Argentine Indictment Accuses Iran of Terror Plots, Cells in Latin America

via Latin Times.

A prosecutor from Argentina, Alberto Nisman has accused Iran of planning to carry out terror attacks in various Latin American countries, BBC reports. Nisman believes Iran is sending spies to gather intelligence in order to execute terror plots in Brazil, Chile, and other countries in Latin America.

Alberto Nisman is investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community in Buenos Aires. 85 people were killed in the attack. On Wednesday, the New York Times reports that Alberto Nisman accused Iran of masterminding the attack.

“I legally accuse Iran of infiltrating several South American countries to install stations, in other words espionage bases destined to commit, encourage, and sponsor terror attacks like the one that took place against Amia,” BBC reports Nisman as saying.

The Japan Times reports that Nisman accused the former cultural attaché from Iran in Buenos Aires, Mohsen Rabbani of working to build an intelligence network over the past two decades.

These are sleeper cells,” Nisman said in an indictment. “They have activists you wouldn’t imagine. Sometimes they die having never received an order to attack.”

According to reports this past February Argentine legislators worked out an agreement with Iran to set up an international commission in order to get to the bottom of the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing.

The Argentines have issued indictments and called for the arrest of several high level officials but Iran has not turned over anyone wanted in the bombing.

That’s odd. The ever so trustworthy U.S. State Dept. just released a report declaring there were No Active Al Qaeda, Hezbollah Terror Cells in Western Hemisphere. More via the BBC:

He said the countries targeted included Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Surinam.

Argentina has issued arrest warrants for several Iranian nationals and a Lebanese national in connection with the bombing.

4 thoughts on “Argentine Indictment Accuses Iran of Terror Plots, Cells in Latin America

  1. And of course our government denying any El Aueda Islamist in the American hemisphere! Remember Just recently Boston !!!WHO DOES OUR GOVERNMENT REPRESENT ANYWAY? Six securyty advisors all Muslem in the White House? Kry secretly giving away 1.3 Billion $$ to the rebels in Syria? OUR TAX MONEY. Let us vote these bastards out, only peaceful ways are acceptable,.We do not lose ourselves to the levels of jihadists. Wake up America and vote, write and peacefully resist to save our country!our democracy, our free speech!

    • Unfortunately throughout history when something needed to be done, this was very rarely accomplished through peaceful means.

      Two exceptional examples are WW1 and WW2. Peaceful means got us nowhere; nor will it now in WW3.

      Nor is dialogue helping to get rid of Obama, who sits in the White House thumbing his nose at Americans, having survived at least four scandals far worse than Watergate, while openly aiding the rise of islam–the enemy.

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