Raw Video: Muslim-DOJ-FBI event on suppressing 1st Amendment

Raw video on the event DOJ/FBI tandemn working with Muslims to silence Americans




via Bill Hobbs on YouTube.

I videotaped the event from a spot along the wall about halfway back in the room, so the audio is likely to accentuate the crowd noise. The video focuses on the speakers and doesn’t show most of the crowd, but I can tell you that most of the crowd was not being rude and heckling the speakers. Unfortunately, because of the location and limitations of my small video camera, the audio likely accentuates the crowd noise.

Below are links to some media reports on the event. YouTube doesn’t allow posting long comments so I don’t have space here to post my own thoughts – so I have posted my report and commentary on the Manchester event on my Facebook page.

More pics at A4a Houston.


the DOJ and FBI have not scheduled meetings addressing the concerns of any other group but Muslims. Twelve such outreach sessions are planned for Tennessee alone.

The hypocritical Hamas-linked CAIR who urges Muslims not to work with the FBI cheered the FBI’s stance on silencing Americans who oppose Islam and sharia.

24 thoughts on “Raw Video: Muslim-DOJ-FBI event on suppressing 1st Amendment

  1. It seems to me Bill Killian (U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee) is conflating two separate issues. “Someone who makes threats of violence” – someone who incites to murderous violence – that is not protected speech, according to Killian. But that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about criminalizing criticism of a religion and / or its founder. Criticism of religion, whether it be Christianity, Islam or Judaism, is protected speech.

  2. Pamela Geller has every right to speak about whatever she wants. How dare they take that right away from the American people. People died for this right. The Muslims are living in free America. If we live in Egypt, Libya, Afghanastan, Iraq, Gaza and Iran to mention a few then we will worry about what we say for fear of death. I don’t want to live in a country like the Muslims came from. Why did they leave their homelands if they don’t want to live in a country where there is freedom???????

  3. Pamela geller has more common sense and truth in her little toe than the whole damn muslim bunch. if the muzzies refuse to assimilate then deport them to where they have NO freedom of any kind.

  4. I have a question I ask my American Muslim neighbors who say they love America. “Do you love America’s Judeo-Christian tradition? More importantly, what do you think of Israel and Israel’s Jews? Does Israel have a right to exist as a Jewish state, as an equal with her Muslim neighbors in the region?”

    • Not equal. By any standards Jews are the most successful people in the world. How would you rate Israel’s neighbours?

      The late, great, Winston certainly got it right about Islamic countries; the most backward, indolent, slovenly, barbaric people on earth, who still have slaves by the way—-women.

  5. This video (although it candidly portrays the slithering slimeballs for who and what they really are–ANARCHIST PREVARICATORS AND DEVIOUS ENEMIES OF OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE)–is much too long to merit my undivided attention! There is no way these muslims can be trusted–NOT FOR ONE MINISCULE SECOND!!!!! They all talk out of both sides of their mouths!!!!!

    If you are a PRACTICING muslim then you are by CHOICE a follower of a miscreant, blood-thirsty, demented, hate-mongering, pedophilic sociopath!!!!! Your leader lived his life to murder, rape, steal and enslave more innocent people than ANY OTHER “RELIGIOUS” leader who ever existed!!!! AND HE IS STILL DOING IT THROUGH THE LIKES OF YOU!!!!!!! AND YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?????

    • I’d like to emphatically further say that if by any stretch of the imagination, there were ANY MISGUIDED BRANCHES OF THE ‘JEHOVAH WITNESS’ CULT, who preached violence and murder against all other religions, WE WOULD BAN THE PRACTICE AND SPREAD OF IT’S TEACHINGS BY LAW–AT THE DROP OF A HAT!!!!!

  6. I think there is something worth commenting on in this video presented to the audience – American Muslims in America. Approximately 30 minutes into the video Pastor Stephen Caine, Presbyterian Church USA, Shelbyville, Tennessee, invoked Moses in the sense of “embracing the stranger…though our Gods might be different.” The book of Leviticus commands: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” I hear this often about the Palestinian Muslims living in Israel. Israelis are urged to love the stranger; the alien, etc. Are Palestinians who are dedicated to Israel’s destruction (many are) strangers in Israel? Are they neighbors? How do we distinguish a stranger and a neighbor from an enemy? Are Hamas supporters or Muslim Brotherhood activists my neighbor?

    I also note, according to Wikipedia: In June 2004, the General Assembly of PC (USA) met in Richmond, Virginia and adopted by a vote of 431-62 a resolution that called on the church’s committee on Mission Responsibility through Investment (MRTI) “to initiate a process of phased, selective divestment in multinational corporations operating in Israel.”

    Are Israel’s Jews Pastor Stephen Caine’s neighbors that he can embrace or are they Pastor Caine’s enemies?

    • It is not new to me that the Arab countries surrounding Israel: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and all the other (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia and many more) want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. The Jews who lived in those countries were all thrown out amost 1,000,000. Nobody cared about giving them any compensation. The governments of those countries forced the Jews to turn overtheir money, land and everything over to the government before being thron out. Hamas controls Gaza and all the billions they receive in aid goes to weapons in their attempt to destroy Israel. I heard Louis Farakan speak on Youtube and was disgusted that a man could be so filled with hate towards white people and Jews. He calls himself a Muslim and he is a racist evil man.

  7. What Mr. Killian, DOJ, FBI, Dems, Liberals, Progressives, etc., fail to understand is the utter hypocrisy of the Muslim/U.S. situation. These Muslims CAME TO THE U.S. OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL, and now that they are here, THEY WANT TO TAKE FREE WILL AWAY FROM U.S. CITIZENS!
    It is infuriating just how WILLFULLY BLIND these people are! I called Mr. Killian’s office last week, and actually got him on the phone, and I calmly said that “here in the United States we have the First Amendment….,” and before I could finish my sentence he hung up on me!

  8. If there was ever a time to being shutting down treasonous , infiltrated
    divisions of big govt , the time is now. FBI, IRS, DHS, EPS, FDA. DEA,
    CIA all need to be shut down entirely. Purge and clean house of all these filthy Anti American treasonous criminal thugs.

    And by doing so it would reconcile a great deal of the National Debt.
    Nests of 4 Reich Nazi’s ,. every single one of them.

  9. Bla bla bla bla bla. All worthless words. The caliphate instructs people to lie in order to gain trust. Anything these Muslims say is to be taken for what it is. This is not a view which discriminates, but the very words of Islamists. If Muslims want to be trusted they will have to get involved and speak out against groups like CAIR. I don’t hear any condemnation coming from these speakers. Also, they refused to take questions from the audience. If they really wanted a discourse they needed to hear the concerns of those they lectured to. It was a one way conversation. Yes, the audience was interruptive, but the speakers talked through them. No time was taken up, so the excuse that they put forth for taking two questions was bogus. Terror cells remain undetected for years, radicalization of citizens is common place now, so the argument of being born here or arriving here twenty years ago and therefore proves they love America is a worthless argument. I also noticed the last woman referring to Jewish weddings as an example of separate customs. I would ask her, are Jewish men allowed to kill their wives, beat them or have multiple wives? Do Jewish men marry 5 year olds? How dare she compare Jewish values to Muslim values! This meeting was just another example of taking the Koran’s words and picking out the passages that best suits their agenda . If you feel sorry for these people they’ve accomplished their goal.

  10. Ok, people are pissed! So? Not a damn person or group are willing to try to stop the taking over of OUR COUNTRY by a well moneyed, gov. Backed , bunch of ragheads! Why even post this? Oh, right, gives the keyboard Rambos some ego building! This is not going to stop until the flag of Islam flies over our capitol! Head raghead has said so. And they know all AMERICANS haven’t got the balls to stop them. As always, “I live my life. That when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The devil and Muslims say, “OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

  11. America wake uo, use peaceful demonstration only against this barbarism that is forced on us and that our government seem to support, FREE SPEECH IS OUR RIGHT! Why are there 6Muslim security advisers in the White House? Why did we give 1.3 billions to the Muslim brotherhood in Syria per Kerry, and who authorized it? These is our money we worked and paid taxes! YOU WANT A KALIPHATE AND BE CALLED AMERICASTAN. NO, NO NO, we won’t allow it, and no Mulim can be a good Amerucan citizen. He or she always be true to the dogma of the .koran! For Islam you can kill, cheat , lie and even denounce it, if it serves Islam, Let us deport them all with their friends and families from where they came from.AND, NO MORE AID TO ANY TERRORISTIC COUNTRIES, MILITARY OR OTHERWISE. All Americans ley us work together to save our country from this creeping barbarism, atruevpestilece world wide.

  12. Simply loving one’s neighbor doesn’t mean we must allow our “neighbors” to kill us. We simply must never harbor hate in our heart toward anyone, not even those who hate us, and that includes the Muslims. Hate pollutes the soul. The Islamic doctrine requires Muslims to hate anyone who is not a Muslim. But, they practice deception (Taquiya), assuming any attitude that advances Islam.

    • So……A Christian cannot harbor ANY hatred in his heart WHATSOEVER????? WRONG!!!!!

      Those who hate God must ABSOLUTELY be our enemies!!!!! There’s no compromise WHATSOEVER with the “UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS”! Jesus called the scribes and the pharisees “HYPOCRITS” and “WHITE-WASHED GRAVES (SEPULCHRES), FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES”! IS THAT SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN LOVE???? Do you honestly believe that Jesus was speaking “TENDERLY” when he said that to the scribes and pharisees????? AHEMMM!!!!! NO, He berated them because of their vile religious PRIDE AND ARROGANCE! They thought they knew more than God!!! And that’s exactly what is wrong with the muslims who think that way as well!!!! WE ARE NEVER COMMANDED TO LOVE EVIL, NOR EVIL DOERS–that’s an oximoron of the highest order!!!!! If we “LOVE” the sinner, we must tell them the truth–THEY’RE LOST WITHOUT JESUS!!!!!

      To ‘Paula’ –

      You’re CONFUSED, MY DEAR! You are trying to “love the sinner but hate the sin”–BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT “LOVING THE SINNER”! This is about “CASTING OUT THE BOND-WOMAN” (EXAMPLE–HAGAR, IN THE OLD TESTAMENT) because Christ can never share his Kingdom, Power and Glory with satan’s imposter! islam is ANTICHRIST!!!!!




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