UK: Channel 4 to air Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan

Broadcasting the death of a nation. via Channel 4 defends decision to air Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan – Mirror Online. h/t europenews

Channel 4 executive Ralph Lee has strongly defended the decision to air the Islamic call to prayer (adhan) throughout Ramadan.

The head of factual programming insisted that the broadcast fulfils part of the channel’s remit to give a “voice to the under-represented” – but also recognises a religion that is “flourishing”.

Writing in the Radio Times, Lee said: “No doubt Channel 4 will be criticised for focusing attention on a ‘minority’ religion but that’s what we’re here to do – provide space for the alternative and a voice to the under-represented.

“And let’s not forget that Islam is one of the few religions that’s flourishing, actually increasing in the UK. Like Channel 4’s target audience, its followers are young. It’s recently been reported that half of British Muslims are under 25.”

Jihad and death by Muslim is flourishing too.

Channel 4 will broadcast calls to prayer throughout the fasting month of Ramadan, which begins on Tuesday 9 July. The adhan will also be available online.

Lee described the broadcast, a first for a terrestrial channel as “a nationwide tannoy system, a deliberate ‘provocation’ to all our viewers in the very real sense of the word”.

 The cowards in media would never dare deliberately provoke Muslims.

Update from jj:

17 thoughts on “UK: Channel 4 to air Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan

  1. Will Prince Charles become the new Caliph? Hmmm…by the time he becomes King, Westminster Abbey will be Westminster Mosque, no?

  2. Clueless idiots! ““voice to the under-represented”….. Whaaaaa!!!!!

    I’d say the heinous bold-faced public decapitation of Lee Rigby pretty well represents this CRIMINAL ELEMENT called ISLAM, wouldn’t you?!?!?!

  3. I am so disgusted with the Brits. The Queen is no where to be found.
    Is she now just a fixture?? What in the Heck could these idiots be thinking allowing this evil filth to air their demonic filth on TV!!

  4. I am not familiar with Channel 4. Do they broadcast other religious events? Christian Midnight mass, buddhist celebrations or prayers, jewish ceremonies?

  5. the UK is off of my vacation schedule. I am going to go to Hawaii instead. I find the Brits, except for the EDL, a disgusting group of people for supporting a totally disgusting ideology that is worse than Nazism or communism. But this is what happens when extreme relativism is their mindset. They care little for their daughters, sons, and their futures… they prefer to tremble in their couches instead of doing what they should be doing and standing with the EDL.

    • R, I recently lived in Hawaii for a year and was sickened by the number of burqa (cloth chains) clad women I saw. Definitely takes away from the Aloha spirit and Polynesian feel of the islands. They ruined Hawaii too.

      • They ruin everywhere they go. They only bring pestilence death to western culture. Decapitation, stoning, mutilation is their culture contribution to the human race,

    • Britain is also off my vacation list. Pity, my wife and I loved the country, but it is no longer safe and the police–in particular–are not to be trusted.

      As for the Queen, we call her the “halal Queen”, since she goes out of her way to serve inhumanely tormented to death beef and lamb in the palace.

      Incredible that they allow the 7th century thugs into Britain where they kill and dismember a soldier on a London street, rape British girls almost with impunity, beat up people at will, demand certain areas as sharia only; and they are treated as honoured guests, given lavish benefits, housing, and one of the most vocal loudmouth imams (choudary) is even given a bodyguard and several have been raised to the peerage.

      Is it something in the water, or are all Brits on ‘stupid pills?’

  6. God keeps HIS promises to the ‘t.’ The Christians harvest what God wills, but the ‘left overs’ go to the False Prophet’s church, Islam. The Holy Bible book of Revelation spells it out pretty good too. The mark-of-the-Beast is symbolic: what you think and what you do. Pray five times a day, kill infidels, (us kafirs) you have the Beastie’s mark all right!

  7. Why are the Muslims wearing the bright lime yellow colored vests that the English Bobbies aka Police wear? At first gander I thought they were Muslim Police.

  8. KNEEL, BRITISH INFIDELS, KNEEL AND DO OUR BIDDING. LEST WE BURN, MURDER AND RAPE MORE. Call us to prayer using Infidel Channel 4 as Allah commands, spread our rugs for us so that we may avoid spoiling our hands on infidel soil. Serve us Halai foods so that we may not violate our Isamic bodies with your infidel foods. Give us your 4 year olds daughters so that they maybe properly trained in the female duties and roles in Islam by the time they are 9 and ready to be sexually assaulted by her husband for the first time. Let us run the streets and rape who so ever we choose, because Britain belongs to us now and soon we will have Muslims in Parliament to radically change your laws so that it will officially be a Muslim nation.

    Let the monarchy fall so that we can seat a Prince from the Arab Emirate in power in Great Britain so the worthless piece of crap can finally have something to do besides come to countries and watch the government bow and hide their women so as not to offend the Arab pricks. King Abi Da Be is an inbred hunk of human filth that should be stripped of his power by the rest of the world going to alternate sources of energy and making oil obsolete, then they can sit on all that worthless oil and starve like the populations that surrond their pearly white palace.

  9. You yanks make me laugh. How many mosques have you lot razed to the ground eh! Your f***ing president is a mooslime. How did that twat get the job? Look what you’ve done before casting stones towards the UK

    • Yeah, OK, so who died and left you to be the main foul-mouthed judge of the universe????? Seems to me there was’t a plenty of self-sanctimonious know-it-all rebels–laak yo’saelf, thaet voted foer thaet scum-bucket thaet y’all call the praesidaent of the Noerthernster “yanks”! Y’all ain’t naever did heerd ov thaet plaece caulled Murfreesboro, Tennessee, did y’all?????


      Ya’ know, I really, really did LIKE the Southern folk–



    • BY THE WAY…..

      I actually think Paula Dean is a classy Southern LADY, who’s been beaten up unmercifully by a bunch of sh!!!theads that have been guilty of FAR WORSE–AND I’M JUST A DUMMM NORTHERNSTER YANK, Y’ALL;!!!!

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