Illinois: City rejects zoning change for mosque, Muslims promise legal jihad

Threats of legal jihad to enforce the zoning jihad. via Des Plaines rejects Muslim group’s request – h/t Islamist Watch

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, the Des Plaines City Council Monday night rejected a Bosnian Muslim group’s request to allow a religious center in a part of town zoned for manufacturing.

The American Islamic Center’s proposal to convert two connected one-story office buildings at 1645 Birchwood Ave. into a prayer hall/community center with classrooms, areas for performing arts, offices and eating space was denied last month by the city’s community development committee despite the plan commission’s earlier recommendation of approval.

The Des Plaines location would have been the sixth Bosnian Islamic center in the region, with other centers located in Northbrook, two in Chicago, and one in the Southwest suburbs.

The city would have had to change the existing zoning of the 1.8-acre property from general manufacturing to institutional zoning where places of worship are permitted. The site was previously occupied by an insurance company but has remained vacant for more than two years.

Tony Peraica, a Chicago attorney representing the American Islamic Center, implored aldermen to reconsider their earlier vote, saying any protracted litigation would cost the city a substantial amount of money.

Peraica said recent lawsuits by religious groups denied zoning changes to allow their institutions and places of worship in DuPage County have not gone favorably for the government.

Actually they’ve gone exceptionally well for the government, the federal government which almost exclusively defends and promotes Islam.

DuPage County recently was ordered to pay $445,000 and approve the zoning application of Irshad Learning Center, while in a separate case the county entered into a consent decree granting the Islamic Center of Western Suburbs’ zoning map amendment application.

Peraica promised legal action after the vote.

A promise of legal jihad.

“A lawsuit will be filed, soon,” Peraica said.

He wants to work with the terror-linked group that the federal government has declared an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history.

He said he would like to work with the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group that has successfully fought similar cases of zoning denial for Islamic institutions in DuPage County.

Aldermen previously expressed concern over the loss of property tax revenue from the parcel if it were zoned for a religious purpose. The property generated $95,000 in property taxes in 2013, according to the city.

11 thoughts on “Illinois: City rejects zoning change for mosque, Muslims promise legal jihad

  1. cover the place with bacon; islams just do not know when to stop pushing their agenda; they want everyone to bend rules for them while they continue to break every law on the books. do they not understand we do not want them in our country??

    islam should never be taught in schools as it is being done in some places.

    what happened to separation of church and state?? guess laws do not apply to muzzies; just non-muslims.

    all hell is raised if a Christian/Jew etc. want to celebrate their holidays but let the muzzies holler wolf and they win.

    that is pure bullshit

    • I agree 1000%. You notice that the ACLU, atheists, and secularists say nothing about Islamic signs of faith, nor about federal celebrations of their feast days, and giving jihadists millions and freeing terrorist prisoners. Why do you think that is? I say it is a federally sanctioned cult and religions be damned. That is the attitude I see.

  2. Wait for muslim holder to come in yet again. How can the AG get involved in this stuff? Call Gohmerts office and hand Holder one of HIS cards. He really likes being interviewed by Gohmert…

  3. What I see here is the AMERICAN LEGAL/POLITICAL SYSTEM working out a definition defensible in courts of law. Moslemite COLONISTS rely on a multiplicity of definitions for their SETTLEMENTS to establish new ones. This is consistent with the koran, thought up by mohammad and blamed on his god allah, which has and continues to confuse people who read it. The dark side is that those islamists who make sense of it KILL PEOPLE.

  4. We need to ask everyone we know to take some time to write personal letters to each and every member of the Des Plaines City Council, congratulating them for their courageous and correct stance.

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