Ohio: Three Muslims arrested in $2 million food stamp fraud

via Three Brook Park men accused of defrauding $2 million from food stamp program.

BROOK PARK, Ohio – Three Brook Park men been indicted for defrauding the food stamp program out of $2 million at four Cleveland stores.

The United States Attorney’s Office of Northern Ohio said brothers Saed and Maher Wahdan, along with the help of Nidal Jaber, accepted food stamps for ineligible items like beer and cigarettes.

All three men have been indicted on counts of conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud, food stamp fraud and unlawful redemption of food stamps.

U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio Steven Dettelbach said that attempts will be made to recover stolen money.

“The food stamp program has provided nutritious food to thousands of hungry families over the years,” he said. “We will continue to work to recover money stolen from the program and eradicate waste, fraud and abuse of government programs.”

Between January 2008 and March 2012, the three men attempted to commit more than $2 million in food-stamp fraud through four of their businesses that were held under different names to conceal Saed Wahdan’s prior food stamp convictions, authorities said. Those stores were One Stop Beverage, 5105 Franklin Blvd.; Bridge Deli and Beverage, 4700 Bridge Ave.; Franklin Beverage and Deli, 4719 Franklin Blvd., and Scott Food Mart, 951 Linn Drive.

The three men used their businesses to exchange customer food stamps for cash and other unauthorized items. They also bought food stamp cards from customers to use at other grocery locations to get inventory for their stores and for their personal use, according to the indictment.

The indictment seeks to forfeit the businesses run by the Wahdans.

h/t and more at invaluable and underread refugeeresettlementwatch. Go there, share the link too.

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19 thoughts on “Ohio: Three Muslims arrested in $2 million food stamp fraud

  1. But every Democrat and the main stream media swears that food stamp fraud is a myth that never ever happens in a million years.

    • Just like there is no voter fraud so they don’t want voter ID and the unemployment numbers keep going down because they don’t count the millions of people who have given up on looking for work. Democrat math isn’t the same math that the rest of us were taught.

  2. It’s funny because it seems to happen in Philly all the time whenever you stand in line at any local corner market. Anything goes. Anyone buys anything with an EBT card. And yes, the owners are often guys just like the above.

  3. amazing the muzzies could figure out how to beat the system, again??!!

    those using food stamps for non-food items should be cut off immediately.

  4. So what else is new? Lying, cheating non Muslims is allowed for the sake of Allah.,Where did the money go? To the jihadists? To train terrorists to kill us! Who brings these people in our country? Under what visas? Are there any Imams who speak out against crimes? We are in a very sorry situation for our country! Something has to be done by the people, the government does not even address the Muslim problem . We have to unite and vote,these bastards out.

  5. So what is new? they cheet and lie and their Koran says it is OK in name of Alah because the are nonmuslims.,What happened to the money? Probbly aiding terrorists to be able to perform more attacks on Christians! Put them in jail and after their property is confiscated deport them. In the meanwhile deport their families and friends, and revoke their green cards , visas or citizenships.How come that all the previous immigrant from Europe never did these crimes? Because they live by the Judeo-Christian values and ethics, and take their citizenship to our country seriously and prideand great privilidge.

  6. please check columbus also , my daughter lives there and times has no food by the 11th of the month with 2 kids.something rotten in the buckeye..

  7. And why are they not going after the recipients as well? This crime involved two parties and BOTH parties are guilty. Was ALL 2 million fraudulently spent? I mean no food at all?? Some hard questions really do need to be asked.

  8. IGNORANT, IGNORANT AMERICANS. These men were born and raised in the United States and happen to be Catholic! Stop blaming your governments ignorance and unidealistic, unorganized system on your oblivious fear of Muslims and the Islam community. No one has anything better to do than blame a certain race or religion for what they have done, versus the INDIVIDUAL’S personal actions. Religion is not a motive; personality, pride, environment, morals, circumstances, mind-process, and a lot of reasons we will never understand is. Now continue claiming “equality” America, you’re all doing very well representing yourselves. By blaming Muslims in general, you are all broadcasting your fear of Muslims. Why are you afraid? You’re giving Muslims the upper-hand in these types of situations, FYI. White people never commit crimes, right? Just anyone else who isn’t White. Duh.

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