California: Muslim ordered to trial after killing wife & faking hate crime

Together with his children he faked a hate crime blaming Americans for his Islamic honor killing of his wife. via Husband ordered to trial in Iraqi-American’s death.

EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) – A judge on Friday ordered an Iraqi immigrant to stand trial in California in the killing of his wife, whose fatal beating prompted international condemnation because it had appeared to be a hate crime.

San Diego County Superior Court Judge Lantz Lewis announced his decision after Kassim Alhimidi’s lawyer urged the court to let his client go, saying there is no forensic evidence linking him to the death of his wife, 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi.

Attorney Richard Berkon Jr. noted no blood or glass was found on Alhimidi’s body or clothing, or in his car. And he said his client does not speak English, raising doubts he was capable of staging the killing as a hate crime by planting the note found in the next room that read: “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

Alhimidi has pleaded not guilty to murder. He also has cooperated with police throughout the investigation, even voluntarily returning from Iraq after burying his wife in their homeland.

“It doesn’t make sense, your honor,” Berkon told Lewis. “The real killer is still out there.”

The judge said the most persuasive evidence for him was street-camera footage that indicates Alhimidi might have driven a short distance from home that fateful March 21, 2012, morning and parked his car – contradicting his story to investigators that he had gone for a drive to relax at that time.

“It appears to be a lie,” Lewis said in explaining his ruling.

The footage shows a person getting out of a parked red car resembling Alhimidi’s vehicle around the corner from the home and then walking back to it an hour later.

Lewis also cited a deadly weapon charge against Alhimidi as reason to keep him in custody.

The mother of five, who immigrated to the United States in 1994 to flee her country’s violence, was found by her eldest daughter in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor with her body entangled in a computer cord and desk chair. She had multiple skull fractures from a blunt force and died two days after the attack. A sliding glass door was shattered.

Berkon questioned why Alhimidi would choose to kill his wife when their daughter was upstairs, sleeping.

Alhimidi’s daughter, identified only as Fatima, struggled to keep her composure on the stand Thursday as she testified that her father could not accept that his wife wanted to get divorced and move to Texas, where her family members lived.

Wearing a purple headscarf, the 18-year-old said she had gone with her mother to the courthouse, where she obtained divorce papers.

“She showed him the papers. He laughed. He thought she wasn’t serious,” she testified. “She was furious because he was not taking her serious.”

Berkon said his client had told a detective he was open to having his wife go to Texas to take a break if she needed one.

As Fatima testified, her father sobbed loudly. She turned her head to avoid looking at him.

The teen said her parents had loud arguments but she never saw her father strike anyone.

She said her father told her about a month after the killing that he had thrown out his wife’s shoes and another unidentified object of hers because he feared police would “suspect it was him.” Alhimidi told police he threw out a hammer from his van because he was worried it was illegal. No hammer has been found, investigators said.

Fatima also told the court her younger sister had found a note a week before the killing outside their home’s front door with the same wording as the menacing note found the day of her mother’s attack. She said the handwriting was the same but the ink was a different color.

Police said lab tests determined the note they found the day of the killing was a photocopy. And the FBI ruled the death in El Cajon, home to about 40,000 Iraqi immigrants, was not a hate crime.

The trial was set for Aug. 8.

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16 thoughts on “California: Muslim ordered to trial after killing wife & faking hate crime

  1. I can not believe they let honor killing hubby go back to Iraq to bury her. It must be horrible in Iraq for him to come back here. He must be an egomaniac not to think he would be charged with his wife’s murder.

    If I recall teen daughter was caught having sex with boy friend in a car by mom who wanted her to have an arranged marriage. Daughter might be in cahoots.

  2. A premeditated crime of passion? No, a first degree murder! In sharia law this is allowed. Muslims wil not and cannot assimilate, so no more immigration, and send the rest back. Unfortunately many decent law abiding Muslims are included.

    • I honestly don’t believe there is such a thing as a “law abiding Muslim”. I truly believe that muslims will do anything that their imam tells them to do–and we all know that “honor killing” is absolutely considered to be a “RIGHTEOUS” deed as written in their koran. Muslims are infected with a disease called “LYING”. It is inbred! If it will advance the cause of islam–THEY WILL DO IT!

      Nothing is off limits!!! That’s why we should require all “muslims” who seek to enter our country to sign a document renouncing all islamic affiliations!!! WE ABSOLUTELY NEED TO DECLARE ISLAMISM AS AN ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITY!!!!! But FAT CHANCE that’ll ever happen!!!!

      • Under sharia a “law abiding Muslim” kills at will when he is not burning something down.

        • who is talking about sharia low, men under sharia killed their women every day in Arab countries. I am originally from Iraq.

  3. He contradicted his own belief system. Supposedly, they belief that Honor Killing is justified.
    By hiding it and telling a lie about it…he is betraying his, supposedly, own faith.

  4. Muslims just do not understand that Americans would not kill them or harm them over “hate.” In 2013 our nation does not operate that way. Classic case of projection: he hates us passionately and projects that feeling onto us. So for him it seems not a stretch at all that someone would place a hate note and then commit a crime. He probably thought this was 100% believable.
    BUT IT’S NOT. Normal Americans do not harm others over religious or political views (can’t decide which one Islam is – religion or imperialist political system – but neither would cause people to kill a woman like his wife).
    On the other hand the attempted divorce/relocation gives him 100% of a motive (in his Muslim brain). In “his country” he could have snuffed her out without worrying about covering it up.
    And upaces88 makes a logical point: he did contradict “honor” by covering it up. Except that Muslims are expected to lie to save their own hides at every turn.
    Just more fodder for the liberals…now they’ll claim this was a hate crime and impose even more restrictions on what we can say. That’s why it’s impossible to have a civil conversation about the Muslim problem we face.

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  6. lies and a dead wife and mother. the woman wanted out and can’t blame her. He killed her, period. hang the bastard. it is not ok to murder your spouse except in islam.

    • If he would kill his wife, what would he do to your daughter if she got out of line with him? There really is no discussion on what to do. This “political system” he follows is clearly incompatible with any civilized country.

  7. Yeah, the liberal dhimwits were screaming “hate crime” when this happened, screaming at me and calling me names because I said it was probably the husband. What do I hear now? Crickets. Liberals are cowards.

  8. you won’t hear any retractions in the liberal press.

    this killing wives who want a divorce seems common. the one in NY was beheaded for that while the kids were waiting in the car.

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