US Naval Academy & the US Muslim Brotherhood Part 2: The Case Of Akbar Ahmed

via The US Naval Academy And the US Muslim Brotherhood Part 2: The Case Of Akbar Ahmed

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch has identified a second professor at the US Naval Academy who is close to the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a part of the US Muslim Brotherhood and where Global Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi reportedly serves as a trustee. The GMBDW reported yesterday that Ermin Sinanovic, who is teaching a course at the academy on “Muslim World Affairs”, would also be teaching at two different venues for IIIT. Dr. Sinanovic was not alone however. In September 2008, US media reported that Dr. Akbar Ahmed would be joining the U.S. Naval Academy to fill a new chair for Middle East Studies and would be teaching courses, advising midshipmen and faculty, and assisting in research projects. According to his CV, Dr. Ahmed served as First Distinguished Chair for Middle East/Islamic Studies at the US Naval Academy from 2008-2009.

Dr. Akar Ahmed is a former Pakistan High Commissioner (Ambassador) to the UK and Ireland and currently the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington DC. He is frequently described as a prominent Islamic moderate who has received numerous awards and accolades. However, Dr. Ahmed also has a long association with the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), established in 1980 by some of the most important figures in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Dr. Ahmed’s association with IIIT appears to have begun with a relationship to Ismail Faruqi who Dr. Ahmed said appointed him to both IIIT and the Islamic Institute of Advanced Studies, previously known as the Graduate School of Islamic & Social Sciences (GSISS), an organization once sanctioned to certify Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military and also associated with the US Muslim Brotherhood. Dr. Ahmed writes:

Later from his base in Temple University, where he headed the Islamic Studies Department, [Dr. Faruqi] embarked on the serious and gigantic task of re-thinking the fundamental concepts of modern social sciences within an Islamic framework. He called it  ’the ‘Islamization of Knowledge’. This was his vision and it became his passion. Towards this end he helped set up the International Institute of Islamic Thought, and, recently, the Islamic Institute of Advanced Studies, both in the USA. (My name was placed on the faculty of the two Institutes thanks to him.)

Read it all via The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch.

For part 1 of this story, go here.

Readers may recall Ahmed from this post Virginia Military Institute to commemorate Muslim invasion of Spain. and the ‘Islamization of Knowledge’ post from March 2013, Goals and Strategy for Islamization of Knowledge and Higher Education in U.S.A. and the World.

As yourselves how these individuals who promote Islamization have infiltrated our most prized military institutions. It’s no accident.

8 thoughts on “US Naval Academy & the US Muslim Brotherhood Part 2: The Case Of Akbar Ahmed

  1. What is an Islamic moderate again? Someone who teaches, preaches, finances jihad but doesn’t actually behead say a soldier in London. Is that it?

  2. Yup, this is how the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is slowly creeping into our country via the back door thanks to the CHIEF MUSLIM IN THE GREY HOUSE!!! They are now into most of our strategic parts of the GOVT SECURTY destroying the AMERICAN SOVERENTY. WARPING THE MINDS OF OUR FUTURE LEADERS which will surely destroy our way of life as we now know it. WAKE UP AMERICA the camel is now in the tent.

  3. We are also recruiting more Muslims into our Military all the time. Check out the Army’s “09 Lima Program” I just want to point out, that there can never, ever be a peaceful, non militant Muslim. If they believe in the Qur’an, they can not be peaceful.

  4. ‘Islamization of Knowledge’.== translation TRUTH into Fictions

    “re-thinking the fundamental concepts of modern social sciences”-

    CHANGE as Obama wanted and promised to his enablers-propaganda to demonize Israel and convince people that ISLAM is benign and that Palestinians deserve a state in exchange for terror and threats

    why in hell would these people be anywhere near any of our military institutions? we are letting the enemies dictate the strategy?

    Oh God how could Americans be so absolutely STUPID? not only to fall for this bamboozling but the vote it twice and now defend it

  5. What does ” Islamization of Knowledge” really means? is Knowedge not knowledge. .I knowledge not the truth, scientifically proven? Can Einsteins relativity islaminized ? Or the landing on the moon and the knowledge we have learned from space is now Islamic knowledge? Is everything that is achieved by western knowledge, now islamized? What a concept!

  6. Even educated persons can be culturally and morally stupid brainwashed and shortsighted. These persons are as dangerous to or democracy and freedom of speech than the unquestioning jihadist that believe in 72 virgins ?

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