Video: Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

Recently, The United West Savannah, GA operation sponsored a National Security Briefing featuring Clare Lopez, former CIA operations Officer and currently a Fellow with Center for Security Policy and the Clarion Fund. Clare, one of the world’s top experts on the Muslim Brotherhood hits this one out of the park as she systematically and comprehensively details the origin, growth and current influence capabilities of this cultural terrorist organization. Most shocking is the deep penetration and overwhelming influence the MB have with President Obama and his Administration. Tune in for a first class national security brief!

The Ikhwan will infiltrate further should Clinton win the 2016 selection and Huma Abedin occupy the NYC mayor’s mansion.

Check out for a daily show on similar topics.

7 thoughts on “Video: Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

  1. This expose is as good as it gets. If the majority of Americans and others do not “get it”, then they deserve to learn the hard way. We are fighting World War Three, except we do not recognize the enemy because they have no uniforms and they hide behind the skirt of religion. In this one respect, the freedom of religion concept is destroying the ones who uphold the idea that we should have freedom of religion. Islam needs to be ezposed as Nazism in religious garb.

  2. Kudos TUW Savannah GA!

    Clare Lopez is peerless at exposing the Muslim Brotherhood’s deceit and their real intent in America and the West.

    We need to know that all this Ikhwan infiltration of the White House, and the high treason that invites them, originates from fake messiah Obamahammed in the Oval Office.

  3. This lady is beyond AMAZING! Her understanding of the tenets of islam is second to none! I find it incredibly unnerving that by and large, the majority of Americans will write her off as an islamophobe bigot! Our people are about to be bulldozed off the face of the earth and they will not listen to someone who has read the hand-writing on the wall! America will not survive much longer! We’ve sealed our own doom twice by electing a socialist islamist Christian-hating leader! This president has an agenda and he does not want this country to still be intact when he leaves office!!!!!

    Everything he instills into law has been with the objective of weakening the will, the motives and the resolve of the American people!!!!! The clouds are becoming darker and the storm is all around, will anybody heed the warnings and stand up to the evil empire of mohammedanism?????

  4. This explains my many questions about the uprising , Benghazi and now Syria. I pray that we come together and inform the church, so that we can pray more effectively . Thank you for the work you are doing. The video as an answer to prayer.

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