Sharia police in Sarajevo

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The largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina became a place of radical Islam. The followers of Sharia verbally attacked girls on the street who “were not properly trained.” The targets and young people holding hands

Banja Luka – Every year in the summer, during Ramadan in Sarajevo appearing individuals who are saying that the Sharia police and attacking citizens according to their belief inappropriate behavior during Ramadan.

Thus, the frequent examples this year in Sarajevo that Shariah followers verbally attacked on the street girls, they say, is “not properly trained.” The attacks are especially young people, holding hands, or even dare to kiss in the street.

But the practice in parts of Sarajevo no alcoholic beverage in this period, and that those who are of the Islamic faith even if they make the pub a drink, ask.

Enes Osmančević, a professor at the University of Tuzla, he says, the “news” that this phenomenon is tip of the iceberg.

This is part of a process called vulgurna interpretation of religion. Here we have the media hysteria. When these two things together you get a totally wrong picture about everything. Then these problems on the margins become dominant. Fits irresponsible policies that his neglect swept under the carpet, and the quasi-public ejected problems – says Osmančević. – Instead of leaving religion to the private sphere of life, it is discharged into the foreground.

According to him, the BiH have a vocal minority who always strives to achieve dominance over the silent and passive majority.

– In Bosnia the religious leaders joined in all spheres of life and in politics. On the part of the multiple negative effects of politics and religion, and individuals are lost in it – according to Professor Osmančević, in an interview with “News”.

6 thoughts on “Sharia police in Sarajevo

  1. See what I mean? They believe that they can ride roughshod over everyone. They all need to go to the hell holes around the world where barbarism is allowed, like Afghanistan, etc.. Leave the rest of the world alone.

    • Islam is mental illness;spiritual bankruptcy;these same sharia police were in Jerusalem in the time of Early Christianity;they were call..PHARISEES.THEY WERE JEWISH;WORSHIP OF THE LAW IS SATANISM.NO MATTER WHAT CULT—URE.

  2. If we do not act, this will happen here in our country. And Obama will bring 2000 more Muslims from Syria, and not the persecuted Christians.
    It is happening in Londostan (formally London) legally in areas where only Muslims live, and it is legal. There is even a warning sign, ” you are entering sharia area”. The Serbs were right! We again supported the wrong side, like in Egypt now and the rebels in Syria. To really show our support for the Muslims, 15 or more Ramadan dinners in the White House, the Empire State Building was lit green (jihadist color) , and more of our hard earned tax dollars promised to the Syrian rebels who are beheading Christians including a bishop. Our press is not mentioning these atrocities,CNN is the lowest of all news program.Obama who is he serving , our country that elected him with great hope for the future, or?? We have the power to vote out the entire congress, and God is willing we shall do so.

  3. I wonder, absently, if travel film guru Rick Steeves will still rush straight to Mostar to show us the ‘bridge of peace’ between Christians and bozniacs?

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