Jesse Jackson wants amnesty for Muslim terrorists who have killed 10,000 in Nigeria

As we noted in our last post on the deadly jihad in Nigeria, Muslims kill 55 in latest Nigeria attack, the government there thinks amnesty is a solution for Muslims who have killed more than 10,000 since 2001. Their so-called president is even freeing captured Muslim terrorists so they can kill again.

Jesse Jackson thinks rebuilding their mosques is the answer. h/t reader

via Offer of Amnesty for Boko Haram Gets Backing From Jesse Jackson

American civil rights leader and Baptist minister, Rev. Jesse Jackson, has thrown his weight behind the decision of President Goodluck Jonathan to offer amnesty to members of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

Jackson, a two-time United States of American presidential candidate, also said Nigeria “is divided, not so much by religion, region and tribe but by greed.”

Speaking in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State on Friday, Jackson, who was a guest speaker at a lecture organised by the state government as part of activities marking the 2013 edition of Isaac Boro memorial anniversary, said if properly handled, the amnesty programme would tackle insecurity in the country.

For the programme to work, he said all its terms and conditions must be honoured.

According to him, the amnesty must involve economic restitution and rebuilding of mosques and churches destroyed by the terrorists. He described such rehabilitation as a goodwill that would sustain coexistence in the country.

He said the state of emergency declared in three northern states should be as temporary as possible, advising Nigerians to abandon the battlefield and return to negotiation.

He said, “The amnesty must involve economic restitution, jobs and training. Within the United States,when there was civil unrest,there was a kind of state of emergency.

“But I hope the country will soon get back away from the battlefield and get to the negotiation table. In the end, it will be the bargaining table, not the battlefield, that wins victory.You cannot battle forever.

Nigerians know better.

Jackson and most so-called civil race baiters sat silently as black Africans were slaughtered and enslaved by the hundreds of thousands by Arab Muslims in Sudan.

18 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson wants amnesty for Muslim terrorists who have killed 10,000 in Nigeria

  1. Ya know, if the Blacks would only read their “TRUE” history, they’d learn that,Muslims DID NOT “buyt” slaves at auctions after the loser tribe lost a war; or did they “buy” them after they had committed crimes and put up for auction as slaves.

    They invaded the homes to “capture Africans” to turn them into slaves. They neutered the men and kept their women as sex slaves.

    They also don’t want to admit knowing (if they do) that the first slave owners were Africans living here in the U.S.

    Do they know that after the Civil War, Lincoln wanted to ship them all back. Do they know that five Jewish Business Men bought “5” ships to take them BACK to Africa. Do you know how many actually got on the ships to go back to their home country?


    Why isn’t it in our history books that blacks had White Slaves?

  2. This so-called Baptist minister, should resign at once, considering he is for showing amnesty for Muslims, who hate Americans and have murdered so many in Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. for a race baiter like Jesse- who denounced Obama for not being a real American black – a man who did not ever share a history of slavery- is is quite amusing that he defends ISLAM- people who have never put slavery in the past- but continue practicing this cruelty – and continue forcing conversion and circumcision and raping & killing Christians- funny how these American racebaiters use African heritage when convenient and ignore African reality

  4. Jesse Jackson is Bi-Polar. I don’t know if you understand what that means. He is mentally ill. People suffering with a Bi-Polar Disorder HATE taking the meds that will “even them out” so that can be rational long enough to think about “cause vs. effect.” The NEED and Hoard attention. It is like a drug to them…to have people notice them.

    They always have one thing in minds at all time…”attention to me! me! me at any cost to themselves or others.

    • A BIG P.S. to my comment concerning Jesse Jackson. EVEN WHEN they are caught red-handed influencing the people in the wrong direction or anything else for that matter…they deny, deny, deny.


    • no his son Jesse Jackson JUNIOR is the one with bi-polar- Jesse Sr is just mentally disordered in a different way – it’s called racism – he sees nothing else

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