Attorney: “Every single application of a Muslim nonprofit has flown through the IRS, with less scrutiny”

Including terror-linked CAIR (see links below). via ILLUME reporter, a corporate and tax attorney, Maryam Khan Ansari.

Do Muslim Nonprofits Have it Easier Than Tea Party Groups?

Has the Internal Revenue Service been tacitly cracking down on the Tea Party? Quite possibly, according to CNN, in what’s being called “The IRS Tea-Party Scandal.”

In fact, it may be easier to become a Muslim nonprofit these days than it would be to become a Tea Party affiliated nonprofit.

Having spent most of my legal career working with tax exempt entities, the IRS scrutiny on the Tea Party isn’t news to me. In my days at large law firms, I handled a portfolio of nonprofit Tea Party organizations and saw firsthand how the IRS treated them when it came to granting exemptions.

In many cases, the organizations fight tooth-and-nail to get through IRS scrutiny, often facing pages of questions from the IRS on their activities.

And she said and did nothing. If it were a Muslim group would she remain silent?

On the flip side, I’ve worked with numerous Muslim organizations as well. And every single application of a Muslim nonprofit has gone through the IRS, with less scrutiny. Of course, they still did get scrutiny– after all, Islamophobia is still pretty rampant everywhere and it’s inaccurate to say that they got a free pass. But truth be told, they never got a 10-page questionnaire on each and every one of their grantees.

What does this say about the way that the IRS is handling applications from Muslim nonprofits? For one, in the application phase, Muslim nonprofits seem to have an upper hand over Tea Party groups. Of course, the Muslim groups face their struggles post-determination, when they’re suddenly placed under investigation. And the IRS isn’t the agency that tends to target Muslim nonprofits, even though the Treasury has a list of “scary Muslims” (ever heard of the OFAC list?).  It’s usually  the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security who run Muslim nonprofits to the ground and put their founders in jail. But going back to the IRS Tea Party scandal, the IRS certainly makes it hard for Tea Party groups to make it through the door.

For now, nonprofits should learn from this debacle and be very careful when chosing a name. Their name could lead to their application falling into a “special” pile.

That’s the advice you get from a lawyer who whines about Islamophobia and Treasury/FBI scrutiny of Islamic charities – many shut down or convicted for funding jihadists? If a non-profit has to be very careful in choosing a name then the Constitution is DOA. But the awake know it has been for some time and is only selectively referenced.

The IRS also granted Hamas-linked CAIR tax-exempt status once again despite their foreign-funding and numerous failures to report.

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7 thoughts on “Attorney: “Every single application of a Muslim nonprofit has flown through the IRS, with less scrutiny”

  1. Of Course Islam do have an easier time with the IRS since Obama has been President. Anyone with half a brain can see that the Obama administration favors Muslims over Christians and other religious members like day and night.
    I just hope these this points out that we need to get rid of the IRS and go to a flat tax or national sales tax and stop this storm trooper actions on American citizens.


  3. Exactly. And if you were going to profile/target any types of fraudulent charities for extra scrutiny, it would be far more effective to search for the words “Islam,” “masjid,” “Allah,” “zakat,” and “ummah” rather than conservative, tea party, constitution, and patriot.

    I’ve said many times that the Canada Revenue Agency has been far more aggressive and thorough in evaluating Islamic charities than the IRS has been, and now we’re seeing proof of how and why the IRS has failed.

  4. 1. IRS and USA govt consider ISLAM to be a “religion” – a HUGE mistake in judgement and a distortion of the truth- which is that ISLAM is foremost a POLITICAL ideology and those so called Islamophobia orgs are 100% Political lobbying groups (not religious0).

    The law does mandate that it not be abused by advocacy for candidates and so ALL political orgs should receive the SAME scrutiny- HOWEVER- no ZERO none of the ISlamic or LEFTY groups got the same treatment

    2. We have a prez who LOVES ISlam more than he loves USA- he openly advocated to make it easier for their orgs to collect the ZAKAT money (by definition this goes to JIHAD) which makes USA complicit in waging war on non Muslims

    3. We have a party that LIED CHEATED and covered up their targeting of fellow citizens- decent men like Romney, women like Palin or Bachman were character assassinated- snooped on, spied on, and when nothing damning was found- they just made up crap and repeated. They cheated at the polls too. They fought tooth and nail to prevent voter fraud. They have the media wrapped around their fingers- maybe even extorted them, by not allowing any dissenters into the inner reporter briefings, and possibly by stuff the found in their widespread ILLEGAL snooping

    If NIXON was guilty, Obummer and Co. are that times 100- corrupt, liars, cheats who have a military and govt bureaucracy at their disposal to perpetrate their crimes and a populace unwilling to believe what’s so obvious to any person who can see, hear and smell their fish is rotten from the head on down

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  6. We are beeing destroyed from within by non caring , non patriotic Americans. Wake up and be an American , defend our values of democracy, freedom and equality to all.

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