CAIR’s Cultural Jihad in and on America (video)

4 thoughts on “CAIR’s Cultural Jihad in and on America (video)

  1. People refuse to believe, and they will still think there are moderates within Islam right up until they feel the sharp teeth of Islam biting down on them.

    • If Americans in any number decided to allow themselves to actually see what is happening they would likely feel pressured to DO something. they’d rather watch.

  2. And what type of Jihad does the moderator of the video subscribe to? You read the same Koran that Hamas, MSA, ISNA, CAiR etc read.

  3. Time is on the Islamists side, while we sleep and dream they undermine our laws and use them against us. If 9/11 did not wake us up nothing will. We cannot apply democratic principles dealing with Islam, their ethics are different. We have save our country, Weston society and Judeo Christian heritage. It is a task for our politicians, those that allowed this immigration and support. We have to vote them out, and as a last resort have a western jihad against them,or the congress and White House will be flying a Muslim flag.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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