EDL leader to Muslims: What are you doing to stop Islamic extremism? (video)

We know the answer.

English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson discusses the brutal Islamic terrorist murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in London.

British Authorities and police have repeatedly harassed and arrested Tommy Robinson while after a Muslim beheads a soldier in the streets they Tell Soldiers Not To Wear Uniforms in Public so not to offend Muslims and fund terrorism by paying benefits to known Muslim hate preachers.

Meanwhile, a day after the beheading in broad daylight, two Muslims threatened to blow up a UK-bound plane.

Passengers were told bad weather had caused the diversion before learning the truth once they had landed safely.



17 thoughts on “EDL leader to Muslims: What are you doing to stop Islamic extremism? (video)

    • don’t think they are in denial, they are well aware but they either have a $$$stake in permitting it or are the true islamophobes

      • It’s so interesting that it’s going on all over the world at the same time though….who has the power to direct something like that?

        And what are the leaders of the countries of the world being promised in exchange for giving up their own countries??

        Who is running a world-wide propaganda machine?

        Who has investigated, followed the money and whatever trails, and found the factual answers to these questions?

        • “EXACTLY!!!” We are aware of the CIA, NWO, Illuminati, Mafia, the “Cartels”, the Vatican, Nazi’s, North Korea (what a joke), and even these “Muslims” (just to name a few), we know these..right! BUT, as you said, “WHO?” is behind ALL of these groups???

          Who has the abilities to coordinate all of these activities, regardless of country, race, creed, etc., AND manipulate the “media’s” of the World, to the point where we are today? “WE”, you and I, are like “outsiders” looking in. Even if we are a “part” of this scenario, the “scenario” just simply doesn’t “look” (damn it, what’s the word to use…rational? reasonable?…I don’t know)… RIGHT?

          Yeah…I understand your question. I really don’t have a clue!

          btw…I don’t think “money and/or power” as anything to do with this…”this time!”

          DAMN IT! With that said, “Have you noticed how all aspects of both the public and governments are ALL passive!” Even these “Radical Muslims”, yeah, they’re making “noise”…but that’s it! Perhaps, it’s just a “wait and see” situation for everyone…NOT!

          “Trouble” like that comes to my neighborhood…bring out the “body bags!”

          This is happening with “money” as well. Our entire world is running on an ancient “money and power” system that has “outgrown” the system! “WE” cannot continue with “things” as we have…it simply won’t work!

          “My BAD! (Okay…I DO have a “clue”) “IT” (the “World” system)…isn’t working!!!

          • I will always blame the media; they alone have the means to wake the people up, but for some reason they won’t. Cowardice?

            IF the people were woken up and marched in millions on their parliaments this could quickly be turned around.

            Unfortunately, only the elderly remember their countries as they were; since this nonsense mostly began about 30-40 yrs ago, the youth of today regard what is happening in the western world as the norm—they don’t know any different. They accept it.

  1. it’s a failure of the immigration programme. Western nation are getting the scum the home nations don’t want

  2. What a ridiculous statement, to appease the jihadist maybe the Queen should start wearing a jihab. Solution deport them to their country of origin. It is constantly mentioned that the brave soldier was beheaded, but this is not mentioned in our news media, WHY? re we afraid of mentioning such an inhuman cruelty? We should fight fire with fire, sharia jihad laws with sharia jihad laws, and send them to heaven and to the 72 virgins that are anxiously waiting for them. Uniform of our countries represent all of us,and should be worn with pride and respect. The moron idiot that suggested that soldiered should not wear uniforms, have him beheaded, with a guiletone we may still have one in a museum of cruelty. Westerners, let us be proud of our heritage, democracy and free speech, and do not tolerate this type of behavior that fits into the barbaric times. We opened our countries borders out of compassion, either they adjust and integrate, or they go home to their ancestral countries. This is not Auschwitz where innocent people were led to have bath and than gased to death. We cannot stand by and watch and be afraid to leave our home. Demand change from our government , but in a peaceful way, and show the bastards some example of humanitarian democratic behavior. Long live the Queen and God have mercy with all of us.

  3. Tommy is right. If Europe and the United States as well don’t start standing up to defend our freedoms and continue to try to appease the Muslims then that will be the end of our countries. If the Muslims want to bring their 7th century way of life to our countries then they should be thrown out. Unfortunately, the governments as well as the police are afraid of the Muslims. This fear is going to allow Islam to take over in every Westernized country. Wake up before it is too late. Stop allowing all these terrorists to enter our countries. Throw out all the violent and corrupt ones already.

  4. WHO IS BEHIND THIS OPERATION???? Look closely at the following WORLD TRAITORS: 1. THE BUILDERBERGERS, 2. THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, 3 THE TRILATERAL COMMISION, 4. THE CLUB OF ROME ETC, the money boys of the world. Along with leaders of the govt.’s sympthizers like OBUMMMER AND FRIENDS. VOTE THESE JACKASS’S out of existance and just maybe there might be peace in the world again. This is just for openers.

  5. As long as Mosques have the freedom of being the international communication divisions of all Imams, they will continue to time and plan their assaults worldwide. No one seems to have the guts/smarts to infiltrate these buildings and bring these terrorists down. I don’t necessarily believe any Western organization is behind this because there is nothing to be gained by being an infidel and helping these barbaric pigs. No. It’s coming from within the Arab countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, who have the big money and power over there.

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  7. Creeping Sharia,
    Trying to watch these videos, I get the message “This video does not exist”, I hope it is not because of you being told not to make it available!

    • This is very typical of Google/Youtube.

      Muslims and those who aid/abet them get videos exposing the truth about Islam removed.

      Keep in mind Tommy Robinson flipped & joined a Muslim group after quitting EDL…


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