Ohio: Family of pregnant woman raped & killed by Muslim doctor files lawsuit

Immigration kills. via Ex-Ohio doctor raped and killed pregnant woman, lawsuit says – My News 4

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The family of an expectant mother, who authorities said was raped and killed by an ex-Ohio doctor, has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the physician, the hospital where he worked, and the online ad service Craigslist.


The lawsuit, filed Monday in Delaware County court by the family of Deanna Ballman, blames former doctor Ali Salim for killing Ballman by injecting her with heroin after she answered a Craigslist ad he placed for cleaning services.

The lawsuit alleges that Salim used syringes he took from Knox Community Hospital, and said Craiglist should have known Salim was dangerous because other women who previously answered his ads had reported problems.

Messages were left Tuesday for Salim’s defense attorney, Knox Community Hospital and Craigslist.

Salim has pleaded not guilty to his criminal charges.

AP leaves out numerous facts including that this Muslim doctor not only raped & killed a pregnant mother of two but abused her corpse and accosted other women. He is also an immigrant.

The mother of two was found dead in the backseat of her car outside of New Albany on August 1. The Pakistani born doctor was charged with two counts of murder as well as rape, felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. The 44-year-old doctor has pleaded not guilty to the charges and will be released on $1 million bail Friday.

Kyle Rohrer, assistant county prosecutor said Salim mistreated Ballman’s corpse “in a very inhumane way.”

14 thoughts on “Ohio: Family of pregnant woman raped & killed by Muslim doctor files lawsuit

  1. This ANIMAL should not be released from jail on bail as he will run back to where he was HATCHED from. Another FILTHY MUSLIM PERVERT should be hung witout any trial. Wake up AMERICA, this ISLAMIC TRASH should not be allowed in this country under any cercumstance.

  2. How much do you want to bet that this muslim turd will NOT show up for his preliminary hearing. I’m betting the judge is a liberal and dumb as a stump! We need to keep posted on this one!

  3. why is this mother fucker being released ;money talks, bs walks. he should be in jail forever and have to eat pork everyday or be dead.

    the saudis have probably whisked him back to the desert.

    muslims know nothing but inhumanity, period.

    the Koran tells them to cut off women’s parts, beat the hell out of their wives, cut off hands of children who are probably hungry; so much crap and why do they get by with it?

    islam is not nor ever will be peaceful; that is the biggest pile of bs ever.

  4. Heshould have no bail! Who put up the bail, should be investigated.His medical license should be immediately suspended. I would not call him an animal that is an insult to animals. He is a devil incarnate.Why wasn’t he investigated before? There were complaints against him ?

  5. American institutions need to screen applicants from muslem nations and educate them as to what the consaquences are for possible crimes. I am giving the benifit of the doubt hoping that the more educated muslem may not be as barbaric as the uneducated. American institutions also need to know how islam encourages dishonisty and the need to watch muslem employies as they have no incentive to be honest.

  6. Never make it to trial. Next will be a photo of him in some sand pile of the middle east. The million was 10% and the rest bail bondsman bucks. They will have to go find him in the middle east.. Remember, under his legal system sharia, he committed no crime. He cannot accept western law under it, so a liberal judge would free him, as has happened in this case. For a passport, he will simply borrow his cousins. So he went scott free. As Obama said, “respect it”

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