Kerry Secretly Sends Muslim Brotherhood-Controlled Egypt $1.3 Billion Military Aid

The move was never released to the public (like the 1,000 Marines sent to Jordan and anti-missile batteries and fighter jets to Jordan at the kingdom’s request this week) and possibly not even to an inept Congress. The corruption continues at a record pace.Kerry-Morsi-620x402

via Kerry Quietly Skirts Law Put in Place by Congress, Sends Muslim Brotherhood-Controlled Egypt $1.3 Billion Gift | h/t Daniel Greenfield

Secretary of State John Kerry last month secretly sent $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid to Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt, waiving the restrictions put in place by Congress to withhold such aid unless the country could meet certain democracy standards.

“Under U.S. law, for the $1.3 billion to flow the secretary of state must certify that the Egyptian government ‘is supporting the transition to civilian government, including holding free and fair elections, implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association and religion, and due process of law’,” Reuters reports.

Kerry’s quiet decision came before an Egyptian court this week sentenced 43 democracy workers, including 16 Americans, to up to five years in jail for working in NGOs not registered with the government. Critics of the restrictive government see the action as a crackdown on pro-democracy, non-governmental organizations.

In a May 9 memo, Kerry said that “we are not satisfied with the extent of Egypt’s progress and are pressing for a more inclusive democratic process and strengthening of key democratic institutions.” Yet the new secretary of state still decided to push the aid through.

Reuters was able to obtain a copy of the State Department’s notification of Kerry’s sneaky move, which was never released to the public.

“A strong U.S. security partnership with Egypt, underpinned by FMF (Foreign Military Financing), maintains a channel to Egyptian military leadership, who are key opinion makers in the country,” Kerry wrote in the memo.

“A decision to waive restrictions on FMF to Egypt is necessary to uphold these interests as we encourage Egypt to continue its transition to democracy,” he continued.

The unpopular memo was reportedly sent to congressional appropriations committees while some aides didn’t even know about its existence.

The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin has more details:

The law that allows the State Department to give Egypt $1.3 billion each year in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) specifies that to get the money, the secretary of State must certify that Egypt is honoring its peace treaty with Israel as well as “supporting the transition to civilian government including holding free and fair elections; implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association, and religion, and due process of law.”

Several members of Congress said this week that Egypt’s sentencing of American NGO workers, who were there to help Egypt build up its civil society and to promote democracy, flew in the face of that very law, meaning that Egypt should not get the money.

Donating taxpayer money to any nation, particularly ones that hate us flies in the face of politicians oath to protect and defend Americans and the Constitution. Not the people of any other country.

World War III is pending, funded with your stolen tax dollars.

11 thoughts on “Kerry Secretly Sends Muslim Brotherhood-Controlled Egypt $1.3 Billion Military Aid

  1. Recently the news was Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation.

    Read more:

    How 2 faced he is. This is a bad joke. The muslim brotherhood has already proved itself as not being civilized.

    No mention in the agreement that the muslim brotherhood will not have a theocratic state or have a bill of rights as stated in the US constitution.


  3. I almost fainted, and we had no say where our tax dollars spent on?Let us sign petitions, any foreign aid humanistic,military can never happen without the knowledge of those whose money is spent. Kerry cannot make that type of agreement without his higher ups! He is a puppet,
    Why we are not inviting the Moslem Brotherhood to Washington and let them run our foreign policy, bypassing the middleman. Shame, our students loan is up, our poor are starving our infrastructure is crumbling, our manufacturing is almost nonexistent, what next? I know, you know , more immigration from terroristic countries and sharia law will replace our justice department? Basta! Ask for resignation of our failed government, and vote in Americans, who take an oath on the bible only.

  4. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, and all with the connivance of the president! This borders on treason.
    Time for honesty, of transparency, but doubt they will come. Change is in the wind and it will be a cleansing one. Only alternative, let the US people know and speak with their votes. It will be a real house cleaning.

  5. Pingback: Obama And Kerry Are Fools With OUR Tax Dollars

    • Surely you mean the ‘enemy is in the White House?’

      The ‘enemy of my enemy’—wouldn’t that be my friend? I do hope obama is not your friend!

        • Not too complicated for me –just your daft way of writing it, still wrong.

          The enemy is islam. For once I agree with a muslim–Tayyip Erdogan, who along with his good buddy in the WH is pushing it for all he is worth. Not radical islam, just islam. And they are not ‘islamists’, just muslims. The US is merely one of their enemies.

  6. John Kerry doesn’t hide the fact that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists here and abroad. He is a danger to our National Security, Israel’s security and Egyptian security. Does he not remember when the Obama, Hillary, Kerry supported Muslim Brotherhood terrorists beat, raped, tortured, and murdered innocent Egyptian men, women and children in Egypt, did he forget the police station bombings by the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood? If John Kerry’s favorite Muslim Terrorist group (Muslim Brotherhood) were placed back in power in Egypt, they would force the Egyptian people to live under their evil, strict brand of sharia law, and since Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, more tunneling with weapons directed toward Israel would be more common place than already is. The people spoke and don’t want the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in Egypt. American’s should be concerned about these terrorist supporters that hold U.S. Government positions, they are a threat to everything America stands for.

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