Video: First Amendment Under Fire…From Islam

…and Obama.

via Stakelbeck on Terror Show: First Amendment Under Fire.

On this week’s edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, we’re joined by Guy Rodgers, executive director of ACT! For America, to discuss the global Islamist assault on free speech.

We also sit down with author Diana West to discuss her groundbreaking new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.

15 thoughts on “Video: First Amendment Under Fire…From Islam

  1. Maybe it is just me and someone can show me the error of my ways. I like Diana West. I do not know how one can compare the threat from the ideology of Communism – as evil as it is – with the threat of Islam which is not only a dangerous ideology, but a supremacist world religion with a supernatural deity that commands believers to convert, to kill, to subjugate and the rule the earth.

    • the thing is that communism was dealt with here by several means- we had COLD war b/c of nuclear weapons, the soft Jihad of commies was countered by Hoover and McCarthy- who were on witchhunts b/c some people really were witches!!
      Sadly b/c we vilified them and let down our guard and our current regime denies any threat- we proceed as if it went away, when in reality, the D party have succeeded in installing communism renamed as New Left or “Progressive”. In the 60’s the “culture” was changed – if you read the commie party agenda – they have acheived almost every goal. Not a shot was needed.

      We are doing the same w/ISLAM- in denial that it is a threat. However ISLAM is a much more dangerous form of totalitarianism than communism b/c unlike most humans they value death over life. Even commies and the Nazis valued their OWN lives while destroying lives of others. Islam is closer to NAZISM is spirit and goals than communism, which seeks to eradicate individual rights in favor of collective, seeks a central economic structure- in that way ISLAM is the opposite of communism, as it promotes tribalism, and not centrality despite it’s wish for a united Caliphate, Muslims war continually upon each other.

      blah blah sorry to go on and on… there is so much more

  2. I don’t even understand why this is even an issue. Our 1st Amendment rights and indeed all of our Amendment right are just that. Rights, if these people do not want to abide by these right, they have the right to leave our country and go where these rights do not even exist. That is their right. Our rights are to stay here and live under these rights as set forth by our founding fathers.

    • “…if these people do not want to abide by these right, they have the right to leave our country…”

      You might explain it to the man ensconced in the White House. He is in the forefront of the effort to strip from us our First Amendment rights. I doubt he will willingly leave this country, much less leave the White House before his term expires.

    • Their religion cannot tolerate any criticism as per the hadiths and koran. They have the president and his authority to get it done in the USA. Anyway when it gets like Britain and the numbers permit, silence is enforced as seen by the treatment of the EDL. They are jailed for walking down a sidewalk near a mosque.. Benedict Arnold is president here now.

  3. Even Egypt is trying to remove the sick islamist from their country; you know, the ones that our jack-ass-in-chief supports i.e. muzzie brotherhoods. It is going to be interesting to see the military in Egypt trowing these sik-fuks out of office while our own president supports them like the true islamic he is…

    • Iran and Russia side against muzz brutality hood– alias freedom, though. We will see how this plays out. If muzz bro-hood is removed Benedict Arnold is going to have to tell his white house advisers he failed to do their bidding.


    • If he had a problem with it, he could have discussed it with his advisers in the white house. Thats muslim brotherhood, the same folk who advised him on Benghazi. As Hillary said what difference would a few dead Americans make? (Now a muslim, that’s different.)

    • The United States gave 450 millions dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. For what? Look at the M.B. in Syria. They are maiming, murdering, raping and kidnapping. Also, in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is the same murderous gang. The United States had a hand in overthrowing Khadaffi in Libya as well as Mubarek in Egypt. I don’t understand how the U.S. can continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood. The Untied Staes is taking in miliions of refugees from these countries who just want to turn America into another Islamic State. It doesn’t make any sense. Does anyone know why this is going on?

      • How do you think they could afford all those weapons? Extremist John Carrion was the one who paid them weapons money, and he sides with the left, or islam, if there is a difference. How many surface to air launchers can you buy from Russia with that Mr Carrion? Where will they end up, Palestine? Same way he was a war hero. Kerry was decorated with the Purple Platypus, a salesman award I bet.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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