Oregon: Lesbians claim Muslim cabbie kicked them out for being gay

Cabbie says they were rude and didn’t want to pay. via Broadway Cab driver suspended after allegedly forcing same-sex couple out on I-84 | OregonLive.com.

Shanako M. Devoll her partner Kate Neal say a Broadway Cab driver ditched them on the side of a Portland freeway around midnight Thursday because of their sexual orientation.

Devoll said she was showing affection to Neal when the cab driver started making inappropriate comments.

“I was holding her hand and we kissed a couple of times in the back seat, minding our own business,” Devoll said. “He made homophobic remarks that were very hurtful to us. We did not want to be in his cab.”

But the couple asked to be let off at a safe spot, Devoll said.

“This was an unsafe situation. We told him ‘we can’t get out on the freeway. We’re not getting out on the freeway,’ ” she recalled. “If people are working in customer service they need to be able to accept people for who they are.”

Neal said the driver was yelling homophobic remarks at them, and they offered to pay the fare of just under $40 if he’d just let them out at a safe spot, off an exit ramp of the freeway. But Neal said he refused.

“When this happened, you’re in shock and you’re not believing that it’s happening,” Devoll said. “There is no reasoning. You just need to get out of the situation.”

They ended up out of the cab, on the side of eastbound Interstate 84, just before 102nd Avenue.

Neal said their driver had radioed to another Broadway Cab driver, and a second cab pulled up alongside the freeway where they were let out. The second driver told the three on the side of the freeway to get into his cab, and they did, Neal said.

There was some communication between the first driver and the second outside of the cab, and suddenly the second cab driver told the group in his back seat to get out, according to Devoll and Neal.

“That second cab driver came back and ejected us from his cab,” Neal said.

Ryan Hashagen, a pedicab representative on the city’s Private for Hire Transportation Board of Review, said Devoll’s and Neal’s complaint follows similar concerns raised last week before the board. Hashagen said the board earlier in the week had received public testimony regarding other allegations of discrimination within the industry against the LGBT community.

So Hashagen said was enraged when he learned of the experiences of Devoll, an acquaintance he knows through the Rose City Roller Derby, from comments she left on her Facebook page.

“This is not the type of community we want to live in,” Hashagen said Saturday.

Gays don’t want Muslims – but are afraid to say so – and Muslims don’t want gays.

The Muslim cabbie has his own side of the story. Broadway Cab driver called 911, complained his passengers were drunk and did not want to pay

The Broadway Cab driver who called 911 last Thursday night gave an account of how his passengers ended up on the side of Interstate 84 that conflicted with the one by the same-sex couple who complained about him.

The driver called 911 at 11:53 p.m. Thursday. At first, he said of his customers, “They don’t want to pay.”

The dispatcher asked where the driver was, and he replied that he was on I-84 eastbound, almost to I-205.

“These people are real, real drunk and so mean. I’m tired of it, ” the driver told an emergency dispatcher. “They want to jump out of the car.”

He told the dispatcher that his customers kept telling him to stop.

Dispatch asked if he could pull over.

“Right now they told me keep going, keep going,” he replied.

The dispatcher advised, “You’ve got to do what’s best for you.” (Listen to the call at the link above)

The driver said he planned to be at Northeast Sandy Boulevard and Prescott Street within five minutes. “I might need a cab up there, please,” he said.

Moments later, the driver is heard yelling, “These people they opened the door…They jumped out on the freeway!…They’re going to kill themselves here.”

On the emergency call, the driver alerted dispatch that another cab pulled up along the side of the freeway after his customers had left his cab. The cab driver told the dispatcher he was going to warn the other driver not to accept the passengers.

“Don’t take them, they don’t pay,” the first driver can be heard saying, before he hung up with 911.

The 911 call was obtained by The Oregonian through a public records request. According to dispatch notes, the driver’s name was Ahmed Egal, but dispatch was unsure of the spelling.

Gay Mafia versus Muslim Mafia. How’s this going to end?

Many more examples of Muslim cabbie jihad here.

65 thoughts on “Oregon: Lesbians claim Muslim cabbie kicked them out for being gay

  1. For once I have to back a Muslim, unusual that it may be. I don’t believe that has happened before. He did well!

    • He did not do well! He imposed his beliefs on his passengers. If that is important to him, he ought not be a cab driver.

      • No, you don’t “imagine”, you infer his opinion from his statement AND since the Gaystapo have spent millions and much of their time harboring ill will, lawsuits and assaults against the 98.3% of our population, their abuse will soon end as the backlash begins.

    • WOW! This web site is full of nothing but hatred and racism and bigotry and it literally makes me ill that people I care about – that ANY person – could believe this obvious propaganda and race baiting!! And you call yourselves Christians?? Are you serious?? What a laugh!! Every thread here is full of hate against Muslims no matter what the situation but the one where the Muslim is also a homophobe like YOU is okay and defendable??? What a rotten bunch of horrible, nasty hypocrites you are… and OBVIOUSLY completely uneducated and totally aware of history or any real around you at all as well!! You live in a hate filled, fueled bubble and YOU are what is wrong with this country. You and your damned hatred are destroying us all! Please wake up, Please!!

      • Fundie Christians are no different than Fundie Muslims. No difference at all except the variations in language – and time. What the Muslims do now (and for 1400 years) the Christians have done for 2000. Same sh*t, different day.

  2. Who can say what really happened here? If I were a judge having to decide a litigation involving two drunken lesbians and a muslim cab driver I think I’d simply say, ‘You all deserve each other,’ and dismiss the case!! I mean, let’s face it–those two weren’t just making googly eyes at each other in the back seat!!!

  3. – the cabbies need to be fired- they are not homo-Kissing HIM- cabbies do not have the right to say people can’t have alcohol or pork – they are not being forced to eat or drink- this is about TOLERANCE of OTHER lifestyles- none is forcing Muslims to do things against their belief, in fact so much has been done to enable tehir quirks (footbaths, prayer places & times, walking about covered like ninjas, etc)

    funny I was just reading an article on radical feminist lesbians supporting Islam by hating Jews -so the schadenfreude is quite thick just now- LGBT leftists reaping what they have sown- http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/lgbt-and-israel-the-anti-israel-lesbian-avenger/

    • Hi “dapreach.1” – Good to ‘see’ you.
      This is also in response to “Isahiah62”.
      While we cannot know exactly what happened in this case from what we have been told, we can probably make a good guess. Unfortunately, a judge does not have that advantage. Knowing what we know about Islam’s feelings (I use that word lightly) towards homosexuality, I believe the cab driver’s statement to be suspect.
      But then again, while we need to respect homosexual people as persons, we do not have to accept (and be present) at their intimate moments. Homosexual couples ought to know good decorum.
      I pity the judge who would be settled with this lawsuit, if there is one.
      If we don’t stay objective we will lose the war. We can’t just willy-nilly get rid of people, who we don’t like. After all, we pat ourselves on the back for being a free society.
      Incidentally, my hat off to “Isahiah62” for knowing the German word ‘schadenfreude’.
      Do I know what to do about it? Not for certain, but I know that treating people (no matter who they are) as vile creatures does not solve anything. It just makes us the same. (But then, maybe that’s what it takes.)

    • “Isahiah62″
      I my bible (Master Builders Bible For Men) [Gosh darn – I told you my gender – but maybe not, I may use ‘taqiyya’], it is spelt Isaiha (Isa). What is the reason for your spelling of the name?
      Is ’62’ the chapter and verse, or is it your birth year? (I don’t mean to embarrass you – just curious.) Myself, I am an old man with a lot of experience. My birth tear is 1943.

      • It is a verse I like- my gender is female and no it’s not my age- I found posting with a neutral or male name gets better response and fewer threats and in a nutshell sums up my reason for posting. The spelling- I added one letter b/c the name was taken already when I registered on Disqus
        1 For Zion’s sake will I not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her triumph go forth as brightness, and her salvation as a torch that burneth.

        2 And the nations shall see thy triumph, and all kings thy glory; and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of HaShem shall mark out.

        3 Thou shalt also be a crown of beauty in the hand of HaShem, and a royal diadem in the open hand of thy G-d.

        4 Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken, neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate; but thou shalt be called, My delight is in her, and thy land, Espoused; for HaShem delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be espoused.

        5 For as a young man espouseth a virgin, so shall thy sons espouse thee; and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy G-d rejoice over thee.

        6 I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, they shall never hold their peace day nor night: ‘Ye that are HaShem’S remembrancers, take ye no rest,

        7 And give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.’

        8 HaShem hath sworn by His right hand, and by the arm of His strength: Surely I will no more give thy corn to be food for thine enemies; and strangers shall not drink thy wine, for which thou hast laboured;

        9 But they that have garnered it shall eat it, and praise HaShem, and they that have gathered it shall drink it in the courts of My sanctuary.

        10 Go through, go through the gates, clear ye the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway, gather out the stones; lift up an ensign over the peoples.

        11 Behold, HaShem hath proclaimed unto the end of the earth: say ye to the daughter of Zion: ‘Behold, thy salvation cometh; behold, His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him.’

        12 And they shall call them The holy people, the redeemed of HaShem; and thou shalt be called Sought out, a city not forsaken.

    • You are moron. The medical science proved it that homosexuality is genetic. If it is good for the pope it should be good for you bigot. By the way I am not gay, only more informed.

      • The genetic claim for Homosexuality has been destroyed by the results of Identical Twins. There are too many cases of Identical Twins which one of the pair is gay and the other is straight. If Homosexuality is genetic then both twins would be gay.

        • Hi Findalis,
          You are correct about twins and one being queer the other straight. The lot ought to burn in hell and then the problem will be solved. I will respect Islam and the queer movement when they respect the rest of us. Since that will not happen then I stand armed and ready. The rest of you can take that for however you want to receive it.

          • Actually I do have training in Genetics and know that Genetically Identical twins have the same IDENTICAL genes. Yet if one is gay, the other is straight 9 times out of 10.

        • b/c itis NOT in the genes but it is in the BRAIN- when formed in gestation- yes- gay brain is made while IN UTERO- MOST gay people are born that way – and have no more control over it than if you get blue or brown eyes-

          and b/c it is not genetic by DNA does not mean twins did not have the exact same uterine conditions- often identical twins develop differently b/c one has more room- or different positions-

          all you gay bashers sit in churches next to shellfish eaters, and adulterers and LIARS- gayness is not even mentioned in the top ten commandments and yet you try to make it a sin above others excusing or ignoring yor own sins as less evil or something- this is what gives right political side such bad reputation- INTOLERANCE and HATE- pure bigotry

          I dare say not a damn one of you Christians follow ALL of Leviticus- and yet feel free to throw stones – it’s disgraceful and Jesus would be ashamed of you-

          • If that was true then both babies would have the same deformation in their brains. They share an womb after all.

            You are grasping at straws for the genetic or physical reasons that just aren’t there.

      • “Aterg”,
        please be polite to your fellow commentators!
        You achieve nothing by insulting them. It make you look like a moron.
        And you really are not more informed. Medical science is still divided on the matter.

        • No, offering honesty to liars is just a waste of time – as is giving any credibility to lying physicians of any stripe:

          “Former American Psychological Association President Says APA Has been “Hijacked” by Gay Rights Activists”
          “Dr.Nicholas Cummings says that since he was APA president in 1979-80, the group has been “totally hijacked” by gay and lesbian rights activists. “It’s incredible,” he said; having personally seen “hundreds of people change,’” the view that all homosexuality is “hard-wired” and same-sex attraction can never be changed is simply “not supported by scientific evidence.”

          Psychiatric Group Wants to Normalize Pedophilia http://bit.ly/ngSOmR

          Activist Science Deniers http://townhall.com/columnists/mattbarber/2012/09/03/the_gayactivist_science_deniers/page/full/
          “Woe to any scientist with an interest in objectively researching and reporting on “LGBT”-related issues. If your findings fail the left’s socio-political “butterflies-and-rainbows” litmus test, the “progressive” establishment will try to destroy you – guaranteed. Thus, on these matters, honest scientific inquiry will require courage…”

  4. Homosexuals better get use to this by the muslim world. They want to follow Obama and his people, well his people are muslims! The lesbians were lucky they weren’t beheaded.

    • “The lesbians were lucky they weren’t beheaded.”

      Give ’em about 3 1/2 more years of Obamanation–THEY WILL BE!

          • I am not going to respond in kind. That would make me sound just as hysterical as you.

            But, by reading your quoted link to “sharia unveiled”, it is clear to me that you believe most anything. That was a third or fourth hand comment you read and put your trust in. And it was not double-sourced. So, it sounds very much like a real bad conspiracy theory. That is NOT staying current.

            Now, I do not deny that BHO is a closet muslim (that has become vividly clear both from before and after his elections.), and that he wouldn’t mind for it to be true. Also, I firmly believe that he is a stooge for Saudi Arabia, and is practicing Taquiyya.

            We still have three legs to our republic form of government, of which BHO is only one. We also have the Federal Constitution, as well as all the State Constitutions, which he can’t undo in the time left.

            In addition, 83% of Americans are Christians, who would have something to say about it. Including myself.


  5. The cabbies licenses should be taken away on the spot, there were no cabbies during Mohammed times , the should use camels or assimilate.

    • Now that is an inventive comment, although I’d rather take a cab than a camel! I agree, they should not be cab drivers.
      If I take a cab and want a drink from my pocket flask, I should be allowed to do so, without being thrown out.
      In this case my rights take precedence over his.

  6. Why don’t gay folks stand up against Sharia Islamic Muslims who behead their gay brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

  7. I am sorry but even though I am not gay, this is blatant discrimination. The cabbie(s) should be fined, lose their license or whatever the penalty is for doing this. The gays, overall, don’t do anything for the gays who are killed in moslem countries, and let others know about sharia – but that isn’t a reason to do what this cabbie did. Look at women, so many of them don’t let others know what islam does to women and children in other countries either and that doesn’t mean that they should be discriminated against.

  8. The cabbie lied. No one asks to get out on a highway, so how would the cabbie know these two didn’t want to pay? He made the whole thing up because he’s a homophobe, like all Muslims.

    • Yeah ORYGUN!

      I live here and it is the most regressive progressive state in the union. And I live on the RIGHT side of the Cascades, NOT in the swillamette valley, ewww.

  9. “Gays don’t want Muslims – but are afraid to say so –..”

    The Gaystapo loves to harass, physically bully and repulse who they believe will not retaliate but, they won’t act out or say a single word (Nor will the Feminazis) against the Muslims for fear of rightfully getting their ass kicked or even killed.

    Perhaps, it is the single lesson that Muslims unintentionally offer – Stop taking anyone’s abuse! Enough is enough!!

  10. WOW! This web site is full of nothing but hatred and racism and bigotry and it literally makes me ill that people I care about – that ANY person – could believe this obvious propaganda and race baiting!! And you call yourselves Christians?? Are you serious?? What a laugh!! Every thread here is full of hate against Muslims no matter what the situation but the one where the Muslim is also a homophobe like YOU is okay and defendable??? What a rotten bunch of horrible, nasty hypocrites you are… and OBVIOUSLY completely uneducated and totally aware of history or any real around you at all as well!! You live in a hate filled, fueled bubble and YOU are what is wrong with this country. You and your damned hatred are destroying us all! Please wake up, Please!!

    • Spoken like a truly MIS-informed bigot! Thank you for your ‘swill’ opinions! Obviously you’ve figured out that the whole world is against you–EXCEPT PERHAPS YOUR GAY LOVER(s)!!!!!

      Clearly, you are the one living “in a hate filled, fueled bubble and YOU are what is wrong with this country”!!!

      “Please wake up, Please!!”–YOU GOT THAT PART RIGHT!!!

      P.S. I’m a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Jesus loves you inspite of all your sins! His offer of forgiveness is open to you as long as you have breath in your lungs and blood running in your veins. How is that “uneducated” and “damned hatred”????

      The muslim “religion” teaches that all Jews and Christians must convert or be killed! Homosexuals aren’t even allowed the courtesy of forced conversion–AND YOU’RE DEFENDING THEM?????

      • Unfortunately our media does not inform us for whatever reason. Therefore “creeping sharia” does the the job. You may put your head in the sand and be happy, but when you finally are aware it may be to late.

      • And WHAT exactly does Jesus have to do with your racism and hatred?? What does he have to do with ppl being gay? He never mentioned that, nope not once. Did Jesus TELL you to hate other people? You do realize that Jesus was an Arab, right? Just like the people you so blindly hate whether you have a reason to or not. You love me because you assume I am a white American, right? WHat if I were another color or from another country or practiced a different religion…. would you still “Love” me then??? From what I have seen on this site, I am pretty sure the answer to that is NO of course not!!! I pity you and all like you. What a frightened whiny child you are… GROW UP!

        • Jesus wasn’t an Arab, you moron. He was a Jew. Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula, not the land of Canaan/Israel. Read a friggin history book some time, eh?

          • Yes, Jesus was an Arab. ALL Arab and true Jews are Semites. They are the SAME RACE. This is a true statement dude – google or read a book or something but believe me, Jews and Arabs are ALL Semites. Period.

          • Once again you cry out about genetics that you don’t know. Arabs are genetically from Yemen. They left that area in the 15th Century. Jews trace their genetics back to Israel 3500 plus. There are too many GENETIC studies on this to verify it.

        • I made no ‘assumptions’ about you or your race–AND I COULD CARE LESS! It just so happens that I attend an African-American church and I’m part of the MINORITY of white folks who also attend there! I WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY! WE HAVE A “MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY”–that’s the title of a song from the 50’s! I think it was performed by a black duo! In case you didn’t get the hint–“dapreach” is eubonics (African-American lingo) for “the preacher”!!!!

          SO WHAT ELSE YA GOT TA SAY??????

          • To ‘findalis’ – I wouldn’t try to “make sense” with ‘MIS-informed citizen’ if I were you. He/ she ALREADY KNOWS IT ALL!!!

          • Celebrating ALL cultures is a fabulous and awesome thing to do and something that would be great if more Americans did just that. However, I think YOU, as a caucasian who speak eubonics (and then brags about it as if eubonics is a good thing!!!) and if the majority of the folks around you are African American and YOU are trying to emulate them and commandeer their lifestyle and cultures as your own, well, you prove my point that you are nothing more than a POSER! That’s what the kids called being a “wanna-be”…. and they don’t mean that as a compliment!! LOL!!! Bragging on having friends with a different color skin is sooooo immature and so very very bigoted. I personally just have “friends and family”. They are all sorts of shapes and colors and orientations but in NO way do I ever feel the need to BRAG about the physical traits of those people are as a way of trying to impress someone else or prove a political point of some kind. Doing so shows your low intelligence and lack of rational thought processes. I tend to think it’s YOUR way of convincing yourself that you are not what you truly are – a hate filled racist. What a poser. Go read a book.

      • I never said I was defending ANYONE. I was calling you all out on your hatred, bigotry, gullibility, bing misinformed lie filled idiots and for being completely HATE FILLED RACISTS!! Its really NOT okay to be racists – No not even against Muslims. Get over your damned selves all ready. Frigging lemmings.



          You’ve done nothing but insult me and all the other intelligent “INFORMED” people who post their comments here. WE have no more time for your IGNORANT RUBBISH!!!!!


          • What a good Love filled christian you are Mr Poser Preacher man!! I have not encountered any informed or intelligent people posting here yet so how could I be insult any such person? All I have done is point out that you are racist pigs who will believe anything and whom delight in blaming all their problems on other people. You have called me all sorts of names – all of which I found to be quite humorous – and now, when you are at the end of your rope and can’t find any rational reply to my posts, you attempt to shame/label/belittle me by saying I’m just the like the “muzzlums” you all congregate here to spread lies and hate about! Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Am I really supposed to care what an uneducated bigot like you thinks?? LLOL!! Let me tell you this (a point YOU ALL here have proven yet again), that of all the kinds of people I know and have met in my life, hate filled, angry christian fundamentalists are the WORST people in the world! Don’t shake you bible in me in anger and think that is helping your cause any, because it has the total opposite effect – on me and all other rational, intelligent, thinking people. Jesus was about LOVE. Love your neighbor, remember that part? Why don’t you go reread the Gospels and find your Grace and join the human race?? You will be much happier and less full of hate and vitriol AND the world would be a better place for it. Cos I’m telling you, your approach now really really sucks. I really do pity you and wish that you could/would find the true meaning behind Grace and Love and Forgiveness and start living a TRUE christian life. Oh and PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY – STOP preaching your hate to others!! After you find your Grace and truly understand the meaning of Spirit, THEN go preaching again. But until then, please do the world a favor and stfu.

          • To ‘non-informed…’ – TO QUOTE YOUR “NON-informed” PREVIOUS COMMENT….

            “I have not encountered any informed or intelligent people posting here yet so how could I be insult any such person? All I have done is point out that you are racist pigs….”

            AHEMMM! “pigs”? IS THAT, AS IN “APES AND PIGS”?????

            LIKE I ALREADY SAID:

            “You’ve done nothing but insult me and all the other intelligent “INFORMED” people who post their comments here. WE have no more time for your IGNORANT RUBBISH!!!!!”


          • To ‘uninformed, misinformed, deformed, malformed and unformed troglodyte’ – HOW DID I KNOW THAT YOU’RE A MUZZIE SHITHEAD?????

            Again, NO BIG SURPRISE, THAT!!!!!

  11. Hey dapreach.1, come and explain this to me… Where in my comments do you find bigotry? Oh do you mean my disdain for hypocritical christians digging under any rock to find a reason to HATE? Is that what you think being a bigot means?? LLOL!!! Oh that is too funny! You guys have an entire website of lies and hate and complete total BULLSHIT and dish lies and hate all out all day long but some one calls you on your anger and racism so decide I must be gay. Oh wow…. that is just too too Funny!!! And HOW exactly am I the ONE thing that is wrong with this country and WHY would the “whole world be against me” ???? That’s called transference dapreach.1, trying to throw what YOU feel onto another person. YOU are the only with the paranoid hate problem, not me! In fact, I fear that you may be in need of medical care, the shrink kind – I don’t think your meds are working. Please seek help soon.

    dapreach.1, said: “Spoken like a truly MIS-informed bigot! Thank you for your ‘swill’ opinions! Obviously you’ve figured out that the whole world is against you–EXCEPT PERHAPS YOUR GAY LOVER(s)!!!!!
    Clearly, you are the one living “in a hate filled, fueled bubble and YOU are what is wrong with this country”!!!”

    Please do tell what city you are a “pastor” in so I can warn folks not to go to your church… You can NOT be filled with Grace and the Love of Jesus and be filled with HATE at the same time – it’s one or the other and YOU obviously have chosen fear-fueled hate instead. And if your preaching that you can do both at the same time, you ARE doing it wrong! Heck, I would really like to know what book you are preaching from, because is sure isn’t the Gospel of Jesus or any of the dozens of Bibles in my home…. I feel so sorry for you.

    • To ‘Informed Citizen’ – I offered you the forgiveness of God–you responded with hatred! If my words seemed sharp to you then you tell me what lies under the DEAD SEA–and that goes for everyone who thinks you know more than God! I’m trying to obey Him. But your comments betray you! Your words can never hurt me, but they hurt you immeasurably. I’m NO PASTOR. I’m a lay-minister in my church. I’m not in it for the money. I preach whenever my church requests it–with or without reimbursement. My greatest joy is when I have the opportunity to preach to the inmates at the local jail. They truly appreciate the forgiveness of God–which is more than I can say for you!!! You pride yourself on being ‘informed’ but YOU HAVEN’T GOT TO FIRST GRADE YET! You’re a cry baby–hands down!

      • First grade indeed!! I studied religion in college with a minor in poli science. I DO know what I am talking about, I assure you. However, you appear to be not much more than a wanna be big shot and do a lot of patting yourself on the back, don’t ya? I’m a cry baby too? Again, you are showing transference – I called you out on your racism and you responded with vitriol and erroneous assumptions so you call ME a cry baby!! YOU are the cry baby. Thats all the site is – a bunch on misinformed idiots crying about what they mistakenly think the root of all their problems are. You all REALLY need to get out more! Read a history book or 20. Start with Howard Zinn.

        I have no desire or need for YOUR forgiveness from God… I mean, just who exactly are you to get between me and WHOMEVER I decide my Creator is? Keep your sanctimonious bullshit fake religion to yourself “Pastor”, for it does nothing for me. I wish YOU would go read the things Jesus actually said because NOTHING about your behavior shows me you have a clue what he taught. YOU are a poser.

        • You sound immensely similar to a muslim who used to cuss at me on this website! Hmmmm!


          Good luck in the great HEREAFTER! Since you have no interest in receiving God’s forgiveness for your sins, you certainly will need it! GOOD-BYE!!!

        • You certainly don’t know the Jesus that I know! He told people like you that they were headed for Hell–and I’m telling you right now THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE HEADED! God’s Word, the Bible, says that, PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL! Count on it, my “friend”, you’re filled with pride and you’re GONNA FALL–MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!!!

  12. Oh and one last thing…. Before you started calling me names and seeing things that aren’t there, I made a point. Let me reiterate it now: You all HATE Muslims – all of them without exception or whether or not they are radical fundamentalists or not, whether they are terrorists or not… You obviously do not even a good reason to hate them – BUT when it is reported that a Muslim was bigoted against gays and committed a crime against them, you defend him!! Do NONE of you see how stupid and hypocritical that is?? And you simultaneously claim you are christians. Shaking my head in disbelief… Well, sorta smh ‘cos I already knew racist ignorant bigots existed in droves but it’s very strange to see you all gathered here together in one place…. One of the MOST disgusting places I have ever seen, by the way. I truly pity ALL of you.

    Oh and by the way, I DO know what is beneath the Dead Sea. Do you? But what on earth could that have ANYTHING to do with this so-called conversation?? LLOL!

    I have no fear of the hereafter…. You on the other hand, might want to worry a bit!

    • It’s got EVERYTHING to do with this post–which nearly everyone but you is fully aware of! Can you please make like a tree and LEAVE!!!!!

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