NYC Dem mayoral candidates pander to Muslims, promise Muslim school holidays

Christine C. Quinn, a Democratic candidate for mayor, with Dr. Ahmad Jaber at an event on Thursday in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, hosted by local Muslim American groups.

Christine C. Quinn, a Democratic candidate for mayor, with Dr. Ahmad Jaber at an event on Thursday in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, hosted by local Muslim American groups.

Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker and one of the leading Democratic candidates for mayor, walked into a clubhouse in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, just as people had started to eat and was escorted straight to the buffet.

“I’d like to say I planned it,” Ms. Quinn joked.

She grabbed a plate, sat down, set aside her fork and picked up one of the stuffed vine leaves sitting on her plate.

The event at Dyker Beach Golf Course was an iftar, a meal to break the daylong fast during Ramadan, hosted by local Muslim Americans. For Ms. Quinn and several other candidates who attended, it was just another stop on a busy campaign trail. But for the Muslim community, it represented an opportunity to make its voice heard and build bridges with key government figures.

Among those present was John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller who is also a Democratic mayoral candidate; he arrived shortly after Ms. Quinn and settled on the other side of the room. Sal F. Albanese, another Democratic candidate, had come and gone. State Senator Eric Adams, a Democrat who is running for Brooklyn borough president, sat in a corner of the room. And a group of Brooklyn police officers occupied a table next to Ms. Quinn’s.

“I don’t remember, ever before, the Muslim community having this kind of a presence in a citywide election” Ms. Quinn said.

Her observation struck a chord.

Naji Almontaser, an American citizen born in Yemen, sat across the table from Ms. Quinn and said that reports about police surveillance of mosques and other Muslim institutions had agitated the community and driven more people to speak out over the last two years.

The community was already aggrieved, he said, when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg vetoed a Council recommendation to add two Muslim holidays to the school calendar.

In an appeal for support, Ms. Quinn said she would close schools for those holidays.

“So if you get elected, we can count on that?” Mr. Almontaser asked.

“Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.” she responded.

Mr. Liu, who has repeatedly visited Muslim groups, followed.

“Assalamu Alaikum,” he said, offering the customary Arabic greeting. “With a lot of hard work, inshallah, we will win this election and we will change this city.”

via Candidates Court Muslims as They Break Their Fast – h/t BNI

21 thoughts on “NYC Dem mayoral candidates pander to Muslims, promise Muslim school holidays

    • I prefer to say it this way since there has been so many opportunities and time to crack open a book about islam – I just can’t forgive those who do know what they do OR chose to remain ignorant.

      And it gets hard to forgive so I let God do the forgiving in these regards since what she does directly endangers generations during and after her chosen ignorance.

  1. If elected, will the Christians who do not keep Muslim hollydays be punished? And if they cought eating during the days of Ramadan, what than? WILL IT BE FLOGGING, BEHEADINDS (hopefully with the French guiletone, faster and less messy) , STONING OR MUTILTING WITH THE CROUD CHEERING ALAH AKBAR AS FAIRWELL CHANT? I hate to think what will happens to our soul brothers the Jews! But I have only one wish before beeing beheaded – slaughtered like halal, to be able to stand with my hand over my heart and listen to our NATIONAL ANTHEM !


  3. Someone should have Christine Quinn talk to the Muslims about their feelings on her lifestyle choices, like her upcoming marriage to a woman. Hmm, wonder what they would have to say about it?

    • HaHaHaHaHa! What a bunch of whackos! They slither up to these muzzie pedophiles and misogynists thinking they’re God’s gift to the “PEACE” of the world, and it never so much as dawns on them that THEY ARE THE FIRST ONES THAT THE MUZZIES WOULD BEHEAD with a dull filthy kitchen knife–as they scream, “BUT I SACRIFICED EVERYTHING FOR ISLAM”!!!!!

    • Hey “Christmas” sounds like a likely choice, since it’s become HATE SPEECH to wish anybody a “Merry Christmas” anyway!!!!

  4. I would love to see a Quinn family member come home with a muslim and in a burkha…
    Here is her facebook page.
    Look what she thinks!
    Trayvon Martin was an innocent, unarmed young man with a full life ahead of him when he was tragically shot to death last February. Today’s acquittal is a shocking insult to his family and everyone seeking justice for Trayvon.

    She has no idea that he was a black thug with a history of violence and martial arts beating a Hispanic to death… Like Obama wishes he had a son like.

  5. But for the Muslim community, it represented an opportunity to make its voice heard and build bridges with key government figures.

    build the bridge OUT OF OUR COUNTRY and take you boot licks with you!

  6. It’s the age of minorities, their rights trump yours, and muslims are a minority and way ahead of you, (and me) blacks are also a minority and boy, are they asserting their rights!

    Stupid Christine is siding with both, playing it safe, see? And being so “chic” into the bargain! To hell with her own people, bring on the blacks and muslims! She’s oh so community minded—would make a great mayor!

    • There you go, my Christian buddy, you can’t lose with candidates like that, eh?!!!!

      Seriously, is there anyone decent running? (Can’t find a “Rudi” when you need one)

      • The Dem candidates are worse than pathetic! And you’d think NYC, of all places on earth, would have the good common horse sense to “just say no” to these islamo-sympathizing BASTARDS!

        Something about these raging lefty sickos makes me remember a song from the ’60’s or ’70’s–don’t remember who wrote it:

        They’re smilin’ in your face
        And all the time they wanna take your place

  7. Does Christine Quinn who is a homosexual lesbian realize that in Muslim Sharia societies they stone homosexuals to death and murder them, and that by siding with and helping them, she is endorsing them? You would think even leftist feminists and homosexuals would side with the rest of us against Islam, at least on that issue.

  8. It seems that the Vice President of the Democratic Party as well as the Senior Presidential Adviser is an Iranian Muslim. Many followers of the party are “ideologically illiterates” on Islam and this lady appears to be one of them!

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