or 10 years.. even around by then… I wonder.. this evil will turn us into worse than 3rd world country.. along with money crashing into zero value.. we are headed into ruin.

          • Interesting comment, and let me say, the longest single sentence I have ever seen anywhere.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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