Tennessee: Five Pillars of Islam in public school

Infiltration and dawah via Atlas Shrugs.


Thanks to Donny for sending the photo. He writes —

It is evident that the only religion allowed to express their religion and political clout in public schools are the Muslims and the teachings of Islam. Here, although not a good picture are clearly the 5 pillars of Islam on a wall (5 posters total) first day of school at Springfield High School, in Robertson County, Freshmen hall, home to the newest mosque. This is indoctrination of the Kafirs, our children. If they can have this type of access to our children all or none should be able to do the same. This picture was sent to me by a FB friend from the area.

Some worldly individual added the sixth pillar of Islam to the list – jihad.

20 thoughts on “Tennessee: Five Pillars of Islam in public school

  1. Parents in my area held town hall meetings w press present as 7th grade texts were biased towards peaceful Islam The BOE said too much $ to buy new books or supplement with truth packets.

    I think BOE are more afraid of Sharia Islamic Muslims than JudeoChristians.

  2. Seperation of Church & State, our kids cannot hold Christian prayer or carry Holy Bible to schools, but Muslim students allowed to carry Koran to class and allowed prayer rooms in our US schools. All parents should be in an outrage. Kids are learning Islam, while US history is being replaced with how Mahammad was a true prophet. Get involved if your a parent. I beg of you. Islam is like a cancer, it will destroy ever yaspect of anything good. It must not be allowed in our schools. If Christians cannot be said out loud without offending a Muslim, why should WE allow Islam to be taught in our schools. Stop it now before it spreads like a desease, a desease that can and will destroy American values.

  3. It’s way past time to end this. If there is no place in schools for Christian prayer the Islamic prayer and preaching, certainly has no business being taught or practiced there.

  4. islam is a cancer of the worst kind; messing with the minds of our children and we’re paying for it through our taxes; if the system cannot be fair then abolish it; we’re told not to do anything to offend islam as they cannot control their hate for non-muslims and react violently. Do the Christians/Jews/Hindu/Buddhism/ react violently? If so, then the muzzies are offended.

    Get islam out of the taxpayer funded schools; out of the states, out of the country, out of office.

    Cancer is mild compared to this islam disease.

  5. this crap happens when mosques are built in the area; I understand they have a large mosque which was vehemently opposed. you see where this is going don’t you????? brainwash our children, teach terrorism in the mosques; this crap has to stop.

  6. I notice that the kid admited that jihad is holy war and not that ‘mental gymnastics’ that some will try to lie to us about.

  7. where are non-muslim citizens of america hiding? Sometime I wonder they are ignoring in the name of liberalism, in spite of the fact that there is a clear cut message for the separation of Church and State. Is it again one more instances of tolerance of Jihadis. EVERY CITIZEN MUST OPPOSE THIS TREND.

  8. Where are the parents of these school districts? They should be the leaders of this movement against this. And the rest of us should be standing right there with them!

  9. I really can not quote word for word, But Sir Winston Churchill said that Islam in Man is worse than Rabies in a dog. I really think he had some thing there. Islam does drive Men mad. Just like rabies does to animals, an man.

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  11. A Christian should put up their rules for living from the Bible. If they are taken down by school officials, then the parents should sue for discrimination. If it affects the pocketbook, it will all be stopped. That would be a good thing. Let religion be taught in the homes not at schools. I notice the Muslims and atheists don’t complain about getting two weeks off in December for a CHRISITAN holiday. No matter what you call Christmas, it is still a Chrisian holiday. Such hypocrites.

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  13. Then why aren’t they teaching the ten commandments. I am ashamed of the Johnson City area. Too liberal!!!! Actually the stupidity of some people is crazy. Teach the children the true Islamic Law, not just a few holidays to make the children think it is, “cool.” Wake up parents put a stop to this stupidity!!!! You do have the power!!!

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