Missouri: Dem governor sides with Hamas-linked CAIR, vetoes bill banning sharia law


Missouri’s sharia supporting governor

via Nixon vetoes Sharia law measure – KansasCity.com.

UPDATE: Nixon has vetoed the bill.

The bill “is misguided, unnecessary and needlessly undermines certainty in important areas of the law,” his veto message says. “Missourians expect and deserve a judicial system that is both fair and predictable.”

Gov. Jay Nixon’s office has announced a news conference in St. Louis to “take action” on SB 267, a bill commonly referred to as the Sharia law bill.

In general, the measure prohibits use of foreign laws in Missouri courts.

And the largest Muslim group in the U.S. that is actively fighting for sharia law in the United States CAIR Applauds Missouri Gov’s Veto of Anti-Islam Bill.


No doubt Nixon and terror-linked CAIR worked closely on this effort and CAIR knew it would be vetoed before the vote or was the first notified.  Hence the tailored and timely press release before any news media including a copy of Nixon’s comments.

In a statement today announcing the veto, Gov. Nixon said:

“This legislation seeks to solve a problem that does not exist, while creating the very real problem of jeopardizing Missouri’s families’ ability to adopt children from foreign countries. Here in Missouri, we believe in strengthening families and encouraging adoption. By placing additional barriers between couples who want to adopt and children who need loving homes, Senate Bill 267 is quite simply out of step with these basic values.”

Read the Governor’s Full Statement:

A problem exists. See the recent image below of the CAIR leader Faizan Syed giving Governor Jay Nixon a Koran. Faizan Syed is the Director of CAIR Missouri who wants to prosecute Americans who insult Islam…using sharia law!

Contact Nixon and send him these reports on the FBI-banned and DOJ listed terror-finance conspirator CAIR:


Non-Missouri residents may email: media@mo.gov

19 thoughts on “Missouri: Dem governor sides with Hamas-linked CAIR, vetoes bill banning sharia law

  1. and nixon showed he is a traitor to the constitution and breaking his oath from defending the constition he needs to be impeached. the reason for the law is to keep shiara law from taking place in missouri. Its to stop a problem before it becomes a problem. nixon has put missourians in danger of reprisals from muslims.


    • Come on you folks in the “Show Me” State, Show the other States that there is only One Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution. Put this so-called Governor out of office along with any of his co-horts that wish to destroy this Federal Republic.

  2. Why in the hell do we need to even discuss this mess. We have our own set of screwed up laws with out worrying about another set. The set of their laws they want are wacko. their whole group of people need to go back to camel land and live if they want that, where do they get off coming here to our country and wanting to change it to their country. The only good islamist is one walking around like a chicken with it head cut off. Their religion is nothing short of writings of a mad man with a bath towel wrapped to tight around his head. Now they want to be able to sue for being made fun of, what a joke look what they do to Christians in their country they cut off the heads of practicing Christians we should do the same here to them here our government would call it a hate crime, over their our government condones it calling it a freedom of expression. Most of our top officials in obamas cabinet are islam extremist. Are they hold the same views. We need to kick them out before we see here what they have been doing to all of Europe, nothing and I mean nothing have they done to benefit any country other than to bleed them dry. They only cause death and destruction where ever they go. But according to Obama we own them so much. The only thing we own them is a fast trip to Allah land. Our DOJ is a farce and a big joke plus now the IRS, Obamacare is falling apart and costing us 4 times what it was suppose to. EPA is a mess waiting to happen. The DHS is a terrorist group in waiting for order’s to go and strike fear into the American people like IRS has done yet our government says trust us we are here to serve. Well the only thing they want to serve is our heads if your a Christian, are a patriot, are a NRA, are pro life, are conservative, Right wing, you have to live in fear from them targeting you, we all have targets on our backs, They have the NDAA law that two worthless senators made up one was and I say that was loosely a war hero, now he has turned a friend of the Administration and against his own people.

  3. If you all are not aware.JEREMIAH NIXON is his real name.The same as the prophet (circa 627-587 bc) His angry laments of the wickedness of his people.His habitual prophesies of doom,and denounced contemporary socety. sound like a Islamist of today

  4. You sir are a spineless coward. You have not one patriotic thread in your being and should suffer the same fate as every freedom hating POS in this country…Do us all a favor and move to Yemen…..

  5. This is exactly the reason that Michelle Bachman and Newt Gingrich were kicked to the curb for Romney who promised a “Charter School for Islamists using Tax Payer $$.”

  6. The Missouri Governor should be recalled from office. Perhaps offered a one-way ticket to where Sharia law is observed since he seems to believe in its value.

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