Muslim radiologist on trial for rape or abuse of 34 women…doesn’t return to trial

Why was this Mohamed free in the first place? via

Last day of the trial of former radiologist this morning to Quimper Quimper Assizes. Turn of events, the defendant does not appear and can not be found. Free appearing, he had no problem so far presented to the Court of Assizes. In all, 34 women, 32 between 2005 and 2006, have been victims of rape or sexual abuse by the former head of department of the hospital in Quimperle.

The court ruled in the late morning to return the trial.

The radiologist had been remanded in custody from June 2007 to April 2008, before being placed under judicial control, with disqualification.

The rest of the story via GoV:

Radiologist on trial for sexual assaults and multiple rapes of 32 women

Since Monday the trial of a radiologist has been underway in a criminal court in Finistère, for sexual assaults and rapes that he committed between 2002 and 2006 on 32 young women, some of whom were minors at the time of the assaults.

The doctor, Mohamed Frehat, 55, is accused by 32 young women of sexual assaults and rapes that he committed in the context of his functions as a radiologist at the hospital center of Quimperlé (Finistère). Amongst these, eight were minors at the time of the alleged assaults, and two were less than 15 years old. In total, he is accused of 37 different infractions, 28 of them rape and 9 of assault. The defendant, who denies these facts, was placed in provisional detention as of June 2007 and in April 2008 before being placed under judicial control with the condition of being forbidden to practice his profession.

The accused, the father of two daughters, practiced radiology at the hospital centre of Quimperlé since 2002.

 In May 2005 two of his patients filed complaints against him for sexual assault presumed to have been committed during medical exams, but the complaints are classified without follow-up.

However, his superiors requested that he no longer perform any radiology exams alone. In 2006 new complaints for the same type of behaviour of the same nature were registered. The justice system forbids the radiologist from practicing any vaginal ultrasound or mammography.

Violating these instructions, the doctor is alleged to have continued to do these trans-vaginal ultrasounds, sometimes on minors without the consent of their parents, eliciting further complaints.

The radiologist, originally from Algeria, defended himself through the course of the first day of trial by asserting that during the exams he was trying to get a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Note to American mothers – do not let your daughters visit a Muslim doctor, particularly if his name is Mohamed.

13 thoughts on “Muslim radiologist on trial for rape or abuse of 34 women…doesn’t return to trial

  1. catch him and stone him; just what he deserves. they stone women at the drop of a hat. islam is vicious and hates the female gender.

  2. Bad docs happen, but it seems that there is this reluctance to go after bad docs if they are Muslims in the West, so as to not be accused of doing so because they are Muslim.

    The reality is that the culture in countries of origin of some docs does not prosecute this behavior, so the idea that the offending doc can act with impunity isn’t checked by the legal process. Women’s legal rights are not protected in too many Muslim countries, and often men from these areas are carrying the their culture with them.

    34 cases is a ridiculous number and shows a climate of political correctness run amok. If this doc was from any other country of origin, he would have been stopped earlier.

    Equality means equal. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back to the middle, where a complaint like this is treated promptly and completely before it takes three dozen women abused by a hospital system afraid to act.

    • If I had a daughter and he did this to her, I would calmly walk into his office, ask to talk to him, turn around , close and lock the door….And kick his Muslim ass all over that room and then throw him out the window. But not without stomping on his balls a few times. And shoving a pork chop down his pants.

      How’s THAT for male genital mutilation?

      • How very violent of you. Tsk, tsk,… I, on the other hand would simply walk into his office for a consultation and THEN blow away the offending organ with a snub nose 38.

  3. Just one more impeccable argument that parents must, ABSOLUTELY MUST, maintain a loving and close bond of awareness regarding all of their minor daughters’ sexual and/ or gynecological activities.

    We are beyond the pale of stupidity when we tell our parents (loving ones or not) that they legally have no business asking questions about their minor daughters’ sex lives. There are laws on the books to protect innocent children from parental abuse–BUT WHO’S GOING TO PROTECT THEM FROM THESE KIND OF SLIMEBALL SCUMBAGS?

    Note to ‘CS’ about – “Note to American mothers – do not let your daughters visit a Muslim doctor, particularly if his name is Mohamed.”
    Touché!!! Touché!!!

  4. Obama gave him a free ride on Air Force One to escape Infidel justice.

    That’s why when we catch one of these turds, hit him in the nuts with a hammer as his preliminary hearing.

  5. it’s FRANCE!

    what kind of justice to allow a KNOWN Sexual CHILD PREDATOR to practice at all ?? not to be deported to Algeria where he came from??
    (answer=shitria, unequal application of the law, liberal defense making excuses for Muslims “culture”)

    The judge who allowed him to assault women from 2005 to 2013 should go to prison- the idiot trusted him not to perform vaginal exams? WTF- f*cking dhimmified FOOL- any doctor no matter what ethnicity should have been removed for malpractice

    imagine if a Muslim girl was sexually violated in France and the Muslims found out?? riots & revenge

    wake up Frogs- you’re in boiling waters

  6. Good one, ‘isahiah62’ – “wake up Frogs- you’re in boiling waters”

    Except for one thing….
    the BOILED Frogs are mostly already DEAD!


  7. Under islam, the children must receive 100 lashes for tempting him.
    THEY NEED 4 WITNESSES AGAINST HIM TO WIN IN AMERICAN SHARIA COURT. Call CAIR and have them schedule the lashings, like they do in Egypt under MB. Put THAT in the paper and have the left explain it!

    • Bu, bu, but surely we all know that this “venerable” individual was merely observing his most pious medical duties as a dedicated MISOGYNIST MISCREANT PERVERT!!!!! I mean, like he said on the first day of his trial “he was trying to get a diagnosis as quickly as possible.” Right! Yeah! Y’all know how that works, right?

      Ahemmm–SLAM BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM!!!

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