Ireland changes 125-year-old law for Muslims

via Change to 125-year-old Victorian law means Muslims can be buried with no coffin in Ireland h/t halalporkshop

After expressed concerns from members of the Muslim community in Ireland, Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan approved a change to the burial regulations established in 1888, which will allow human remains to be buried without a coffin.

On June 1 the reform will override the original rule that no burials are allowed, “unless the body be enclosed in a coffin of wood or some other sufficiently strong material.”

The Irish Times reported that a spokesman for the Department of the Environment explained that, “The change to the rule follows concerns recently expressed by members of the Muslim community regarding their traditional burial rituals,” although the option to go without a coffin will not be exclusive to people of muslim faith.

It is reported that the Environmental Protection Agency, HSE and the City and County Managers Association all approved of the change.

As we warned in 2010:

Sharia and Jihad, Creeping in Ireland

Ireland: Cost of non-Muslim burial plots to increase 33%, Muslim plots $0

Criticizing Islam now a crime in Ireland under sharia-like blasphemy law

5 thoughts on “Ireland changes 125-year-old law for Muslims

  1. Just one more blatant example of why islam should never be recognized as a valid religion, per se. IT IS A SUBVERSIVE SYSTEM OF WORLD DOMINATION AND TERROR!!!!!

    There is no end to the insanity these people will demand in the name of their FALSE god

  2. please tell me you’re taking the piss???? we’ve just changed the LAW of OUR country for MUSLIMS AND THEIR CULT – oh oh sorry i mean “RELIGION” i have read the koran in english – can i suggest everyone do this please (MUSLIMS INCLUDED – as I’m aware most of ye have not!!!) ISLAM promotes murder, pedophiles, rape, war all in the name of GOD – are you serious with that SHIT!!!??? their “MOHOMMAD” married a SIX year old when he was FIFTY FOUR!!!!! this is who they worship???? . . . . . the koran tells them to create jihad in non muslim countries every year to turn everyone muslim and praise “ALLAH ALONE” reallyyyyyy???? hahahahahahaha u haven’t got a HOPE!!!!! if you are not happy with how we live our lives here then please FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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