Pentagon Hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner Keynoted by Keith Ellison

Attacked by Muslims on 9/11 and now infiltrated from within.

Pentagon Chaplain Col. Thomas Waynick presented Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison with a gift, on behalf of the Pentagon Muslim community, at the Pentagon, July 11, 2013.

via Department of Defense celebrates Iftar meal at the Pentagon | Article | The United States Army.

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, July 15, 2013) — The Department of Defense celebrated its 15th Iftar meal, July 12, at the Pentagon.

Attending the event were senior defense leaders, White House and congressional staffers, foreign dignitaries, defense attachés, imams, Gold Star families, and Muslims who work in the defense community.

“The month of Ramadan focuses on a lot of things,” said Col. Thomas Waynick, the Pentagon chaplain. “Among them, focusing one’s heart away from worldly activities, the cleansing of one’s soul to free it from harmful impurities, and the practices of self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice and empathy, especially with the less fortunate, and thus encouraging generosity and charity. These things are common to many of the world’s religions.”

During the month of Ramadan, which this year runs from July 8 through Aug. 7, Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours. The Iftar meal, following sundown, is when Muslims break their fast for the day. In 1999, the Pentagon Chaplain’s office first hosted such a dinner to show solidarity with and support for the Islamic community. They have been doing so each year since.

Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, a Muslim, was the guest speaker at this year’s Iftar meal.

The lawmaker spoke about serving humanity. Serving others by tutoring, visiting shut-ins, volunteering time to feed the homeless and building relationships with people less fortunate will help change America, Ellison said.

“I would challenge you to think creatively about what you can do on an individual basis to reorient our society one engagement at a time,” Ellison said.

Ellison’s son serves in the Army. Having that connection to the military, and being a Muslim, makes an Iftar meal at the Pentagon a significant event for him, Ellison said.

“I worry about [my son] and I want him to be around people who care about him,” Ellison said. “He’s Muslim, like his father is. I want him to be in a good environment. I feel like coming here [to the Pentagon Iftar] is very special.”

The significance of celebrating Iftar at the Pentagon is two-fold, said Air Force Col. Shakir Kahn. First, it informs Muslim Pentagon employees that the Department of Defense supports them. Second, it also allows the senior leadership at the Pentagon a view into the Muslim community.

Those in attendance at the Pentagon Iftar were not all Muslim. Steven Redmann, executive director of U.S. Army Headquarters Services, said that though he is not Muslim, he was able to learn from the congressman’s message about service, and find common themes that aligned with his Catholic faith.

“We need to respect [Muslims fasting during Ramadan] and understand why they do that,” Redman said. “If we could all just be more accepting, I think we’d all be better off.”

At the Pentagon, approximately 30-40 Department of Defense personnel make up a core group of Muslim worshipers, Waynick said.

Across the Army, there are more than 1,600 Muslims, said Lt. Col. Claude Brittian, the deputy Pentagon chaplain. He said that number is not exact, however, because many Muslims do not declare their religion for fear of being ostracized.

Multiple, elaborate Islamic celebrations with dozens of foreign dignitaries for 30-40 DoD personnel? Meanwhile the Pentagon banned an Air Force video that mentioned God. Dhimmitude.  Some reality courtesy of the other CNN.

Obama stated during last year’s dinner that he believes the observance harks as far back as President Thomas Jefferson.

“As I’ve noted before, Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here with an envoy from Tunisia — perhaps the first Iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago. And some of you, as you arrived tonight, may have seen our special display, courtesy of our friends at the Library of Congress — the Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson,” he stated. “And that’s a reminder, along with the generations of patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam — like so many faiths — is part of our national story.”

But, some opine that Obama is severely mistaken about the matter as Jefferson was rather studying the religion because of his concerns about the nation’s foreign enemies.

“Obama is trying to rewrite American history to make us believe that Islam has always been a positive force for good in our society. The truth is that our nation’s first foreign war involved Islamic pirates,” writes the site Government is Not God. “We’re still fighting the same war, but now the Muslims have an ally in the White House – a man who bows to a Saudi Prince, turns NASA into a Muslim outreach program and rewrites history to portray ruthless Islam as American as apple pie.

For newer readers not aware of Muslim Keith Ellison’s affinity for Hamas, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, check out the dozens of posts on Ellison in our archives or read Keith Ellison for dummies.

12 thoughts on “Pentagon Hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner Keynoted by Keith Ellison

  1. TRAITORS ALL! To honor the very SLIME WHO WISH TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY IS NOTHING LESS THAN AN ACT OF TRAITORS! LINCOLN WAS RIGHT, This country cannot be taken from without but only from within! WITHIN IS NOW HAPPENING!!!!

  2. Now what is next? Do we buy Muslim graces, and their friendship so they do not behead us? NEVER FORGET 9/11 AND THE AIM OF ISLAMIZATIN OF AMERICA. It is a shame that we cannot live together in peace, and that we give in to a dogma that is totally against our democracy and Judeo Christian background. My only big question is or is not our president a Muslim? Maybe then we understand him more, all his actions seem to divide us more racially and politically.

    • Aterg, people have debated this ad infinitum, but just consider, EVERYTHING; every single decision this man has made which concerned islam has been made in favour of muslims.

      He eats with them in the white house, where they are honoured guests, he prays with them, and is importing huge numbers of them into America where they are infiltrating all organizations including the judiciary, schools, universities, local governments etc., and all with help from the Obama gang.

      We have it in black and white he was a muslim in Indonesia—when did he ever convert to Christianity? At this point some say ‘when he met Rev Jeremiah Wright’, and what was Wright? A black muslim. It’s as though people have never heard of taqiyya, where muslims are not just allowed but even encouraged to lie and deceive if it helps further the cause of islam.

      Obama has become more and more open about championing islam, which he now does practically with impunity, he thumbs his nose at congress and keeps giving huge amounts of American taxpayer’s money to totally failed, corrupt Islamic countries—and ONLY Islamic countries. His one undisguised goal is the rise of islam, particularly the muslim brotherhood–and he has said so, in action and word. “I will stand with islam”.

      What Christian would aid the slaughter of Christians who live in the Islamic world? Obama. What “Christian” president would deny American soldiers gunned down by a muslim nutter not only decorations but also any and all financial help, saying contemptuously: “It’s just workplace violence”. Obama

      The day will come when he will say: “Sure, I’m a muslim, fooled you, eh?” And laugh in your face!

  3. It would be like FDR inviting the SS to dinner, year after year, while they kill the insane, Jews, Christians, etc in their holocaust.

  4. Ellison’s son serves in the Army.

    So we have another Hasson on our hands in our uniforms but fighting for piglam swell…………….

  5. We are doomed by the enemy, islamists,infecting our country from within.. Unless we can purge islam from the government and military we will succumb to the death by sharia.

  6. sure, let’s all be more accepting of the muzzies and their barbaric ways; let’s be sure they are never offended. In the meantime their ilk continue to murder, burn, rape, ravage Jewish and Christian communities throughout the world; so, yeah, let’s not offend them.

  7. Pingback: Pentagon hosts ramadan dinner

  8. Gold Star families??? what an affront! what audacity of the dopes! why would families with men fighting Muslims want to attend Ramadan>?? and the idiot Catholic liberal? what exactly do you share with Muslims? jewhate?

    Uh when is the Passover service in the Pentagon- I want an invite

  9. Secretary of State John Kerry To Host Ramadan Iftar

    Secretary of State John Kerry will host an Iftar to commemorate the month of Ramadan in the Benjamin Franklin Room at the Department of State on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The event will begin at 8:30pm.

    At this event, Secretary Kerry will highlight State Department efforts to reach out in innovative and exciting ways to engage with Muslim communities around the world. The event will reinforce programs that build bridges of understanding and partnership, and celebrate people whose work exemplifies a spirit of cooperation and commitment to change.

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