Florida: Transit authority rejects CAIR’s jihad propaganda campaign

#MyJihad to become #LitigationJihad soon? via Florida Family Association. FFA might welcome that.

Emails opposing CAIR’s campaign made a difference. 

Florida Family Association launched an email campaign on March 27, 2013 that encouraged subscribers to urge transit authority officials to deny CAIR Florida’s advertising campaign to redefine the Islamic word Jihad.  This campaign appeared to be propaganda that was intended to neutralize the meaning of the Islamic word Jihad in the minds of the American public.

CAIR Florida (Council on American Islamic Relations) submitted the advertising copy posted below to the transit authority in Tampa, Florida named HART.  The below advertising was proposed for mass transit buses in Hillsborough County, population 1.3 million.

HART rejected the advertisements earlier this year because their policy prohibits “Advertisements that primarily promote a religious faith or religious organizations.”  Hassan Shibly, Executive Director of CAIR Florida appealed the executive decision to the HART board of directors.  CAIR’s proposed #MyJihad campaign was placed on HART’S April 1, 2013 agenda to be considered at a public hearing.

Thousands of Florida Family Association supporters sent emails to urge the fifteen members on the HART board of directors to reject CAIR’s #MyJihad campaign.

Hassan Shibly conveniently informed HART that he could not attend the April 1, 2013 public hearing date after learning of Florida Family Association’s campaign and the thousands of emails received by HART board members.  HART officials informed Florida Family Association that Shibly planned to resubmit his request for the HART May 6, 2013 public hearing.

However, HART informed Florida Family Association with the following email that CAIR was not on the May 6, 2013 agenda.

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 3:31 PM
Subject: RE: May 6, 2013 HART Regular Board Meeting, PowerPoint file and Request for Agenda

Mr. Caton,

Good afternoon.  At this point, there are no plans to include a presentation from CAIR on the agendas for any of the upcoming HART Board meetings.  The draft agenda for the May 6 HART Board meeting is attached for your information.   The full May 6 HART Board regular meeting packet will be available at www.gohart.org website next week.

Thank you.

The May 6, 2013 HART public hearing is over.  No one from CAIR made any requests or comments on or off the agenda regarding their #MyJihad campaign at the meeting.

Florida Family Association has learned that HART told Hassan Shibly the last week of April that there was no way that they would allow the word Jihad to be used on their mass transit vehicles.  It was also learned that CAIR may try to develop another campaign that does not include the word Jihad.

A special thanks to everyone who sent emails regarding this issue.  Your emails made a difference.

5 thoughts on “Florida: Transit authority rejects CAIR’s jihad propaganda campaign

  1. They won’t quit. They are like the plague that won’t go away. Don’t let the camel near the tent or you will be sorry. Thanks HART. Peace to all non-muslims who know this.

  2. Slowly, slowly, Americans wake up to realize that ‘be-nice-to-muslims, B-N-M, will never work! It is the moslem stock in trade to exercise deceit in their war on the world. So, the next round will be fired somewhere else.

  3. It is public transportation, tax funded dollars. The established lemon law among other supreme court decisions that establish the 1st amendment clause of congress shall make no law to establish religion to mean that government can not promote religion in anyway with taxpayer dollars.

    This reason alone is why the Florida transportation HART has a constitutional right to not allow any of islamic promotion of it’s religion or any others.

    If politicians would emphasize this & educate the population than it would keep the islime from trying to brainwash the public.

    The other action to be taken is to stop all muslimes from immigrating to this country until sharia law is no longer accepted by islam world wide.

    Of course, the billions of islamic minds are brainwashed at a young age to believe in sharia law that it will be indefinite for them to ever change which would mean never again in USA.

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