Congressman: We didn’t take an oath to allow sharia law

Proving his point, see this video from yesterday NY Times ‘Moderate Muslim’ “Adulterers must be stoned!” or any recent post.

10 thoughts on “Congressman: We didn’t take an oath to allow sharia law

  1. ISlam has invaded as cancer to a society .Islam destroys nation simply using locals to follow the saudi book of hate and destroy nation using them. West will loss its power in few years .Islam means uneducation and laziness and multi children with no responsibility.

  2. We have had OURMilitary People killed in their own tents by those who were training to help themselves!!!

    Also, think, “Fort Hood!”

    Oh! and by the way? There were “54” Politicians who took campaign $ from CAIR and HAMAS (my oops, the next day after that list came out, Pelosi also accepted $ for her campaign!)

    • “Hell…ALL the Politicians “take” money from…US!!!”

      They “take, take, take!!!” and we get NOTHING in return! BUT, when you look at their “records”…they are quick to point-out what they’ve DONE for you…right! Yeah…they DO have “some” things “we” asked for. But, for every “penny” they provide us with…they “take” TEN DOLLARS from somewhere else (or is it closer to a HUNDRED DOLLARS???)(NO?)(still way off?)(hmmm…??? Could it be a THOUSAND???)

  3. Wow! There’s still a few in Government who understand the threat of Islam! Would be nice if they would run for the President’s seat! Wanna see how fast Islam would pee their pants?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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