Video: Polish Defense League addresses Muslim community

h/t Vlad Tepes.

Also check out last year’s post for the trailer of the recent Polish movie September Eleven 1683.

9 thoughts on “Video: Polish Defense League addresses Muslim community

  1. I agree with you and every country should take that stance. They are really going in the wrong direction if they think Allah super seeds GOD.
    They are a CULT not children of GOD.
    there laws give the ok on raping children , have many wives, they don’t like pigs? they are pigs.
    Dirty people, No wonder they cover there face.

  2. Whoa! Who would have thought the Pols would be the lead in fighting back against jihad outside of the courts.

    It was like Dad said to the kid who has gotten away with murder (pun intended) “Time for your spanking!”

  3. This video is remarkable! I can’t help wondering how they were able to stand in front of a mosque and videotape this. I would have thought that the “muzzie cops” would have been out in full force! WOW! Leave it to the Poles to show us how it’s done!!!!!

  4. Congratulations the Polish Defense League.

    Words spoken by a few that should be spoken by so many, let’s just keep on passing on the emails and posts to as many people as we can.
    If I make one NIMBY wake up and listen then I feel a sense of victory. The ball is rolling down hill now and picking up momentum, lets keep up the good work!

    White Urso

  5. The Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa
    and the brave Polish people eventually crumbled
    the Berlin Wall and ended the Cold War. How
    fitting the Poles are again leading the way against
    Islamic tyranny. In solidarity with their brothers in
    the English Defense League, let’s hope and pray
    that the flame of counter-jihad is lit to devour the
    scourge of Islam.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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