France: Rioting, car burnings continue as Muslims ignore veil law

Low level civil war continues in France.

via Violence continues in France over Islamic veil ban – CBS News.

Some 20 cars have been torched and four people detained in a second night of violence in suburbs west of Paris.

France’s interior minister said Sunday that the incidents overnight targeted the town of Elancourt.

Police union official said on BFM television that about 50 assailants were involved, some firing weapons and a gasoline bomb at police.

The night before, about 250 people hurling projectiles clashed with police firing tear gas in the nearby town of Trappes in apparent protest over the enforcement of France’s ban on Islamic face veils. Five people were injured and six detained in the violence, authorities said Saturday.

The interior minister urged calm and dialogue, insisting on both the need for public order and respect for France’s Muslims. The incident in the town of Trappes on Friday night reflected sporadic tensions between police upholding France’s strict policies of secularism and those who accuse authorities of discriminating against France’s No. 2 religion.

A few garbage dumpsters in the area were torched and a bus shelter shattered in the Trappes unrest. Spent tear gas capsules lay on the road Saturday near the police station at the center of the violence.

A 14-year-old boy suffered a serious eye injury in the violence, from a projectile of unknown provenance, Prosecutor Vincent Lesclous told reporters. Four police officers were injured and six people were detained in the violence, said an official with the regional police administration. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to be named due to his department’s rules.

On Saturday night, fearing new violence, riot police deployed around the town, but the atmosphere appeared calm.

The Friday night violence came after a gathering of about 200-250 people to protest the arrest of a man whose wife was ticketed Thursday for wearing a face veil. The husband tried to strangle an officer who was doing the ticketing, the prosecutor said.

France has barred face veils since 2011. Proponents of the ban — which enjoyed wide public support across the political spectrum — argue the veil oppresses women and contradicts France’s principles of secularism, which are enshrined in the constitution. In addition to small fines or citizenship classes for women wearing veils, the law includes a hefty 30,000 euro ($39,370) fine for anyone who forces a woman to wear one.

The law affects only a very small proportion of France’s millions of Muslims who wear the niqab, with a slit for the eyes, or the burqa, with a mesh screen for the eyes. But some Muslim groups argue the law stigmatizes moderate Muslims, too. France also bans headscarves in schools and public buildings.

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France urged Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who recently joined Muslim leaders in a fast-breaking sundown feast for holy month of Ramadan, to crack down on insults and attacks against Muslims.

Valls urged calm after the Trappes violence, and pledged to stand against “all those who attack Muslim buildings or our compatriots of Muslim faith.”

But he also came down firmly against those who attack police.

“There is no valid reason for the violence seen in Trappes,” he told reporters in the southern city of Marseille, which has seen a wave of urban unrest. “The law should be applied, and applies to everyone.”

The anti-Islamophobia collective said in a statement that it was contacted by the veiled woman ticketed in Trappes on Thursday, and that she said the police officer yanked her by the veil and pushed her mother.

Police argue they are doing their jobs and that veiled women are breaking a well-known law.

Immigration and assimilation fail. Halting immigration of Muslims immediately is the only solution.

Last week, Muslim “youth” in France looted the dead in the tragic train crash.

“They seemed to be helping the victims”. Nathalie Michel, from the Alliance police trade union, describes the scene on air on Europe 1: “At 5.30 pm, while our colleagues were deploying, they see a group of ‘jeunes’ who approach and seem to be helping the victims. Very quickly, they realise that these individuals are there to rob the victims and especially the first corpses,” says the trade union member indignantly.

Many more videos on the Trappes insurgency at

Meanwhile, A 15-year old Egyptian girl who rejected her family’s pressures to wear the Islamic headscarf, known as the hijab, shot herself to death using her father’s hand gun, Egyptian media reported.

Maybe France should send headscarf wearing Muslims to Egypt and accept young girls who want to escape Islamic tyranny.

16 thoughts on “France: Rioting, car burnings continue as Muslims ignore veil law

  1. The French seem to have more courage and caring about their identity and culture than the US has for ours. If Muslims don’t want to assimilate into Western culture then they need to stay in the mid-east and Africa. Do not expect us to bend to your ways or beliefs.

    • islam does not say to stay out – they are required to come to our lands and conquer them or else they think that their allah-thing will send them to hell. They do indeed expect us to bend to their ways, it is the way of malignant narcissism that islam teaches. If not… then boooom! or expect a dull blade across the throat. islam also teaches smooth talk with a lot of flatter and that is why they aim for our leaders – political, religious, media and academic – to gain useful idiots to help them in their stealth jihad against us too.

  2. After reading “Immigration and assimilation fail. Halting immigration of Muslims immediately is the only solution.”, it’s about freakin’ time. And I believe it should be considered everywhere, including the U.S. where I live. I also think France should consider deporting any Muslim who participates in these riots (those that can be caught that is).

    Watching the first video, I swear I was looking at something right out of Palestine. Rock throwing, GAS BOMBS(?!/!), and what sounded like automatic rifle fire. If these camel jockey’s cannot control themselves and continue to hurt innocent bystanders AND police, once those responsible for the violence should be deported immediately.

    Of course ‘Ole Barky, the usurping SOB in OUR White House would not consider or allow halting immigration or Muslims. He’s in his element as HE is Muslim also (it has been reported numerous times), and sooner or later what’s happening in France will jump the pond to the U.S. to enforce “Sharia Law” against our laws. Hell, it’s already happening here.

    • You are so right! The more we show civilized behavior the bolder they get , the more they burn ,loot and openly behead (England). We here in the USA hardly mention it. Our media is stupid or forbidden to mention or worse afraid, or even worse they are pro Muslim . The Kardishian saga, Zimmerman affair, dancing with the stars apparently is more Impotant, If fort Hood is declared by the president as a work incident instead of terrorism what do we expect? The question how much longer can this go on?

      • Are you crazy? No! The problem is that the government has decided that they are going to encourage social unity over policies that promote cultural diversity. It is not up to the French government to decide that hijabs are a symbol of female oppression. What do you expect them to do? Rejoice at the fact that the institution that should be respecting their rights is actively oppressing them? If tomorrow the government passed some law against wearing crosses because it symbolizes years of molestation and gay bashing from the catholic church, i promise the Catholics would be out on the streets messing things up. Would you have them all exported then? Your logic is ridiculous and ignorant. “Camel Jockeys”? really? You belong in the past.

  3. the world needs to STOP catering to the muslims; deport everyone of them; what good are they? They do not understand humanity and assimilating. Why do they leave their own countries; because of oppression; then they do the same thing they have left behind. Makes no sense.

    • Once you realize that they use any excuse to move to any Country, with one thing on their mind. First you have to know what Kuffar means, (Unbeliever, Disbeliever or Infidel). This was said by Sabeel Ahmed, “Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of Kuffar and replace them with the Pillars of Islam”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure what he’s talking about. Tear down Christianity and replace it with Islam.


  5. Of course they’re ignoring the ban, their population numbers have now surpassed 10%—one of the magic numbers.

    The way muslims see it, they can (and will) do just about whatever they please now–they have the French ‘on the run’.

    In theory at least, with 90% of the population not muslim, the French could still crack down on the rabble and reclaim their country; let’s fervently hope they do so.

      • “France sent the gypsy invasion back to Romania? Did that include “The Gypsy Kings?”—just a little levity! I know they lived in southern France.

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