Cali: Saudi princess out on bail doesn’t show for arraignment in slavery case

Did she hop a plane back to Arabia? via Hearing Delayed for Saudi Princess in Slavery Case


An arraignment was delayed Monday for Saudi princess Meshael Alayban, who is charged with human trafficking for allegedly enslaving a domestic servant from Kenya in her Irvine, Calif., condo.

Alayban, 42, did not appear in court and Orange County Superior Court Judge Gerald Johnston judge was concerned.

“I have a question to ask here,” Johnston said. “In all cases in which a felony is charged, the accused shall be present at the arraignment … Why is she not here?”

Attorneys Paul S. Meyer and Jennifer L. Keller said that Alayban did not appear in court as authorized and she has complied with all court orders.

“The nannies traveled to the U.S. on $10,000 first-class tickets, along with the family,” they said in  a statement. “These women had cell phones, Internet, Facebook, and the family even bought cable in their native language for them. They enjoyed full use of the spa, gym and pool and were often dropped off to shop alone at neighborhood malls, all paid for by the family.”

Her arraignment was postponed to Sept. 20.

The case broke July 9, when the maid from Kenya managed to escape the condo and flagged down a bus driver who alerted authorities. Police arrested Alayban in connection with the case and opened an investigation into the discovery of four more women from the Philippines found unharmed in the condo.

Alayban was charged with human trafficking, the first case of its kind to be prosecuted in Orange County under Proposition 35, California’s anti-human trafficking law.

If convicted, she faces up to 12 years in prison.

Alayban, who made her first court appearance July 11, was allowed to post the $5 million bail and was being monitored by a GPS tracking device. She was also ordered to stay in the county and she had to surrender her passport.

The Kenyan maid told police she agreed to work for Alayban for two years, prosecutors said. She was paid $220 a month for 16-hour days, seven days a week, with no time off. Among her duties — cooking, cleaning and caring for at least eight people in the condo complex.

Alayban is one of six wives to a grandson of the king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. She came to the U.S. with her three children on a vacation visa and has been in Irvine since at least May, officials said.

Back story here: Wife of Saudi King’s grandson arrested for enslaving maids in California, released on bail

28 thoughts on “Cali: Saudi princess out on bail doesn’t show for arraignment in slavery case

  1. ovomit probably sent Air Force One to pick her up and cart her smarmy butt to sowdie arabia and then apologized and slobbered all over his moslem masters.

    • Your comment is probably very close to accurate. The Saudis don’t have to abide by our laws and have been given too many chances to escape prosecution and questioning. Remember when the bin Laden family flew out on 9/11 during the no fly rule? What about the Saudi of interest after the Boston bombing? He’s still here, but the investigation disappeared and was later denied by Big Sis. Yet, no administration will allow us oil independence. Just another example of the globalist takeover of America.

      • faxxmaxx,
        thank you very much for keeping your comment at a decent level. To me it shows that you can make comments without shouting or throwing insults.
        I never thought I would say this but somehow I miss ‘dapreach.1’. He said ‘goodbye’, but I hope he didn’t mean it. It would be nice to have him back at the same level as you. After all, he’s on the same side we all are.
        For that matter, I also miss ‘Enzy’, I did not think it was fair to exclude him. It is better to have your “enemies” close than in hiding. Maybe(?) he could have learned something – although I doubt it, BUT you never know.

          • I can’t remember since I reply to almost all, but he complimented me yesterday, which is why I clearly remember. Ask creeping, they see all comments and usually will answer a question. Right Creeping? LOL

          • To ‘CS’ –

            Is there a way for me to know which posts ‘dapreach.1’ comments on?
            I do want him on my side, but I have certain ideas about what makes good comments, which he now knows.
            If he does not want for me to see his comments, I can understand it, but I never understood him to be a wimp.

            To ‘dapreach.1’ –

            If you want to discuss the dangers of Extreme Islam (I really don’t know if there are any ‘moderate’ muslims) I am willing to support your views, when you don’t yell at commentators or insult theM offensively.

            HOW ABOUT IT?

          • Haven’t heard of a way to follow a specific user’s comments…you may search WordPress support…but all user’s comments are visible to all others…for better or worse as you’ve witnessed

          • To ‘CS” –
            I understand for “better or worse”. But that does not explain why “Enzy” is no longer here (or is he?). Did he voluntarily withdraw, or did CS censure him? If you did, you apply your “for better or worse” policy arbitrarily.
            Personally, I would rather have him close here than not, so I can understand how he thinks. Otherwise we just “preach to the choir.”

          • very welcome- I appreciate your efforts to minimize some of the dramatic, over the top posts here in order to be more convincing to those who do not agree and to stop them of making what they accuse Islamic opponents of (hysterical, crazy, evangelical, haters etc) true.

            I do not care about the worship of Muslims but their aggressive intolerance and attempt to change our nation into what many of them have come here to get away from

  2. they have so much money that they can hide or run anywhere they want. their kind do not have the right to live here. slavery is over but guess they didn’t get the memo.

  3. “Alayban, who made her first court appearance July 11, was allowed to post the $5 million bail and was being monitored by a GPS tracking device”

    Whichever judge allowed a Saudi Princess slave-owner to be out on bail, should be removed from the bench permanently. Saudis believe blacks are animals – literally – and are good for nothing except slavery. However, every American I’ve ever told that to, laughed in my face.

  4. Did you check if she is still here or gone? If not why not? Or is she back in her harem in Saudi Arabia for the pleasure of the prince, or is she divorced, because only flour wives allowed at a time? On 9/11 the Saudis were at the Crawford ranch Texas , guest of the Bushes. They were allowed to quickly fly away,

    • I would NEVER want to be president. No matter whether you work hard at foreign policy matters or not, someone will disagree with you. Just what do you think would have happened if GW would have imprisoned the Saudis, not knowing for sure who committed the 9/11 attack?
      Also, it would not surprise me if she is back in Saudi Arabia.

  5. What happened with the GPS monitoring. She would of had a monitoring ankle bracelet on her ankle for house arrest. Did they not put the ankle bracelet on her & if they did how did they not go to her home when it stopped working?

    They should of kept her in jail till her court date.

    • I agree they should have kept her in jail, because she was a flight risk.
      Have no idea how ankle bracelets actually work, but I know someone to ask, and I’ll report back next week, Maybe she was not required to wear one, which would have been a terrible mistake by the prosecutor and/or judge.

  6. In a case involving a non-Mulsim an arrest warrant would have been issued. But then the law does not apply to Muslims. And why wasn’t the Department of Homeland Security not bringing Federal charges of alien smuggling and slavery?

    • “But then the law . . . to Muslims”
      I hope to high heaven that was sarcastically said.
      We also know why DHS is not bringing federal charges — POTUS!

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