Muslim Immigration to U.S. is on the Rise

via Muslim Immigration Is on the Rise.

By: Rachel Molschky

A new report shows a significant rise in Muslim immigration to the US. The Pew Forum has analyzed the results and found that over the past 20 years, around one million immigrants have been granted permanent residency status every year. Sometimes they are able to obtain this status because they are family members of other residents, while other times they get work visas, are refugees and asylum seekers, or they have won a visa lottery. But as the report shows, where they are coming from is changing. Whereas before, there were more arriving from Europe and other parts of North America as well as South America, now those numbers are decreasing while those from Asia, Africa and the Middle East are increasing. Surprise, surprise.

What this means is that while there are still many Christians immigrating to the US (though less than before), the number of Muslims is increasing steadily. In 1992, 68% of the new legal permanent residents were Christians, while this number has dropped to only 61% ten years later. Meanwhile, during the same time frame, Muslims comprised 5% of the new legal permanent residents before and have increased to twice as many, 10%, a decade later. Religious minorities once made up one out of every five new legal immigrants, but now they are one out of every four. Some of these religious minorities are Hindus and Buddhists, but they are generally productive members of society and contribute to the economy. They are not the ones responsible for 94% of the world’s terrorism, much of which is directed to the very same Western nations where they are immigrating, and much of which is done now through homegrown terrorism, that which is done by legal immigrants and mainly naturalized citizens, second generation immigrants or recent Muslim converts.

These numbers are troublesome, but what is worse is the fact that Obama is actually considering inviting Syrian refugees into our country, thereby increasing the number of legal Muslim immigrants even more. But that’s not all. Many of the Syrian rebels have professed their allegiance to Al Qaeda. If we invite them to infiltrate our borders, not only legally but actually welcoming them with open arms, what is to come of this great nation? While before they had to be sneaky about getting here to perform their terrorist acts, now they come legally and are protected. They have freedom of religion, which is an important thing so long as that religion does not preach hatred and violence and the destruction of your own civilization. In the case of Islam, it does just that. And if anyone criticizes this religion, Muslims then insist on anti-blasphemy laws, and they cry about unfair treatment and Islamophobia. The intent is to walk into the country legally, complain about Islamophobia and then proceed to plan the most destructive and violent terrorist attacks possible.

The LA Times has reported that in the near future we could see thousands of Syrian refugees in American towns and cities. There are currently 1.6 million Syrian refugees in other Middle Eastern countries. The idea is that these countries cannot support them all, but shouldn’t they be taking care of their brethren? Why is it the responsibility of the US?

According to the Times, “The United States usually accepts about half the refugees that the U.N. agency proposes for resettlement. California has historically taken the largest share, but Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia are also popular destinations.”

The US is not the only Western country considering taking in these refugees. Germany has already committed to taking in 5000 people. The US will likely take in a far more substantial amount than that if we typically accept half of what the UN proposes. On board to take in the refugees are Susan Rice, Obama’s new anti-Israel National Security Advisor, (a post once held by such people as Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice), and Samantha Power, Obama’s nominee for US Ambassador to the UN, another extremely anti-Israel and clearly anti-Semitic person in Obama’s camp, who showed her true colors several years ago when she suggested taking aid away from Israel, actually invading our great ally and instead helping Palestinian terrorists. These are the type of people serving in high ranking government positions now. With such people in power, the acceptance of Syrian refugees into our nation is likely to become a reality.

As of now, these refugees are mainly in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, and the 1.6 million number is expected to double to 3.2 million by the end of the year. Turkey is not happy and is demanding that the West relieve the burden. But imagine if Turkey, a Muslim country, is fed up, what will become of the West if we allow these people, who are already from a completely different culture from our own and who profess a religion which preaches hatred against us, to come and live in the very nations they hate? What’s more, according to the Times article, approximately 80% of these refugees are women and children who have war injuries, both physical and mental. Rather than adding to our society, they will require care and will be a drain on the economy as the government sustains them. More taxes will be going to supporting these people, many of whom hate us. We are just asking for more homegrown terrorism.

We’ve already seen this effect with the massive amounts of Iraqi refugees we have taken in. There have been Iraqis arrested and convicted of terrorism plots, honor killings and other crimes, as well as a gang rape case involving who else, but Iraqis once again. Those poor, defenseless refugees.

Immigration has drastically changed in the US. In 1992, 41% of new permanent residents came from the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East-North Africa region or sub-Saharan Africa. But by 2012, this number rose to 53%. Additionally, while the United States accepted around 250,000 immigrants each year in the 1950s, this country is now accepting around one million each year. Of that one million, 260,000 of them belong to other religions besides Christianity, and 130,000 do not belong to any religion. But how many of those 130,000 come from nations with cultures completely different from our own and cultures which teach that America is the enemy? In other words, many of that 260,000 are Muslim, and what about the 130,000 who claim to have no religion? Whether they claim to be religious or not, if they come from a Muslim country, the ideology is imbedded in their culture.

Then these Muslim immigrants have children, and their population multiplies. They build mosques and Islamic cultural centers, which is their right as legal residents and citizens of the United States, the land of opportunity which provides for them that very sought after freedom of religion. But it is in these mosques and cultural centers where many terrorism schemes have been masterminded. There have been multiple FBI and police undercover sting operations which have led to the capture of these terrorists. And secret recordings in mosques throughout the West have uncovered the truth about what imams really preach: it is not peace but rather, that the West is the enemy, that it is ok to rape non-Muslims, death to America, death to the Jews, death to Israel, etc. This is the “religion” we are protecting.

The point is not if we agree with someone else’s religion. If someone wants to believe in G-d, multiple gods, or no gods, they should have that right. However, if people immigrate to a largely Judeo-Christian society, and their religion preaches the destruction of that very society which took them in, this is when it becomes an issue. Or at least, it should.

Not only is modern immigration changing the religious and ethnic make-up of the US and the rest of the West, but it is doing it at an incredibly rapid pace as these numbers demonstrate. Those who openly say without any hesitation that we are their enemy are welcomed with open arms. Diversity is one thing, but if that diversity means more terrorism against us and more economic instability, then it is time to rethink the approach.

35 thoughts on “Muslim Immigration to U.S. is on the Rise

  1. That’s one way for America to Islamize itself. I think I now know how the ancient Roman Empire fell. I am seeing the same thing happening to the USA. The land of the free and the home of the brave will no longer be in the decades to come.

    • Are you crazy???? Tell me one Jew that has ever threatened to BLOW UP Americans in the name of God????? JEWS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, MY FRIEND–AND I’M A GENTILE!!!!!

      • I am with you there Depreach. Even after 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in Europe, they never did anything to harm those European countries. Jews like the Italians, Portuguese were good citizens and fought to protect the United States. Don’t you even try to compare!!!!

    • I lived in a heavily Jewish area in the East for many years. Most American Jews do assimilate and nothing prevents them if they want to intermarry with gentiles. Except for those who are leftist activists, as are a multitude of gentiles, they present no threat to our way of life. BTW, if a Jewish man and Christian woman marry, Judaic doctrine says that the children take the religion of the Mother. Judaism is nothing like Islam.

      • Judaism does not say that the children are to take the religion of the mother if a Jewish man marries a Christian woman. Jewish law says that the child is not a Jew, is all. Because being a Jew is passed down by the mother, not the father.

        However, this doesn’t mean that if a child has a Jewish father and a Christian mother, Jewish law says the child is Christian. Jewish law does not dictate what religion non-Jews are. The child is not a Jew, that’s all the Torah says about it. Whatever it wants to be or its parents want it to be is up to them.

        The only path the Torah requires for non-Jews are the 7 Noahide Laws. This is what non-Jews are to be following according to God in the Torah, not a putrid corpse they call God and worship thanks to the Catholics.

        As for Judaism being nothing like Islam, that’s not true. Judaism and Christianity are MUCH MUCH closer than Judaism and Christianity ever were.

        Islam and Judaism believe God is one, undivided. Neither Jews nor Muslims worship God divided into anything. To do so is idolatry in both religions.

        Islam and Judaism do not believe that God becomes a man because God says in the Jewish Torah (and the Koran) that he is not a mortal. To believe God becomes a man and to worship that man is idolatry in both Islam and Judaism.

        Islam and Judaism do not believe that God impregnates virgin human women to create “sons”. This is pagan mythology older than dirt and picked up by Christianity, but never by either Islam or Judaism. It is idolatry to both Muslims and Jews.

        And the list goes on. This is why a Jew and a Muslim, according to BOTH’s laws, may worship in each others’ synagogues or mosques, because neither commits these idolatries as Christians do. And this is also why neither Jews nor Muslims by their own religious laws are allowed to set foot in, let alone worship in a Christian church. The idolatry there is just beyond any bounds set by either the Jewish Torah or the Koran.

        Now, Islam and Christianity do have some things in common. Both believe in a heaven and a hell, and an eternal burning hell. Both teach that they are the one true religion and anyone who doesn’t believe goes to an eternal burning hell.

        Islam and Christianity also have the mythology of an angel who rebelled against God and was cast down and became the devil who seeks to steal mankind’s souls and God’s Kingdom. NOTHING like this has ever existed in Judaism or the Jewish Torah. Ever. It comes from elsewhere and was adopted by both islam and Christianity but not by Judaism.

        And Original Sin. Not sure if Islam believes in it? I think so. It’s a Catholic invention, so Judaism has never had it and believes it to be a doctrine of evil – the Jewish Torah teaches that all mankind is born with pure souls and it’s what we do with them after we are aware, that determines whether we blemish our souls or not. And if we do, Torah teaches how to remove the blemishes (which does not involve believing in a human sacrifice dead stinking corpse named Jesus.) So, Original SIn, not Jewish, not Torah, not from God. It’s invented by the Catholics.

        Heaven and hell? Invented by the Zoroastrians, basically. Adopted by Christianity and then later by Islam but never by Judaism which has it’s own system not even resembling anything like that.

        So u can see that Judaism and Islam are actually much closer in belief than Christianity and Judaism are. It’s not at all that they are nothing alike whatsoever – that honor goes to Christianity when compared to Judaism.

        • erg, where I wrote “As for Judaism being nothing like Islam, that’s not true. Judaism and Christianity are MUCH MUCH closer than Judaism and Christianity ever were.”

          That should read, “As for Judaism being nothing like Islam, that’s not true. Judaism and ISLAM are MUCH MUCH closer than Judaism and Christianity ever were.”

    • Umm, something like 99% of the Jews in the USA are secular and completely assimilated into US society. Intermarried to the extent that their children are no longer even Jews. Check out the website “Will Your Grandchildren Be Jewish?” And keep in mind that this study was done over a decade ago and the numbers are even higher now. The Jews in the USA are breeding themselves right out of existence as they intermarry with non-Jews and breed children who are not Jewish according to Torah law. (Mother ONLY passes down being a Jew, not the father).

      Now out of the small population of Jews in the USA, besides the 99% who are not too religious if at all and are already assimilated, there is another even smaller group of Jews, a very very small minority of Jews in the USA who are Orthodox and religious. However, among these most are keeping their religious traditions while maintaining a secular career such as teachers, doctors, etc. In other words, functioning, assimilated Jews, other than their religious rituals.

      Out of THAT very very small minority of Orthodox Jews, an even SMALLER minority are Ultra-Orthodox, who are also very religious and again, these are also contributing members of society – teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc.

      And out of THAT very very small minority is an even SMALLER minority who does not assimilate. These are such as the Satmar, etc. but even many of them also work and are contributing citizens.

      So out of the .01 % of the entire world population that is Jews (yes, that’s right .01% of the world’s population are Jews) ……..
      something like .00001 % do not assimilate.

      Seriously, consider the lack of intelligence and reality that you project to people with your posts, and check out the actual statistics first before posting – stats like that are VERY easy to look up by anyone.

  2. “….it is in these mosques and cultural centers where many terrorism schemes have been masterminded….secret recordings in mosques throughout the West have uncovered the truth about what imams really preach: it is not peace but rather, that the West is the enemy, that it is ok to rape non-Muslims, death to America, death to the Jews, death to Israel, etc. This is the “religion” we are protecting.”


  3. I will never quite understand this. After 9/11, why in the world did Bush allow them to migrate here without background checks! (Hmmmm, maybe because he knew the Muslims were not totally responsible?) Ws it an excuse to continue capturing the poppy fields of Afghanistan? Or, to drill for more oil? I don’t know. Just tossing it out there for you to tell me!

    BEFORE the last election..errr uhhh, “take-over”, Obama promised to bring in 80-100,000 Muslims per year into this country for the next five years.

    There a little while back this year, it was announced that there will be a
    Million Man Muslim March in NY on 9/11.

    Invitation to Million Man Muslim March on 9/11

    • Bush made some stupid mistakes, i.e., calling Islam a “religion of peace” was definitely one of them! But the difference between Bush and O is that George Bush ignorantly thought he could assuage the muslims into being our friends–Mr. O-bomb-a, on the other hand, is inviting the muzzies here because HE IS A MUZZIE and wants desparately to see the Muslim Brotherhood take over our government! YES, I REALLY BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

      • I agree.
        Bush was advised that it was the religion of peace by some prominent muslim clerics he invited to the WH. He believed everything they said – hook line and sinker. He really didn’t have a clue about Islam.
        Obama is being a good muslim in that he is helping to establish a worldwide caliphate, which is the end goal of all Muslims.

        • Thanks, ‘Paula’! – No one will convince me that George Bush was anti-American anything–THAT’S A LIE, you know it, and most of the bloggers on this website know it too! Unfortunately, some people’s minds on this blog are just like cement–ALL MIXED UP AND HARD AS A ROCK!!! On the other hand, BHO can’t open his mouth w/o lying through his teeth!!!!! I truly dread to think what will still be left of this country in 3 1/2 more years. Thanks again!

      • Bush didn’t believe he could assuage Muslim anything. The Bush family and the Saudi Royal family are so close they vacation together and this has been going on for decades. Bush and Cheney both had HUGE interests in contracts overseas, the entire war production machine, etc.

        Bush also started dismantling our Constitution and decided that anyone can be detained without due process simply by being labeled a terrorist whether they are or not. Bush did a hell of a lot to rip the US Constitution to shreds.

        You had better stop looking at Republican or Democrat, and the idiotic issues like homosexuality and abortion – they are BOTH distracting you with those issues and all kinds of nonsense while they TAKE YOUR COUNTRY DOWN AROUND YOUR EARS.

        Wake the hell up.

      • Carter called Islam a religion of peace, because he got so many billions from the Muslims. He was willing to sell our country down the drain for his own self-interests. He also said that Iran was not a threat. We are still being fed lies on a daily basis and these lies are intented to brainwash us so the Muslims can take over our country.

        • Yep, Carter too. He wrote a book full of lies and inaccuracies about Israel, on top of all that.

          BOTH the Dems and the Repubs — BOTH — are in the back pockets of the oil countries and their rulers, and its been going on a long time.

        • At the time, I didn’t understand the significance of Carter’s capitulations regarding our relationship with islamic regimes. I know now that Carter was very bad for the US and for the world economy (basically he was, and still is, a self-aggrandizing idiot). It’s all part and parcel of the leftist agenda to elevate themselves and humiliate those of us who honestly seek to convey THE TRUTH! Carter cracked the door open wide for this demonic islamic onslaught that we’re now required to confront!!!

    • The 80,000 plus a year was something begun by BUSH, not by Obama, and it’s been going on for at least 4 different presidencies through both Dems and Repubs.

      Don’t fall for the divide and conquer bullshit.

  4. 1,000,000 a year (4 wives) and they multiply like rats so the population should surge pretty quickly.

    What a sorry state of affairs o-bomb-a has created. It is unfortunate he is president as he is the worst EVER.

    He could care less about America; he has proven that many times over. Our economy has gone to hell; no jobs for people; more on welfare; we’re becoming a nanny state which is what he wants.

    We want LESS government; not more.

    Obamacare should be abolished, period. why do we need thousands of irs employees to enroll people in obamacare? this is one hell of a mess for sure. he has used his office to pursue his agenda of having the irs terrorize conservatives; and this came from the top, not the lower echelons of the irs.

    Obama is back of everything and has been the genesis of all the scandals. It is in his dna to lie; nothing that comes out of his mouth has EVER been the truth. How sad for our country.

    did Congress approve of the billion plus building in Utah to store information on all citizens? I doubt it.

    • And most of Congress is just standing back and watching him destroy our country. The Founders gave the press complete freedom to report everything to theAmerican people, without fear. Instead, the media act as the propaganda office of one Party. I doubt if we’ll ever again have a Republican President.

  5. This stinks!

    My brother has gone on job interviews where they have said that they had 200 applicants for the job. He did not get the job. He is doing contracting work that he finds but it does not pay enough to live on.

    There are millions of people who are working 2 low paying part time jobs or full time work that does not pay very much.

    I am working right now making minimum wage with no health care insurance. I can not afford it.

    We need to stop muslim immigration period end. As well as all others.

    Islam is a danger to our society. Around the world they have proven not to assimilate or respect our fair and just laws. There is so much crime as in riots & an alarming amount of rape in Western Europe where mulsims are at least 5% of the population in these countries.

    Muslim gang-rapes across Europe
    UK Police probe at least 54 more Muslim child sex slavery gangs
    16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend.
    20 muslim refugees rape an 11-year old girl in a public bath, Stockholm Sweden

    Videos of Muslims Daily attacks on citizens of Europe

    Continuous riots in France & Sweden

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    This so very wrong. This administration makes me sick.

    We need to speak out & educate. I do almost everyday at social media sites.

    • Americans won’t wake up when people continually focus 90%+ of their examples on Europe & the Middle East.

      The examples in the U.S. go unreported by national media and are countered easily by Islamic propaganda (CAIR) in local media.

      Average Americans – those who overwhelmingly vote Democrat or don’t vote at all – could care less what happens in the Middle East or Europe and won’t see it as a harbinger of things to come in the U.S.

      Amnesty for 20-30 million illegals and their extended families who will follow plus tens of thousands of Syrians – it will essentially be the end of what is left of America.

      • To ‘CS’ – So true! And the fact is that even many people from the NYC area (especially the politicians) are so quick to blithely cast the 9/11 tragedy to the side! It just blows the minds of all of us who can foresee this deluge of terror that is coming!!!!

        Thank you for focusing so much of your posts on the atrocities that are happening here–RIGHT HERE UNDER OUR VERY NOSES!!!! YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION!!!!

      • Thanks creeping,
        I know what you say because I have presented this to the Yahoo Q&A folks & had a few respond who cares what is going on there. But I had some gal respond saying I did not know this is going on this is scary.
        I then chose her for best answer and left her a detailed response as in the information I gave just above your comment & other info to boot so she would be able to connect the dots.

        If I can get to a few than they will tell others & so on. It is better than doing nothing. I have brought American news stories like the one about the woman locked away for 3 years in Florida.

        You are right though we need to get out those stories that are happening in the United States which I have. One response that was disturbing was get used to it. It is going to happen more and more.

        I responded by saying I refuse to take a defeatist attitude toward what is happening & gave her more info so she would connect all the dots and I encouraged her to speak out & educate & protest to stop immigration.

        I called the judiciary committee office & spoke to the gentleman on the phone & explained to him what I told you in the above comment.

        I also called my congressman about the immigration bill & to not let it pass if it allows amnesty to illegals & that we need to stop immigration all together.

        I also told the aid that I had heard that fox news is 20% owned by the saudi prince & that Roger Ailes owned 20% of Al Jazeera news.

        He said he never heard that before. I said I found that out not by left wing media. I think he was a little dumb founded about it.

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  10. 1) WHY do most people still believe that there is a SOFT VERSION of the islam ?
    2) WHY if the islam is the ultimate lovingly friendly and super best religion in the world are plenty people from islamcountries running like hell out of them right into the kafir countries ?
    3) WHY are most politicians kissing the islam-ass ? what is the reason behind this circus ? what are they afraid for ?


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