UK: Sharia compliant women-only tennis sessions launched in growing Muslim enclave

This is how sharia creeps when the population becomes increasingly Muslim – more than 25% in this case, courtesy of the failed immigration policy of the spiteful multi-culti Brit political class. via Women-only tennis sessions launched in Blackburn (From Lancashire Telegraph).

A WOMEN-ONLY tennis morning has been launched in Blackburn.

Women can play on the private outdoor courts, at Crosshill Tennis Club, Corporation Park, every Tuesday, at 10.30am.

The privacy of the courts makes them suitable for Muslim women, director Waqar Hussain said, although everybody is welcome.

He said: “The local women wanted something to do, and somewhere private, something without a car, and in the local area.”

Mr Hussain said he welcomed the debate on the clash between tennis rules and Islam. The Women’s Tennis Association rules said players should not wear sweatshirts, sweat pants, T-shirts, jeans, or cut-offs.

In 2005, tennis pro Sania Mirza was the subject of a fatwa, or legal pronouncement in Islam, by clerics calling on her to change her outfit.

Mr Hussain said: “One or two members used to be very good and used to play in tracksuit bottoms and headscarves. This group is mums knocking a ball about, not doing much running, so they don’t necessarily need to dress up.”

In other words they don’t need to follow club or tennis rules, just sharia.

The tennis club can be contacted on 07814 589090.

The #RapeJihad is another horrific outcome of Islamic immigration, Blackburn is no exception.

First they came for the swimming pools.

5 thoughts on “UK: Sharia compliant women-only tennis sessions launched in growing Muslim enclave

  1. I assume the tennis club needs their money!

    How would it go down if the rest of us asked for (and got) a non muslims only tennis session?

    What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander

  2. Dave, Great point. If I go to the ER I don’t want a Muslim MD since It says in his holy book to kill the non believer. But if I actually state that it will cause a ruckus and my treatment by most other sheeple (how terrible that patient is asking for a non Muslim. Dr. Mohamed is such a mice guy.) will be less than.

  3. Remember the historiocal development: wherever Islam entered and began expansion of that religion, historically one would see as under:
    So long as they are 2 to 10% they remain loyal, peaceful society. But when that threshhold is reached, real Islamic characteristics get emboldened and Sharia gets empowered and Islamic customs and attitude begins to emerge forcefully, to the extent that open namaz on the public roads starts. Very often liberal and appeasing governments like U.K.India, Canada and now the U.S. etc. turn blind eyes to these calculated moves of Islam. I may be wrong but I remember readingin the Press that in a city near Detroit, Michigan, Sharia has become the rule of Mulslims living there. Muslims have the right live peacefuilly in any part of the world, once they are accepted by the mainstream communities. One only expects Muslims to live with brotherly love, which is the barometer of Islamic faith. When a fellow Muslim is considerea a brother, why not a fellow citizen? At lease in Australia duly realizing the potential danger of stengthening of Islam brought a rule not to encourage Islam beyond reasonable laxity. Although it is very strict, Japan has completely stopped any kind Islamic immigration except on diplomatic level to live in Japan for a given length of time. I hope with increasing awareness and education Islam will accept the theory of brotehrhood, which is now a ethical principle within the Muslm Society. As a person lived in a majority Muslim people in a small village in India, I was told by my mother that when she had problem breast feeding upon my birth, I was nursed by a Muslim neighboring lady. Till her death she remained my mother and the child born at the same time as I did remains to be my brother. In India such stories are not uncommon. We therefore revere Bharat as our mother. Everyone in India knows that a Fakir, named SaiBaba, is the most wellknown saint in India and Shirdi is one of the most popular shrines visited by Indians. We just hope that the grip of authoritarian Islam will mellow down and Islam not only in INdia but across the world start embracing fellow citizens. If that happens PEACE IS WITHIN OUR GRASP. We will be able to live in harmony. Jews and Muslims, Christians and Muslims, Buddhists and Muslims, Hindus and Muslims … we will all live as a family and will enjoy the prosperity that peace will bring in our communities. That is the paradise as visualized in Holy Quoran.
    Hindu scriptures also eulogized that the Whole Mankind is One Family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.) In the melting pots of USA and India all religious people will hopefully realise the importance of this Mantra.

    • You’ve been so close to islam, yet you appear to know nothing about it.

      You really are one of those people sitting around a campfire singing ‘kumbaya’ and ‘give peace a chance’, problem is your wonderful islam doesn’t want peace, they want you, and worse–me–as slaves or dead.

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