St. Louis: Somali Muslim shoots three dead, not news

Because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

Family members arrive after four people were found dead inside A K  Home Health Care, located inside the Cherokee Place Business Incubator, on Thursday, June 13, 2013. Photo by Robert Cohen,

Family members arrive after four people were found dead inside A K Home Health Care, located inside the Cherokee Place Business Incubator, on Thursday, June 13, 2013. Photo by Robert Cohen,

via St. Louis gunman was immigrant whose demeanor changed after divorce, Somali UN official says – The Washington Post.

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis businessman who killed three employees before turning the gun on himself was a Somali immigrant, described by friends as an intelligent man who was quick to reach out to other new-arriving Somalis, but who had lingering anger years after the divorce from his first wife.

Police say 59-year-old Ahmed Dirir walked into his business, AK Home Health Care LLC, on Thursday afternoon, got into a brief argument, and then shot his three employees. Killed were 44-year-old Khadra Muse of Olivette, Mo., 29-year-old Seaeed Abdulla of St. Louis, and 54-year-old Bernice Solomon-Redd of East St. Louis, Ill.

Dirir, Muse and Abdulla were all from Somalia, said Omar Jamal of the Somali mission to the U.N. Jamal, who often gets involved in issues of high interest involving Somalis in the U.S., said he spoke with several friends and relatives of Dirir and the victims, including the wives of Dirir and Abdulla.

The home health agency was headquartered in a small business incubator building in a former movie theater on Cherokee Street, a revitalizing mixed-race neighborhood about five miles south of downtown St. Louis.

Police Capt. Michael Sack said Dirir used a semi-automatic handgun. Video surveillance showed what appeared to be a verbal dispute, followed a short time later by shots that penetrated an inside wall, Sack said. Neighbors in other businesses in the building called police after hearing gunfire.

A records search found no previous criminal record for Dirir except a couple of speeding cases. There was no record that he had a permit to carry a firearm.

Police haven’t disclosed a motive, but Jamal said the relatives and friends of Dirir he spoke with described a marked change in his demeanor after he and his wife divorced in Texas years earlier. It wasn’t clear when the divorce was finalized, though friends said Dirir had remarried.

Jamal said about 2,000 Somali immigrants are living in St. Louis.

Another source said this: Somalis are the third-largest refugee group in the St. Louis region, behind Bosnians and Vietnamese, with an estimated 3,000 living here.

More: Owner kills three people, then himself, at Cherokee Street business

Mohamed Noor, 34, of St. Louis, said he used to work with Dirir. Noor stood outside a Somali-owned grocery near where the shooting took place Thursday evening with several others who said they were heartbroken over the shootings.

“We joked around, we chilled together,” Noor said of Dirir.

Noor said Dirir was still reeling from a difficult divorce from his first wife and was stressed over financial problems. Dirir had married again, friends said.

“He told me for two or three years, ‘I’m going to kill people and then myself,’ but nobody took him seriously,” Noor said.

Apparently Mohamed Noor didn’t take him seriously either.

On Friday evening, Yusuf Dirir saw his father again — this time, to wash his body in keeping with Muslim burial tradition.

11 thoughts on “St. Louis: Somali Muslim shoots three dead, not news

  1. What is this savage evil filth doing in the U.S. in the first place.???

    Oh wait, we have the same caliber Illegal Savage in our WH and his
    savage evil regime.

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  3. “AK Home Health Care LLC, ……………small business incubator ”

    So home health care eh? the easily defrauded program “immigrants” teach each other in order make some scam money off ‘”da evil white man” . The same scam was being perpetrated by the Boston Bombers Jihad mom- my friend is disabled and she outlined how this works b/c her aides do it – “aides” report hours of overtime and travel that they never worked- disabled go without and the “aides” get overpaid.

    while the Dems cry about cuts in food stamps and BLAME R’s- they say not a damn word about stemming the absolutely well known corruption in all of these fed programs- about making sure the money is going to needy AMERICAN citizens and not into the pockets of newly arrived, coached in deceit, scammers.

    We are not only importing a class of undesirables; uneducated, unemployable, welfare moochers, having many babies to get more money- but people who HATE us. Muslim ‘refugees” will join USA bottom feeders & illegals, growing a huge CRIMINAL class. Selling the “pain” drugs they get from “clinics’ and more- this is the education our hostile newbies are getting- how to sponge off Americans

    • That is exactly right Isahiah! Just as I was going to say, they are defrauding the people of America with their health care scams! But, the government looks the other way as handicapped and elderly don’t get the care they deserve and these maggots live well on stolen money! Make your mind up! Sheeple, sheepdog or wolf which will you choose to be? I will continue to be a sheepdog, watching, waiting, knowing the time to defend..

  4. Zimmerman is on trial for shooting some creep who was beating the shiite out of him, but this guy shoots three women and barely a whisper. The MSM support 0bama’s war on women.

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