Tennessee imams curse Christians and Jews (audio)

Just a couple of good ole boys in Tennessee. via tn Council 4 political justice

-Memphis Imam Yasir Qadhi who calls Christians, among other things, “filthy”


-Islamic Center of Tennessee Imam Abdullah Al Ansari who said:

“He [Allah] told us to fight the Jews and Christians. Fight them until they give jizya. They give this protective tax from their hands and they are humiliated and subdued. If Islam, true Islam and true Muslims do not rule there will never be justice. Don’t think that Barak Obama can give you justice. No one can give you justice except a just Muslim ruler”.

As TN Council also notes:

As reported by USA Today, “Yasir Qadhi, who lectured at the Boston mosque in April 2009, has advocated replacing U.S. democracy with Islamic rule…”

36 thoughts on “Tennessee imams curse Christians and Jews (audio)

  1. Just last week Cardinal Dolan visited a mosque. All weak-minded Christians and Jews think that if they make nice, they will have lovely interfaith relations. At least, this speaker is a really honest Islamist, and he tells it as Islam sees it.

    • …And I saw a sign at the game preserve;”Don’t feed the Lions!”Also ;”DO NOT give your pearls(friendship) to swine””They will trample them and then attack you!”These Islamic preachers are certainly in need of “justice”.One cannot play cards with the devil;the house always wins. Christians who APPEASE vile religion are going to be eaten by the beast they seek to be friends with.Those who oppose Islam even without violence will suffer indignation . The funding and recruiting program is well rehearsed and aimed at specific groups who are fertile ground for abominations .

  2. How long before we act and defend our country? We have to deport all of them as soon as possible. Or heads will roll!, and Sharia will take over.One sided free speech ! They use it for their advantage , but if we dare to say something it is blasphemie against Islam .

  3. There’s nothing like an honest Muslim, is there? If only the kafir politicians and people in power were that honest with themselves, then they would recognize the enemy within our borders.

    • They “believe” that they can exploit them economically as in selling them things and or using them for cheap labor. They are wrong. They should read ‘Faust’. The UK keeps promoting Muslim immigration for “cheap” labor while 50% of the males are unemployed and 75% of the females.

      • The immigrations have only one goal;COLLAPSE OF ALL SOCIETIES.This is a must before the new and improved world order can be implemented.The real purpose of governmental appeasement is to train the newer generations into communist rules and regulations and to make people aware of the consequences of “law” breaking.Islam is the perfect tool.Socialism + Islam = The new World order emerging now.Most are in denial.Remember ;These activists of Jihad are busy busy each and every day;IT IS THEIR JOB.Productivity is high on the agenda;That’s every day…they are busy every day….7 days a week.How nice to have an unending supply of funding


  5. We let these infidels into “our” country. If they don’t like us, they can move back into their desert holes. Our God and Lord, will break the backs of all muslime infidels.

    • Excellent video; I didn’t learn anything but this is one of the best I’ve seen to show the dim masses about islam. Short, and to the point

  6. …and I looked and I saw at the airports and other transportation centers,travelers being HUMILIATED AND EMASCULATED BY THE NEW ORDER OF SECURITY….TO TEACH THEM SUBMISSIVENESS ……..AND ALLAH WAS PLEASED …….I LIKE TO DISPLEASE ALLAH….IT MAKES MY DAY

  7. I really dont have a rats ass what they say,its free speech! but I’ll tell ya if they get in my face curseing me;they cant hold a candle to me when it comes to curseing!Now if they put their hands on me then their will get one big ass beating!

    • And what if they put their hand(s) on your neighbor? What if that neighbor lives a mile away? Three mile? Three thousand?

      The point is enough is past enough- We have to do SOMETHING


  8. Why are these anti-Christian and anti-Jewish Muslims being allowed to preach hate in their Mosques when Priests and Rabbis are told not to allow anyone to come and speak about the threat of Islam in America in their houses of worship. Pamella Geller was scheduled to speak at a synagogue and the Rabbi was threatened by a Muslim policeman.
    America is not protecting its people. Muslims are allowed into the United States by the millions to implement Sharia Law.

  9. he openly says YOUR LIFE and PROPERTY are rightfully theirs to take- that is a THREAT and incitement to do violence

    someone should tell el Stupido that JEWS invented MONOTHEISM and are not polytheists – so even as a Muslim preacher he is not teaching Koran which does offer 2nd class status and mafia style extortion for protection to Jew and Christians- of course they are supposed to kill ALL the others- Hindus, Buddhists, athiests etc

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  12. The problems are not the Muslims but us people claiming to be Christians yet go around and live like a double standard, just look around, look at the map of the world, most major countries with the oil had been taken by the Muslims and controlled by them, I mean dictator ship of government controlling people by using Islam as the only authority to say and do what they desire, and you say anything against the laws of Islam then you will be prosecuted and more likely executed, to my point what would Jesus wants us to do on this earth? Should we take weapons and fight like others have? Or should we live our lives according to our Lord Jesus Christ? As he commanded us to do so? Is he not the all power and strength to all of us? Will he not bring the enemies of ours to justice? These Muslims that we now, they know they don’t have to take any weapon to take over a country, they have already done taken all those countries by the sword and persecutions of, what they are doing now, is penetrating in to the countries by 1000s and populating the countries with their children, and next taking the positions of the governments and slowly becoming the majority spokesmen of that government, now they have the power to pass the laws of Islam, and they don’t care if they take anyone out to accomplish their plan. We as Christians need to pray for God and Christ to return to our families and communities, this alone will propel any other ideologies, we will show them by our fruits of love and the strength of our GOD they have no influence on us, and our believes will even convert any Muslim. In Jesus name I pray.

    • No – that wont solve the problem.
      a VERY militant stance must be made- one that westerners just don t have the stomach for- therefore the muzzies will in short time take over.They are not coming to USA like your grandparents for political freedom, or economic opportunities-stop that- they are coming for one reason only – to make American babies.

      • I still don’t believe we should take arms to fight the Muslims, that is if we are Christian, and know that our faith through Jesus CHRIST our LORD will prevail. The Muslims as I said don’t have to fight with weapons like. Tanks or guns, so why should we? Let’s fight them like they want, teach our kids and our communities the true christianity(love, respect and most important love our Heavenly Father. In Jesus name I pray.

        • So, according to your logic, we should just stand around and be killed…that is what the Lord would want right? Even King David and Moses were warriors when the time came.

  13. Sharon, I agree with you on King David and many other men of GOD that led their nations on many different circumstances, but lets not forget that GOD led them to their victory, so my question is, Is GOD leading us to fight our enemies with killing machines? And are there any signs from our LORD Jesus Christ to direct us into fight and even killing the enemies of ours? I believe that, the one most important reason for Jesus Christ to come to this world, was to show the humans that there can be peace among us by him demonstrating it by loving us so much that willingly and lovingly went to the cross to defeat death and Satan, so we may have freedom to live in peace, even though the enemies come to steal and kill, but if we thoroughly leave our lives on GOD’s hand, our LORD will crush any enemies that would want to come near us, what do you think happens when government takes the prayers, and the 10 commandments out of public, and try to tell us how we should live our lives? Instead us as Christians should come together and lift our hands and cry to GOD, and he may have mercy on us, that’s the difference between Christian believes and the Muslims, I’m not talking about the moderate Muslims but the extremists, whom they don’t believe that the moderate Muslims can call themselves true Muslims, I am all for human freedom, that what is great about this country, that’s why many people from around the world come here in search of success and freedom, and they find it, but what about us as Christians? How can we show these people that we are different than any other race in the world? I am talking about our faith toward our GOD and the life style that we have, are we really reflecting who we are in Christ? Or a different kind of people?

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  16. “Yasir Qadhi (aka Abu Ammaar Yasir Kazi) is an American imam and college professor who is described by a 2011 New York Times Magazine essay as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”

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