(Flashback) Egypt: How Obama Blew It

He blew it in Iran, Honduras, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and there’s little doubt he’s blowing it right here in the U.S.


Video explanation with state-run media floundering:

The quality of Team Obama has deteriorated, it that’s possible, and may get worse yet.

More: 15 Photos From the Tahrir Square Protests You’ll Never See In Legacy Media

130701-obama-egypt-030130701-obama-egypt-003Obama is a fascist regime. Will America wake up in time?

18 thoughts on “(Flashback) Egypt: How Obama Blew It

  1. The biggest pro-Jihadi President in U.S. history was Ronald Reagan, who earmarked massive support for the Mujahedin, because those dope-growing pederastic misogynistic ‘freedom fighters’ could not stand ‘opression’ like a regime that sent girls to school. THAT came back to bite the U.S. and its allies in the most horrible of ways. And runner up prize is a tie between Bushes I and II, who launched both Gulf wars, protected Salafist terrorist sponsors Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and ultimately helped depose a secular nationalist government in Iraq, so that soft Islamists could take over. But you’d never hear heresies like this, in the conservative press.

    The rotten door that was the Mubarak regime was going to come down, regardless of who gave whom how much help kicking it down. And, like Syria, Egypt is too fractured along religious lines to ever have a stable, secular DEMOCRATIC government. Throw in the fact that, like its neighbors, Egypt is grossly overpopulated (the country has to import 60% of its food, because the population long ago outstripped available arable land and water supplies), and you have an ongoing potential powder keg. Resources are scarce, the Sunni Muslim majority wants to be in charge, and no country will take millions of the country’s Christian refugees. Best for the West to stay out of this sewer entirely, and not pull another Reagan or Bush.

    • False premise and excuse me, but you need to do more than blame someone else for what Barack Obama has done to screw up everything he touches…he’s done more than enough on his own to be relegated to the nether reaches of idiocy …we are not living in Reagan or even the Bushes times…it’s Obama’s time to demonstrate the leadership which he doesn’t seem to even possess a modicum of that rare and missing quality…don’t offer excuses for him by not even mentioning his name; he’s had five years to make everything his and he has whether you like it or admit it ….and for that he will be nothing but an unfortunate eight year footnote in disaster.

      • Not offering excuses, After the Benghazi and NSA debacles, I’m not sure Obama can limbo any further under the low bar Bush II set, with the pretend WMDs and Patriot Act. But a warning: STAY OUT OF THIS MESS, and Syria. Whatever way things turn in Egypt, the West does NOT need to get involved. Afghanistan, after the fact (i.e., the mess Carter and Reagan created, by arming Islamist rebels), required intervention, since al Qaeda attacked a NATO country. And Bosnia and Kosovo were on the West’s doorstep. But we *the West) do NOT need to get involved in Egyptian politics, the Syrian civil war, giving aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, etc. Let these people deal with their own problems.

        • How does Bosnia and Kosovo being on the West’s doorstep – as you state – justify the West’s (led by US) siding with Muslims to create Islamic nations “on the West’s doorstep”?

          Were Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia part of Europe, ie the West, or on the doorstep?

          Your logic is flawed at best.

          • Bosnia and Kosovo are in Europe, and had a large diaspora of workers in countries like Germany.Also, South Slavs and Albanians are Europeans–linguistically and racially. Whatever you think of Islam, the slaughter and rapes of Bosniaks was a horror that had to be stopped, and, by ethnically cleansing Kosovo’s majority Albanian population (not all Muslim) the former ‘Yugoslav’ (Serb) government hoped to demographically destabilize Macedonia, with its already large Albanian population. And Russia was hoping for a sympathetic client state, like post-Tito Yugoslavia, in NATO’s back yard. Note that the Chicoms also leveraged the situation, by allowing their embassy–‘accidentally’ bombed by NATO–to be used as Serb ELINT HQ.

            Again, there are many valid criticisms of Islam, but there are other things to consider. When NOBODY from the West came to the aid of Bosniaks until the genocide was underway, countries like Saudi Arabia filled in that vacuum. This is why Bosnia–formerly a secular, liberal society–is now thoroughly Salaficised. The same thing happened with Russia’s oil war against the Chechens, which crushed a secular-nationalist movement and left the door open for Islamists to replace it, The West didn’t make that mistake again in Albania, nor dd Israel (which provided considerable aid), and now Kosovar Muslims are strongly pro-West. And the denials of ethnic cleansing, mostly from old commies like Michael Parenti and the far-left press, were particularly odious. The forced exodus of Albanian Kosovars was the late 20th Century reprise of the ethnic cleansing of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire.

      • The liberals always try to point the finger at a Republican as the person that started it, sometimes it is true, but it is no excuse why Obama makes it worse. He could have stopped programs from former Presidents that he felt were faiures, but he didn’t do that. Why? For times like this when it blows up in his face. The people who get a thrill up their leg whenever Obama’s name is mentioned can blame it on Republicans from decades ago. And try to help Obama walk away clean and blameless. Sorry, this one is your OBumbo. Allll, yours. Everything you touch goes to crap, It’s because you are incompetent. nothing much more, nothing less. Incompetent. The only other thing you are is Sharia and Islamic compliant. Those 2 things alone should earn you an ouster of your own. And jailed, so you can’t make good your escape on Arab Emirate Airlines. Oh, and your family, Michelle the parasite Obama, And the vacationing wonder twins? Yea, kept under watch by , you guessed it, unmanned drones. What’s good enough for the American people surely is good enough for the 3 women in your life.

      • He installed muslim britherhood, his white house advisers there. Like any other country he has touched. Despots for all! In the US he has poured them in senior positions everywhere, yet still we do not crumble. But he still has time. The last 4 years are his to do whatever anti-American act he can. Then he will focus on a new muslim brotherhood candidate for president in the US. It may take more than 8 years to destroy his enemy, the idiot infidel. How he must be laughing at his idiot enemy for electing him twice.

        Muslims, his brethren are rage filled hate mongers, and the best he can do with them is no wrong, but his involvement brings hate.Thats the wild card, as they hate anybody and everybody, and the fact the US put the man in. Blind rage is hard to manage. Its like herding cats.
        The US would fall to political jihad, but the mosques radicalize terrorists, which may wake up the infidel. The left can only do so much to install our enemy, but the people may wake up when their schools, offices, highways and water supply are destroyed. Hence he needs 1.6 billion bullets. A revolution is coming I am afraid. The last collection of guns by the military so the looters could coma and take everything taught gun toting America a lot. Its the last time the left will take our guns and allow street gangs to terrorize us in our homes. Mark my words. Next time, they will get a lot less as they trample civil rights. Look on the web for hiding guns and many web pages pop up.You may store your guns with a friend who has access to a mosque. That will NEVER be searched or bugged for example.

    • OR PULL A CARTER OR OBUMA.. yOU ARE RIGHT IN ONE WAY, WE SHOULD STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST ENTIRELY, Biggest problem is our need for their oil and Saudi influence in american politics. Thank the Lord we are fracking our way to energy independence. Think about it, Carter messed us up the worst by not sending a unit of our best soldiers into Iran and taking out the kidnappers and then we stop all foreign aid to our enemies. DDUUUHHHH!

    • I trust you really mean: “Not pull another Obama?” Reagan and both Bush’s made mistakes out of ignorance or naiivete, but Obama is knowingly doing everything in his power to aid the rise of islam; any branch of the murderous, backward cult, but particularly the muslim brotherhood.

      Your comments regarding Egypt are correct, it is an over-populated mess and the US should not be sending any financial aid to any muslim country, since no matter how you cut it, they are the enemy. Yes, surprise, we are in a war with islam–which only muslims have declared, and most westerners still run around bleating: “Oh, they don’t really mean it………………………..”

      Most westerners (and you) have been brainwashed into believing “we were taken to war on a lie” in Iraq, not so, there were WMD’s which were spirited into Syria in 2002-3 in the guise of “aid” after the collapse of the Zeyzoun dam. There is plenty of evidence, but to this day western media refuses to admit they were wrong.

      Curious that you want to blame conservative presidents, but cannot (will not) see the incumbent imposter as the America destroying traitor he is. To think Richard Nixon was impeached simply for lying–something Obama does every time he opens his mouth.

      • There were never any WMDs, except in the speeches of Colin and Dubya. The fact remains that the U.S. wasted a trillion and a half dollars and thousands of U.S. lives on a war launched under bogus pretenses. And NOBODY (well, except David Kelly) paid for this. The result: a secular government that never threatened the West was replaced by constantly fighting Sunni vs Shi’a Islamists. Meanwhile, the nice folks who bankroll al Qaeda (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait) enjoyed protection and trade. And Obama is still using Bush’s terrible Patriot Act legal surveillance machinery to spy on people in America and abroad. Whatever you or the President’s supporters think of Obama, he is merely continuing many of the Bush Administration’s diplomatic and state security policies. This is NOT ‘naivete,’ but successive business bankrolled Presidencies doing the work of their campaign backers, from oil companies to financial firms.

        • No WMD’s, so what was in the convoys of ‘aid’ which was not aid? Not just convoys of trucks, but plane loads too–and all done very secretively partly under the leadership of Georges Sada, Saddam’s Air Vice Marshall.

          It was done in co-operation with a company called SES; but why am I writing this, all you dyed in the wool lefties have decided flatly that no, you WILL NOT believe it—even if we could provide videos!

  2. NO one is disputing the Reagan era record, but much history has passed since then, and Obama can’t be excused for his bizarre and unquestioned support of an Antisemite antiwestern anti-human rights Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Remember that the Bush men went to bat (at the cost of over a trillion $U.S. and thousands of American lives) for fiercely antisemitic gulf states who sponsored terrorism, in the two Gulf Wars, And there is no ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative,’ only big, dirty money buying campaigns. Both Carter and Reagan supported the Mujahedin. Bill Clinton lobbied for the Dubai World ports deal, that George Bush II pushed. Saudi and other Salafi money pours into the coffers of both Democratic and Republican candidates. Until America cleans up campaign funding, you will have big money buying your elections, including the people who fund Salafist terror cells.

      It’s time for America and the rest of the Western World to pull the plug on ALL aid and diplomatic, military mucking about in these countries, including Israel and the PA. What goes on in these sandpits is none of our concern, especially countries like Egypt, Israel/Palestine and Syria, which have zero strategic relevance to the West. The more we entangle ourselves in these stupid sectarian conflicts, the more blowback we have.

  3. I see the majority does not want shariah law; shariah is devastating to any country and it appears the majority of the Egyptians do not want it or its corruption and lies and deceit. Yea that morsi is out; now we need to stop sending them a dime; no country, foreign or muslim deserves one dime from our country. What the hell have they ever done for us, nothing; oh, I forgot, Obama is made of their ilk.

    • Obama may be a pork and alcohol-consuming apostate, but–like Dubya–he is a dhimmi for dollars, i.e., trade with whatever regime is in power. Just like how Canada’s PMs, from Mulroney to Chretien and Harper, sold the country to China. The Muslim Brotherhood seemed like the strong horse a while ago, so Obama’s business backers placed their bets with them; now, with Morsi gone, we will see if there is some sort of neo-Ba’athist government on the horizon. And remember that even most MUSLIMS don’t want to live by shari’a strictures, anymore than Israel’s secular majority wants to live under the Haredis’ strict Torah demands. And, again, the West should not be involved in any of these conflicts.

      • Actually we were told and team Obama reiterated that the Muslim Brotherhood had little chance of winning an election in Egypt and even if they did that the West had nothing to worry about so your facts are off base, drastically.

        Please provide your evidence – poll data or otherwise – “that even most MUSLIMS don’t want to live by shari’a strictures.” Polls that we’ve posted on indicate otherwise.

  4. The best thing we can do is stay out of this and hope the military restores order to Egypt al a Mubarak. Whatever we do in Egypt, we will lose. Unfortunately, we have a president who will do the wrong things and back the wrong people.

    What a foreign policy!

  5. add one more to the O’bumbler admin- He is also failing in Latin America (to which he pays scant attention)


    500-page indictment drawing meticulous and harrowing connections between Iran and Islamic radicalism in the Western Hemisphere.

    Obama sure hot to get Snowden back b/c Snowden is leaking HIS secrets!

    Hezbollah next door? no biggie to the 0

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