Michigan: Muslims halal legal jihad against McDonald’s results in…removal of all halal food

Biting the hand that feeds them halal (see links below).  via The Arab American News – Local McDonald’s stops serving halal meat.

DEARBORN — Just one month after the McDonald’s Corporation and the Finley Management Company settled a non-halal class action lawsuit for $700,000, the owners of the Dearborn McDonald’s, located at 13158 Ford Road, have decided to no longer include halal items on their menu.

The Ford Road McDonald’s isn’t the only location to pull halal items from its menu. The McDonald’s, located at 14860 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, has also stopped serving halal items, even though that location was not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit that was filed by the Dearborn law firm, Jaafar & Mahdi Law Group, P.C.

Both locations had served halal McChicken® and halal McNuggets® to their Muslim customers since 2005. Over the years, some confusion has existed over what items were halal, and whether, or not customers had to request the halal meat. In addition, multiple reports have surfaced of several employees, at both locations, who didn’t seem properly trained in the handling of halal meat.

On September 2, 2011, Ahmed Ahmed, a Dearborn Heights resident, purchased a McChicken® sandwich from the Ford Road McDonald’s and discovered that the sandwich was not halal. Ahmed and his attorneys have not disclosed how this discovery was made. In the lawsuit, he alleged that, on numerous occasions, the Ford Road location had sold non-halal McChicken® and McNuggets®, while presenting the items as halal to their customers.

The Ford Road McDonald’s would not comment on why they have pulled their halal items. However, the Michigan Avenue McDonald’s did tell The Arab American News that they were “just trying to simplify the menu.”

Muslim customers can still take advantage of the Dearborn locations with a special “buy one, get one free” offer on their Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. According to managers at both locations, there is no limit on the amount of fish that you can purchase with any order. They will match a free sandwich for each one purchased. This offer is only available for a limited time.

Was this a special perk for Muslims in lieu of halal food? Let’s hope not.

The Arab American News was able to contact McDonald’s Corp. for a statement about the two Dearborn locations pulling their halal products.

“McDonald’s is a system comprised of independent small business owners, who look to connect with and serve their local communities.There were two restaurants in Dearborn Michigan that served two Halal menu items for the past several years, and those items have now been discontinued, as a result of our continued efforts to focus on our national core menu. Our franchisees continue to be proud supporters of the Dearborn community,” McDonald’s Corp. told The Arab American News.

All non-Muslim eateries should follow suit and simplify their menus as well. The risk of frivolous, multi-million dollar lawsuits for trying to accommodate sharia law isn’t worth it and supporting sharia law is simply bad policy. Period. Corporate America should follow suit.

Well played McDonalds.

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46 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslims halal legal jihad against McDonald’s results in…removal of all halal food

    • true!! maybe a few more law suits against big corporations may cure the kuffar retail world of Islamery The definition of ISLAMERY is the disease known as CATERING to muslims, making SPECIAL CONCESSIONS to muslims, TREATING muslims PREFERENTIALLY from the rest of society! In South Africa those sort of actions were called APARTHEID..

  1. What the Heck is Halal??? and who cares? When in America…You are an American…same as in Rome…remember the old saying? GET OVER IT! Take a pill or something.

    • Go to You Tube and search Halal slaughter house and then ask yourself WHY PETA sues over a cow being pushed by a forklift. The way animals are slaughtered by Halal requirements is the cruelest thing I have ever seen. Then remember that a certain amount of entrails must touch the meat, EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!

      • Now that’s weird, I looked up halal and it is described as the most humane way of killing the cows so that no stress hormones and bad polyamides infect the meat. seems to be the opposite to what you found…Hmmm. Any way it is strange that this definition would show that they cared more about the meat than with human life. But then again sharia does not allow them to consciously human anyway.


            If ever there was a video documentation about islam which everybody, but everybody needs to see–IT IS THIS ONE!!!!!



      • It’s my understanding/ interpretation of “halal slaughter” that the reason it is SO INHUMANE is because it is so god-awful STUPID!!!! What I mean by that is that muslims still use 7th century butchery with knives and ropes, etc. Their brains are totally stuck back in mo’s way of doing things 1400 yrs ago. But of course, why not, mo was the “model” for EVERY MAN!!! Makes you wonder about a lot of other things like–mo didn’t have TOILET PAPER EITHER! Do they refuse to use that too?????

        Remember, if you’re muslim you’d better see to it that you emulate your “p” man to the Tee!!! GET RID OF THAT TOILET PAPER NOW!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

  2. “All non-Muslim eateries should follow suit and simplify their menus as well. The risk of frivolous, multi-million dollar lawsuits for trying to accommodate sharia law isn’t worth it and supporting sharia law is simply bad policy. Period. Corporate America should follow suit.

    Well played McDonalds.”

    Nothing more needs to be said.

  3. I hate when I eat something that’s halal I feel bad for the tortutre the animal goes through unfortunately some big brands are like Cadbury which are halal, it’s kind on discrimination to people who do not believe in it yet companies feel its ok for non Muslim to consume it??

    • Let us boycot Cadbury foods and all they is halal! Thank you for telling me about this. If younare cruel to animals you are cruel to all living beeings, see the beheadings of humans just because the are Christians.

    • I’m replying to your message because unlike the other filthy hatedul racists on here you genuinely seem worried for halal slaughtered animals. So for your information although halal may look painful it is in fact completely pain free. The cut must be done directly on the jugular vein of the animal which means the moment the vein is cut the animals pain sensors are shut off. Unlike stunning or electrecution it is 100% effective. So don’t feel bad when you eat halal, rather feel good that the animal was slaughtered in the least painful way possible.

      • You’re a liar, just like every other musim on the planet. Halal is the most barbaric form of slaughter and the most cruel. Christians and Jews are banned from eating halal because it is cursed in the name of Satan, calling himself allah.

      • Ali K, you are the only racist here. Try to comprehend this: we hate ISLAM because of what it imposes on people’s minds, which they – given the opportunity – invariably seek to impose on others. If anyone here hates individual Muslims it’s only because of what the perverse teaching and culture of Islam turns them into, not because of who they are or where they’re from.

        You, on the other hand, hate Jews simply BECAUSE they are Jews – and that goes whether you are a Muslim, a Socialist or both. That makes you the racist here. Mohammed hated Jews…leftists hate Jews…and so you do.

        So stop projecting YOUR wicked racism onto others who do NOT share it. It’s an old routine, long past boring and most people quit falling for it around 2004. Get some new material…threaten to off all our heads when the caliphate finally comes to power. At least then we’ll know you’re being honest.

        • As to humanely slaughtering animals, the pneumatic stun-bolt to the head is more efficient, quicker and less painful for the animal than halal. That’s just a fact.

          You may go.

          • Quicker, more efficient, BUT not 100 effective. So alot of animals suffer, if you really cared about the animal welfare you would take the time to cut each animal on its jugular halal or not.

          • THIS COMMENT IS TO ‘Anonymous’ (Below) –
            Ahemmm!!! I notice that you did not check off the ‘Reply’ button! Could that be because you–Ahemmm–think you already KNOW IT ALL????? AHEMMMM!!!!

            There’s one thing about you muzzies that is extremely consistent–NOBODY CAN TELL YOU ANYTHING!!!!! Hey, but then your mohamhead was next to your allahgod!!!! Who knew?????

            Just as a fleeting observation–I can’t help notice that whenever you mention the name of your bullsh!t proph, you inevitably follow up with the tag “PBUH” (“peace be upon him”)! Hmmmm! HOW COME (JUST SAYIN’) YOUR allahgod DOESN’T DESERVE THAT KIND OF RECOGNITION AND RESPECT??????? Hmmmmm!!!!!

            Damn! Maybe this dhimmi infidel just taught you somethin’!!!! JUS’ SAYIN’!!!!

          • To ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Ali K’ – YOU MUSLIMS ARE THE SCOURGE OF THIS EARTH–AND YOUR allahgod IS NONE OTHER THAN satan himself!!!!!

            Just as a fleeting thought–DO YOU EVER HAVE THOUGHTS OF “LOVE” OR “SWEETNESS” OR “PASSION” OR “TENDERNESS”?????

            I mean, exactly how do you think all of your acts of murder and bloodshed can be justified in the mind of “an all-merciful God”?????

      • You are an idiot, anything you say is absolute unscientific and stupid! Check or better ask an anatomist or your Weston trained nonmuslim physician what those words mean that you use. There is no such thing as no pain with slaughtering. I would like to try it on you, and than resuscitate you , than you tell me it did not hurt. Your dogma cuts off heads, stone people to death, cut of limbs, kill family members usually females as honor killing. They never felt pain, neither did the killers. You have no souls, empathy and value cruelty, death above life that God gave us to show that we deserve eternal life in his kingdom. Where is your eternal life end?

        • These people derive all of their “wisdom” from the “wise-ass” OOPS “wise man” himself! Don’t you know that he knew more than God???? Don’t you know that mo-ham-head speaks for God (even when God doesn’t know how to speak for Himself)!


          When he says, It doesn’t hurt when you chop off somebody’s head, WELL……IT MUST BE TRUE ‘CAUSE MO-HAM-HEAD COULD NEVER TELL A LIE!!!!!

      • what .do you think where racists its your religion that pretchers hate and racism, why are your mates muslims stealing land in iraq it doesnt belong to them isis what about them beheading every poor cunt what so they can take there houses, you imbosile how the fuck do you reckon that animal doesnt feel pain wen you cut the jugular vein thats bull shit mate the brain is still conected and it feels everything it will live and feel pain up to the point its hart cant pump blood to the brain anymore that would take minutes up to 5 and will strain hurt make it very thirsty, i know i all most blead to death when i cut my inner groin area in bike accident, handlbar went into groin ripped open my main artery lost 3 pints of blood it was bad so stop talkin shit last guy got it right old technology is shit out dated set by idiots hallal is shit muslims are two faced cunts out to ripp everyone off

  4. “On September 2, 2011, Ahmed (Vomit) Ahmed, a Dearborn(istan) Heights resident, purchased a McChicken® sandwich from the Ford Road McDonald’s and discovered that the sandwich was not halal.”

    “Ahmed (Vomit) and his attorneys have not disclosed how this discovery was made.” OF COURSE NOT, AND THIS CASE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN A FLEETING GLANCE BY ANY JUDGE THAT CALLS HIMSELF AN AMERICAN.

    What a crock!!!!! Hey Hamhead Ahmed, there’s a special place in Halal reserved for prevaricators like you and your attorney!!!!! When you get there I hope you remember what I said–FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!

    Trouble is, there’s nowhere down there to spend your bundle!!!!!

    Oh and ahhh….good luck with your 72 viragoes, (i.e., violent, bad-tempered, scolding women.)

    • Haven’t you heard? The 72 virgins are MALE! Still, they say women are ‘dirty’ so it’s probably better this way!

      • To ‘Peter35’ – Yeah! MALE SHMALE TALE SCHLAMEEL–it’s all the same when it comes to demented minds!

        Actually, I’ve heard (from a very astutely informed source) that the “72” is only a minor drop in the bucket!!!! In actuality the debotchery is virtually endless and includes lots of young suckling ‘innocent’ ravishing BOYS too!!!!! OMG! WHO KNEW???

    • To ‘CS’ – My comments (above) to ‘Anonymous’ appear to have been blocked from receiving ongoing ‘Reply’ comments. IS THERE SOME PROBLEM????

  5. Hey, I have any idea. Why doesn’t some wealthy Muslim entrepreneur start his/her own chain of halal hamburger joints?

    What am I thinking? That would take too much effort, and would defeat the purpose of imposing creeping Sharia on the dhimmis.

    • Are you kidding? Work?Why? Americans are dum , but charitable and they are helpful, and also there is plenty of money for the poor immigrants that hate us , use us and if the chance comes will kill us by any means —- so be it. Their God is the greatest and approves of killing non Muslim believers. Comparison , our God is all love, forgiving and for life. Killings and cruelty is crime, and punishable by law in our western society. What are we waiting for?

  6. Nothing difficult about fixing halel. Just season with pig blood or pig crap. If it isn’t available just pee on the food.

  7. Why don’t we just kick the damn Muslim scum out of our country? We don’t need any of these scumbags here. Time for us ti clean house!!

  8. Islam is NOT a religion. It is war propaganda disguised as a religion. Muhammud was and epileptic, hash abusing, pedophile who hallucinated what they call Islam. A nuke on Mecca and Medina would cause the false religion to fall apart in a less than a decade!

    “Worship our Merciful God of Peace and Love………or we’ll cut off your head!”

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