USPS new Muslim stamp for 2013



The U.S. Postal Service issued its first Eid stamp, with gold calligraphy against a blue background, on September 1, 2001. A new Eid stamp with gold calligraphy against a reddish background debuted on August 12, 2011. All Eid stamps to date have featured the work of world-renowned calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya. The art director for this stamp was Phil Jordan.

Like other stamps in the Holiday Celebrations series, the Eid stamp is being issued as a Forever® stamp. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce rate.

The USPS loses billions of dollars annually but they always have money for Muslim stamps. For 1% of the U.S. population.

59 thoughts on “USPS new Muslim stamp for 2013

  1. No wonder the stupid management (mismanagement) of the Post Office is going broke. With IDIOTS like this in control, the only way is DOWN! When is UPS going to take on daily mail delivery?

  2. terrorists should not be allowed to have anything related to islam in our country; period; this stamp should be destroyed, what the hell is wrong with our govt?? Obama is what’s wrong with it as he is a life time card carrying member of the ass kissing muslim and supports anything muslim; to hell with him

  3. Sort of makes everyone forget, or chose to ignore, the animals that they slaughter in a fashion that people are slaughtered by violent jihadists. The reason for slaughtering animals in an inhumane way, and also beating up women, is to desensitize the moslems so they can be desensitized for the violent jihads that are the most holy form of jihad – the fast path to allah’s orgy in the sky so they can abuse women and little boys for eternity.


    • And what would be the problem with that MySlant? Were you aware that ANYONE can custom design a stamp with ANY image they choose and it is still a working stamp? LLOL! I think I will order me a big batch of Pride stamps and maybe some from ALL the worlds religions… and maybe one with a picture of my cat! Yep, gonna do that right away.

  5. I looked into the muslim stamps by the USPS last year and decided that this was a hoax. I never saw a muslim stamp as part of the stamp selection when I was purchasing stamps. Just hold your anger folks until we actually see them. I am upset that Mr. Obama has sent millions of our tax payer dollars to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, that muslims have been at the White House when tours have been suspended, that there are 5 muslim brotherhood running OUR homeland security department and that there are 3 dozen muslim camps established around the country waiting to strike! The day is coming soon when the muslim flag will fly over the White House not the Stars and Stripes!

    • Janet, I agree. The Islamic flag is rapidly nearing ownership of the White House when the wahabbi-friendly Obama grants trusted traveler “fast pass” status to Saudis entering our country, when we have a convert to Islam as director of CIA, and when our country is paralyzed with indecision in the face of all this high treason.

      • Considering who’s in the White House, the black flag might as well fly over it now; it’s become a greeting house and water hole for al-Qaida “dignitaries”.
        Your words Jack, “paralyzed with indecision”, right, 100%! Totally unbelievable what this black muslim is getting away with, and considering the black community still backs him about 95% perhaps any attempts to impeach him are put on hold. (race riots)

        • I’m not so sure I would necessarily identify BHO with the “Black Muslim” movement, per se. Agreeably, he’s 50% black and he’s 100% muslim, but, to my woefully humble opinion, Black Muslims were, and are, all about BLACK POWER! You know–the 60′ and the 70’s movement! It wasn’t so much an ‘allah’ issue as it was a struggle for Black supremacy over the EVIL WHITE MAN!

          Of course, I’m not saying that you were necessarily implying that he IS a ‘Black Muslim’, I’m just drawing what I consider to be a notable distinction. On the other hand, my mind is open to other interpretations.

          I couldn’t agree more, however, with your premise, that it goes without saying, that any serious attempt at impeachment will result in bloodshed and rioting in the streets–FUELED BY ALL THE ISLAMIST RADICALS WHO WILL SUDDENLY IMMERGE FROM THE WOODWORK!!!

          I think the year 2013, will undoubtedly go down in history as the year that the USA lost its superpower status, and became a puppet in the hands of the al-Queda Muslim Brotherhood terrorists! They’ve got their hands on the ‘family jewels’ and the only thing left for us to do is SCREAM BLOODY MURDER–QUITE LITERALLY!!!!

          • No, I meant ‘black muslim’, not Black Muslim (movement) but you understand that.
            Agree with you about 2013. What to do about it? We are limited as to what we can say here…………………..!

          • To ‘Peter35’ – “We are limited as to what we can say here…………………..!”

            Hey, I’m sure you read the comment from ‘CS’ suggesting that my computer is probably under DHS surveillance. Yeah, probably everyone who comments on this website! Well if they want a target to shoot at, HERE I AM–NOT TOO HARD TO FIND!!!!!

  6. Clearly, somebody is trying to hide this information from us! When I click on the URL for ‘The U.S. Postal Service’ my computer freezes up! I wouldn’t be so sure that this is a hoax!!!

  7. Here s the link for the Muslim stamp. Clearly, Public officials have not been convinced by today’s current arguments against creeping Sharia or by the arguments against Islamic totalitarianism. It is not the Islamic threat that is the deepest threat here, but those who have forgotten rational values and no longer know what they mean. Multiculturalism and diversity has been established and the cause of this encroachment. So what is the cause of multiculturalism? This is what needed to be understood – and fought.

  8. Its the JACKAL stamp. Use with the death head. Burns during ram a damn ding dong.
    Should have the picture of a closed embassy on it or whats left of Benghazi officer Stevens corpse on it. (muslim brotherhood was protecting him)

  9. Heavy sigh… These stamps have been produced for YEARS, including many years before Obama took office. I fact, I have gotten them before because the ones I wanted were out of stock. It is NO different that the stamp celebrating Hanukah or any other religion. The Post Office offers many such stamps and it is NOT brand new in any way. A stamp is a stamp – as in, a means to get a letter from one place to another quickly and efficiently.

    Oh and if holiday stamps aren’t your thing, you can get ones with Mickey Mouse or Nascar or flowers on them too. Sorry, none for the KKK though. This stamps existence is NOT the “conspiracy” you nuts wanna make it out to be. Please try to have some common sense. It’s just a stamp.

    • One blind, naïve ‘informed’ citizen. It takes some people a long time to learn. It isn’t the stamp, as such that we’re worried about.

      • At least the stamps are real. Your fear fueled lies are not. You are all just a bunch of bigoted haters, full of paranoia and low self esteem. You lemmings… You are purposefully being lead to this paranoia because it keeps your focus off the real problems of the word. YOU are are blind and naive one and I pity you.

        • “real problems of the word.” WHAT “WORD”?????


          AND BTW, ARE YOU BRITISH? I’ll bet you could fill us all in on how Cpl Rigby was murdered, couldn’t you???Who but a Brit would use a word like “lemmings”???? Most Americans don’t even know what a lemming is!!!

          • Obviously that was a typo – It should of read “the real problems of the WORLD”. Oh course, your not going to accept that as an answer.

            I am a Midwestern, middle class, college educated, born and raised in America American. Not sure WHY that should matter to you but there ya go… Do you want to see my family tree too? ‘Cos I can trace it for almost 2000 years if you really really NEED to probe into who or what am I in order to justify my commentary. Laughing at you…

      • To ‘Peter35′ – Can you believe this ignorant troll? Talkin’ ’bout a case of CLASSIC STUPIDITY!

        Like I said, YA CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!

        • dapreach, not to worry, a classic leftist ignoramus. So keeping up with what is happening in the murderous barbaric devious cult of islam keeps our “focus off the real WORD?”

          I’ll bet that turkey keeps up with the Khardashians and the interminable discussions on abortion, and he/she says WE’RE the lemmings? And no, you can’t fix stupid, and yes I did indeed see CS’s warning! LOL

          • I’m still sayin’ he’s a muzzie! Just some classic give-aways. That comment beginning with “sigh” is something I’ve seen before, but he posted under a different ‘sign-on’ name before.

            Plus he got real belligerent and incoherent when I started calling him out on his “religion”! Hmmmm!!! I’d also say he must be British. I mean, who in America has ever seen a lemming? That would be like calling us koala bears or kangaroos and then denying he was from Australia! Hmmm!!!

    • Does anyone have any doubt whatsoever that this is a muzzlum TROLL???? Who but a muzzlum PIECE OF SHIT would purchase these damnable anti-American stamps?

      DIRECT QUOTE: “These stamps have been produced for YEARS….I [in] fact, I have gotten them before because the ones I wanted were out of stock.”

      • So because you can’t think of anything rational to say to my rational critiques, you decide I must be Muslim??? LLOL! Dude, you really have drank too much of the kook-aid! Go ahead, label me however you want, what ever justifies your hatred and anger and self-righteousness. You TRULY are a poor, poor poser and and I really hope you calm down before you either a) have a heart attack or b) attack someone on the street. And please, find the love and grace of God before you continue preaching!!! No more hate!

  10. I am sad to see that Informed Citizen (Muslim or not) is being attacked for a reasonably-expressed opinion. I also strongly object to the persecution of Muslims by commenter “dapreach.1” who speaks of “muzzlum PIECE OF SHIT” –note also that this insult is in the context not about muslims who are violent, but about a hypothetical muslim who would by a stamp — could be some cultural Muslim mom down the street not even informed of their own faith, doesn’t matter, this commenter just hates Muslims — not Islam, but Muslims. Wrong & not helpful.

    • @ER I’m sure you’re enjoying life in your libtard cocoon of unreality. However, no decent person would remain affiliated with Islam after the thousands of terrorist incidents perpetrated by self-proclaimed Muslims. Look at it this way: if Roman Catholic fanatics began to blow up airliners and fly planes into buildings in the name of Jesus Christ, one would expect either a quick and effective action by Catholics everywhere to solve the problem, or a mass exodus of Catholics from the church. In the case of Islam, we see no concerted efforts by Muslims to stamp out Islamofascism. Do mullahs declare fatwas on Al Qaeda? Do the imams order Muslims to cooperate with law enforcement to capture terrorists and stop plots? No. We get whining complaints of “discrimination” and mosque construction near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

      • To ‘Ker’ – Of course you know that that’s because the “imams order Muslims [NOT] to cooperate with law enforcement”. “Peace-loving”, to a practicing muslim, means tolerating the infidel only up until the point where you either CONQUER or KILL him! It’s just that cut and dried–no pun intended! Ahemmm!!!!!

      • Most sane, rational and educated people know the difference between the Taliban and Muslim people. And YES there are just “regular” people who happen to by Muslim and hate what the terrorists did as much as anyone else did. You can NOT lump All Muslims and All of Islam to the crimes that were committed. You simply want a reason to hate Muslims – nothing more and nothing less.

        (ps. anyone want to talk about how many the catholic church has murdered over the generations? How many crimes they have committed? No, I suppose not… As far as you all are concerned, Christianity has never done any harm. Right?) Hypocrites.

        • Lol it’s comical that you have to refer to events hundreds of years past to try to argue that it’s ok for modern day Muslims to remain a part of a religion that permits fanatical mass murderers to operate without even being publicly condemned by its clergy.

          • No it’s comical that you still can not see what a hypocrite you are. Christian fundamentalists are just as bad as Islamic fundamentalists. In fact, the hate the both side spew sounds pretty much the same! If you would calm down for a minute and entertain a new thought you might begin to see that.

          • Ya know, ‘Mis-informed’, I truly thought you were muslim, I thought you probably needed someone to slap you down, wake you up, tell you the truth! Now that I know you are a “Midwestern, middle class, college educated, born and raised in America American” all I want to do is cry real tears–NOT FOR YOU because you’re BEYOND ALL HELP, but my tears are for those like you, who will take over this country within 10 or 15 years (maybe much sooner). You have NO IDEA what kind of a DIABOLICAL MESS you’re getting yourself into. (And I will not try to explain it–YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!) It’s like I’ve already said on this blog, ad infinitum, “YA JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID (STOOPIT)”!!!!!

          • Duh! Ain’it just hilarious how the muzzies defend their actions as “righteous deeds” no matter how depraved and diabolical????? WHEW!!! OMG!!!!

          • dapreach.1, on August 7, 2013 at 10:06 PM said:
            Duh! Ain’it just hilarious how the muzzies defend their actions as “righteous deeds” no matter how depraved and diabolical????? WHEW!!! OMG!!!!

          • And how did I claim my comments or actions were “righteous deeds”? I’m not sure if you have lost your glasses or just don’t understand English. What I said (more or less) is that YOU feel and act very self righteous. You act like you speak for God himself and that I can only reach Jesus THROUGH YOU… which is crazy insane, cos Jesus said “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Yea, he really said that – you might wanna read up a bit. So you see, I don’t need YOU to bring me to Jesus or God… I already know the way. Get over your inflated self. Hypocrite.

          • Quote from ‘mis-informed’ – “I don’t need YOU to bring me to Jesus or God… I already know the way.”

            YA KNOW, that leaves you with NO EXCUSE…..because you WILL meet Him–oh, ah, I forgot, you already learnt that in colleeege–OR WAS IT FROM YOUR GODLY, PRAYING GRANDMOTHER, maybe a Godly Sunday School teacher???!!! WAKE UP – you are going to hell on a fast track!!!!! WAKE UP!!!

          • Hey Mr Preacher Man, tell me this… HOW ON EARTH WOULD YOU KNOW? Again, I point out to you that you are a mere uneducated human. You are NOT my direct link to the Divine. I have more knowledge about Christianity (and all religions in general) than your tiny little brain could even attempt to contain. There is NOTHING a fear mongering racist can teach me about Christianity! You are not God and you don’t get to decide if I am going to hell or not. Honestly laughing out loud at you dude!!! You are the judgmental angry hostile person here… and yes, I do remember my Sunday school lessons and the YEARS of intense study I did, both as a believer and as a scholar, and NEVER was it written that YOUR behavior is the way to Heaven. Again, you are doing it wrong!!

            Quote from ‘mis-informed’ – “I don’t need YOU to bring me to Jesus or God… I already know the way.”
            YA KNOW, that leaves you with NO EXCUSE…..because you WILL meet Him–oh, ah, I forgot, you already learnt that in colleeege–OR WAS IT FROM YOUR GODLY, PRAYING GRANDMOTHER, maybe a Godly Sunday School teacher???!!! WAKE UP – you are going to hell on a fast track!!!!! WAKE UP!!!


      • You are welcome, but for the record I do not agree with much of what you say — in fact, you pretty much dissed me as I am a Christian fundamentalist — it’s actually those beliefs (that we are all sinners) that make me able to listen to violent jihadist’s & respect them as people, misguided though they are, realizing that Apostle Paul (formerly known as Saul) was murderously zealous in persecuting Christians himself before his eyes were opened by the grace of God. Weird thing is, the jihadists in social media reveal much when someone listens (not aids or abets – just listens) to them. It’s a better approach to counterjihad.

  11. To ‘CS’ – Can there be any doubt that the scumbags are monitoring us here? First the non-‘informed’ miscreant “PIECE OF SHIT” takes a hike, then this ‘ER’ DISGUSTING IDIOT shows up in his place!!!!! THEY’RE CLEARLY BOTH MUZZLUM SCUM–AND UNDOUBTEDLY they’re out to try and stop our (your) exposé of their FILTHY LIES here on ‘CS’!!!!

    Believe me, it is not my intention or purpose to aggitate, and I most certainly hope that my comments are not deemed offensive by you; but neither do I intend to BACK DOWN when my honor and integrity are at stake! Unless you SHUT ME DOWN (which I hope you won’t) I have no intention of letting up on my ATTACK against this demonic attack on me. Don’t answer me unless you feel you must.


    P.S. What mosque are you a member of? WHERE? WHO’S YOUR MAIN IDIOT (I MEAN ‘IMAM’)? I want to tell him (and you) the TRUTH about JESUS CHRIST–even though I already know that none of you will listen to the TRUTH!!! Like I’ve already said, YA JUST CAN’T FIX STOOPITT!

    • Oh my, that last diatribe really made me chuckle!! You are one messed up piece of work there Mr Preacher Man! I NEVER attacked you – You attacked me. I’ve already told you that I majored in Religion in college (plus I grew up in the MidWest), so I’m pretty sure I already know all about Jesus and how to get a hold of Him if need be. LLOL!! Why do YOU proclaim to be MY way to the Lord?? WHO are You?? Some would call those heretical statements! You have let your hate and anger completely destroy any Grace the Lord ever gave you. Please go to your prayer closet now and repent for your many sins.

      • By the way, did I mention I am a disabled Vet who served in Desert Storm? Don’t me I don’t know what I’m talking about – You don’t have an iota of the knowledge I have nor will you have. Like you said “You can’t fix stupid”… and you Mr Preacher Man, are STUPID.

          • LLOL! I guess when the going get tough, the stupid go hiding. Too funny! Now get eat some gmo junk food and have another beer for I suspect thats just how you roll. Is it, isn’t it? Come on, you can admit it…. Or maybe your tweaking ‘cos your use of the English language appears difficult for you. Are you sure its your first language? Where are you really from anyway???

        • Reading the comments here, I’m so glad I got it right back in 1940, religion—ALL religion really is ‘the opium of the masses’, and as the late Chris. Hitchen said: “Religion poisons everything”.

          There are Christians, Jews, muslims (small m) and people of other faiths commenting here and we all get along pretty well since we have one thing in common; we see the backward, murderous cult of islam for what it is—the brutal, misogynistic ravings of a murderous paedophile.

          If you, MISinformed citizen, well educated “scholar” that you claim to be, cannot see the difference between Christians and muslims then you didn’t learn much when you “majored in religion”. Not that there’s much to learn–the western world has always been a sucker for these middle-east desert religions, and in my considered opinion you pious twits would be much better off following the vastly more sensible ancient Greek, Roman or Norse gods.

          Every week or so on this site we get someone telling us about how ‘different’ are the ‘moderate’ muslims, and this despite the fact several muslim leaders have told us there is no such animal. There is ONLY ISLAM, got it I.C? True, some are not ‘foaming at the mouth’ muslims, but it matters not; by their silence when atrocities are committed by their more rabid co-religionists they are telling us they agree. You NEVER see so called ‘moderate’ muslims demonstrating against muslim atrocities.

          Many times over the last few years I have asked a simple question, and NEVER received a believable answer from any of you deluded defenders of islam:
          Name ONE single, solitary positive thing islam brings to the west?


  12. Father Abraham had many sons
    Many sons had Father Abraham………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. : ) PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL

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